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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b]Hello all,

I am new to the show .hack//sign. I have been watching it on Cartoon Network for the last three Saturdays and am completely lost. Is anyone else watching it on Saturday nights as well? If so, is the show closing towards the end or is it just begining?

Anyway, I think it's a great show. And so far I love Tsukasa. I wanted to cry for him in tonight's episode. That poor kid, he was so upset over that baby grunter..I am also liking the green haired guy. Subaru is awesome too, she's so intelligent and calm.

I took the "What .hack//sign character are you?" on Guru, and I came out to be Mimiru..wouldn't you know?

But let me get back on topic, I loved the show and I want to know more about it. Specifically where it is at in the episodes as of now.

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I wouldn't know which episode it's at becuase I have it on DVD

But anways, the gist of the story is that Tsukasa becomes trapped in the game known as "The World" and becomes "apart" of the game itself, able to smell and feel pain. He is also hunted down by other players due to his unusual powers and at times resorts to invoking a strange Guardian to protect himself.

He also comes into contact with a "cat" player named Maha and a girl in white whose face cannot be seen named Aura. As the series go on Tuskasa and a few other players discover connections to the real world and realize there is much more to "The World" than they had realized.

I'm not gonna go any further but if you want to know everything TheOtaku has a very detailed episode guide in the .hack//Sign anime shrine.

Also, I just want to point out that it's pronounced "grunty" and "the green haired guy" you mentioned is Sora, a player killer(kills players to extract their information), and the only real "villian" during the series.

If you have anymore questions animangademon PM me and I'll will answer them with the best of my ability.

As for you Demon Babe, I'll help you out too. Just PM me and tell me exactly what you need to know.
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The [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=32652].hack//directory[/url] is up as a sticky for a reason, you know. They have a place where you can talk about each episode. This episode was "Epitaph," right? So just click on that episode and post your comments there.

Hmm... Seems I joined OB after episode 9, so I still need to post my comments about this episode too. :whoops:
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[color=royal blue]I'll try to help out a little, and explain the episode that you saw on Sunday. The last episode was called "Epitaph." Up until this point, Tsukasa seemed rather arrogant and didn't really care about anything other than himself. This episode, I think, is the turning point in his mood. It kind of makes him realize that he's not the only one with problems. Like AzureWolf said, there are explanations and comments about most of the .hack episodes up in the .hack//directory thread, so you can probably get information about past episodes there if you need to.

I have a correction, as well. It was posted that Sora, the "green-haired guy," is the only real villian in the show. [spoiler]Though he may seem like it at first, it's unknown as to whose side Sora's really on. He isn't really an enemy, he's more of an annoyance. Even if Sora is considered a villain, he's certainly not the only one. There is another, more powerful enemy, who isn't really discovered until later in the show.[/spoiler] (I used spoiler tags just in case...I like to be cautious.)

That's all I really have to say. Everything else seems to have been previously mentioned. If there are any other questions that you need answering, I'll do my best to help.[/color]
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