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My Trigun RPG is working out so well. I figured that I would try a Yugioh one. Plus, I'm addicted to this.

The Story:
Something goes wrong in Kaiba Corp. and Seto is stuck in one of his Virtual games, agian. Mokuba calls up four of the smartest people he knows. He tells them what's going on and they rush over to Kaiba Corp. Mokuba set everything up. Luckly there is just enough pods for them all, but there are some other people in this Virtual world that wants to stop our heros from saveing Seto. What will happen now that thier stuck in the game until they find Seto. Did I mention the four heros get split up and have to find each other before they can find Seto.

Alright, here's the info I need:

Deck Type:
Good or Bad:

And here's my info:

Name: Amanda "Mandy" Wheeler
Apperence: She has long blonde hair sort of in the style of Joey's 0.0, blue eyes, about the same height as Joey, she's wareing a black leather turtleneck tanktop with a heart shape cut out on the chest, black leather flares, black boots, and a black leather vest
Deck Type: Her deck is basicly all mixed up. The main card she uses is The Dark Magician Girl. She also has a special edition Blue Eyes White Dragon that Pegasus gave her for winning a tournament.
Bio: Amanda is the sharpest duelist there is. She's also Joey's never talked about twin sister. Her dueling rank surpasses Seto's, but she hasn't quite made it up to Yugi. She's also a genius. Totally diffrent from her twin. She will do anything to save Seto because she has had a crush on him forever. She just doesn't have the nerve to tell him.
Good or Bad: Good

The only Yu-Gi-Oh characters in this are Mokuba and Seto, but I have control of them. (laughs evily) I do need three more good guys and four bad guys though.
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Oh, oh! Can I be a bad guy? Please? *Does puppy eyes*

Hmmm...probably shouldn't do puppy eyes if I want to be evil....

Name: Seth Niteshade
Age: 15
Appearance: tall, lanky, with black hair and red eyes. Dresses all in black
Deck Type: Demonic deck, with the Dark Ruler Ha Des as his main hitter
Bio: Seth grew up with parents who constantly moved; as a result, he never made many friends. He grew to enjoy the dark, and created a deck accordingly. He remains quiet and subdued at all times, even while dueling. His reasons for entering the Virtual World are unknown.
Good or Bad: Bad

I could post a deck for him, if you want. =)
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[b]Name:[/b] jason kilo
[b]Age:[/b] 14
[b]Apperence:[/b] [URL=http://www.layer-infinity.net/iplay/serge.gif]pick[/URL]
[b]Deck Type:[/b] mixture of cards
[b]Bio:[/b] Max is a master of playing duel monsters and he can learn any type of game easily. Because he doesn't have to many friends he improves his skill with games or in sports. He'll help others if they ask for his help. He was in the duelist city tournament but decided to drop out because he thought he couldn't go any farther so he decided to improve his deck and he'll take any one who'll challenge him.
[b]Good or Bad:[/b] good
[b]lead monster:[/b] deepsea warrior
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Name:Sonya Konam
Apperence:Shoulder lengh black hair w/ red strips,red shirt w/ dragon on it and black pants,black camo boots
Deck Type: Dragon
Bio:Never really liked people and has no friends was asined to gaurd Seto.Her step-father was Pegues but the only people that know are Pegues himself and the Big 5.Nothing else is know.
Good or Bad:Bad
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[b]Name:[/b] Masu the Elite

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Apperence:[/b] See Attachment

[b]Deck Type:[/b] Zombie / Fiends

[b]Bio:[/b] Masu has been playing duel monsters ever since the age of 12. He had a sudden obsession with fiends, and zombies as he played. Masu's life is duel monsters, he's addicted to it and cant stop. His record is flawless (hence his nickname "The Elite") accept the one time he was defeated. Masu is now hunting down the duelist he lost to.

[b]Good or Bad:[/b] Bad
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Alright, I'm starting this thing. I can only have one more bad guy, but I do have two more openings for good guys. You can still join by the way. I'm so sorry I didn't mention, this earilar, but the good guys have to chose a lead monster that will be their guide and help them free Seto. The bad guys can have a lead monster to, but for different reasons of course. Sorry once agian.
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Name: Lily Jones (wow, I come up with the most random names)
Age: 14
Appearance: long, wavy blonde hair w/bangs, red eyes; wears a sleeveless light blue shirt (kinda like Marik's) with a blue and white striped t-shirt underneath (like Bakura's ^-^) and white pants
Deck Type: warriors & spellcasters
Bio: Lily has loved playing Duel Monsters since she was little. She's a good friend of Mokuba's and would do anything for him. She's a very nice girl but is very competitive when it comes to dueling. (eh... can't think of anything else...)
Good or Bad: good (since u asked so nicely)
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Name: Josh Green

Age: 15

Apperence: Josh has medium length blonde hair and greenish blue eyes. He wares a black shirt with a blue dragon on the back of it and black jeans. He also wears black fingerless gloves and black sunglasses on his head.

Deck Type: A mostly toon deck like Pegasus

Bio: Josh is a computer wiz like Seto. He can type about 500 words a minute. He has a killer crush on Amanda and would do anything for her. Of course he hates Seto. He's only helping Amanda save Seto because he wants to impress her. He doesn't know about Amanda's crush on Seto, but will find out

Good or Bad: Good of course
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Alright, way to go Andrew(Maximillion404). You're get the hang of things quick. You even figured out how to use the colors already. Oh yeah, all of the good guy spots have offically been fiilled thanks to my dependable brother. I do have a bad guy spot left if anyone wants to fill that.
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