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OCC: alright, lets get it on people!

IC: Slowly drifting... suddenly Tal'nin woke up, and found that he was under water. He flipped around so he could see the surface... only a few yards. Using up his small reserve of air, Tal'nin swam to the surface, and breathed deep, filling his lungs.

He looked around, and saw the shore only three or four miles away... easy. He needed to get back to his home, to inform them of what he had found. He asssumed he had hit a peice of debris while swimming, and blacked out. Just as he was about to start off again, he saw a ship coming in from his right.

Closer inspection of the symbols on the sides revealed it to be a Dae'Thon ship... [I]perfect[/I] he thought.

He swam up to the ship and called up. After a moment, a Dae'Thon poked his head over the rail. "What do you want?"

"Could you give me a ride to shore?"

Then man seemed to think about it for a moment and then motioned for him to come up. Using the edges of the wood like handles, Tal'nin climbed to the deck and flicked his inner eye-lid to get the salt from his eyes.

"Thanks, I didn't think you'd let me aboard."

"Ya, ya... well it will be a while until we dock, so I hope you like the ocean." [I] Of all the stupid things to ask a half-Hydran[/I] thought Tal'nin.

After wandering the deck, Tal'nin went below deck to see if there was anything going on. There were several Dae'Thon talking among themselves, he decided to leave them alone. In the corner, there was a depressed looking girl, he went to sit next to her.

OCC: alright guys... your turn! ;)
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"Hi," Tal'nin said with a smile, "what's your name?" Kira looked up at Tal'nin. Tal'nin was shocked by her pale complexion. He could tell she was a Vampire or at least half Vampire. He was wondering what she was doing on a Dae'Tron ship.

"My name is Kira," Kira said with a uneasy voice. Tal'nin watched as Kira spoke. He saw her fangs (I'm assuming she would have fangs) as her lips moved. He had to say something and quick.

"What are you doing on a Dae'Thon ship," Tal'nin said quietly. Kira shook her head and stood up. Her leather jacket seemed to bring out her red hair. She looked down at Tal'nin.

"Oh, you figured out what I am," Kira said with a sneer, "and to answer your question, this was the only ship heading this way. Tal'nin stood up. He wasn't as tall as Kira, but that was just because of her boots. He leaned up aginst the wall.

"What are you looking for," Tal'nin said with a whisper. Kira looked at him from the corner of her eye. She let out a sigh and looked at the leaky roof.

"My father," Kira said with a depressed look upon her face. Tal'nin patted her on the shoulder and sat back down again. Kira hesitantly sat down next to him. Tal'nin started a conversation with Kira.
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Isamu unsheaths his scimitar and starts slashing through the air on shore. He spins around to look behind him and calmly satnds perfectly still with the blade against his forehead. He seemed to be preparing for something, and suddenly broke into a dash. He saw the boat on the horizon, bobbing like a cork.

The shore rushed into a small drop off wich Isamu dived into the water off of. He shot through the water like a bullet and suddenly clinged onto the sandy floor. [i] Stay here. [/i] He thought. [i] Focus your energies, and learn to accept the water. [/i] He took a deep breath and immediately rushed to the surface, coughing and sputtering. [i] Darn it! Nothing... [/i]
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OCC: grrr... I was waiting for stick_fairy to post, be she/he (lol, i don't know) just left after looking at hte forum even... anyway, here goes...

IC: "Your father huh?" Tal'nin never really trusted Vampires, but this one seemed honest enough.

"Ya... I've been looking a long time..." Kira seemed to lslump in her seat.

"Well I hate to run off, but we should be coming up on my home shore soon." Tal'nin got up and began to walk towards the door. Kira thought of calling after him, after all he had been sympathetic for her, but she decided not to. When Tal'nin reached the deck, he came to the edge of the ship and dived overboard, shutting his inner eye-lid as he went. He hit the water with a light splash and looked back to see Kira standing on the railing, looking after him.

He was soon too far away too see, swimming away from the boat, giving the impression of a torpedo fired at the shore. As he jumped up to the sandy shore, he noticed a person several yards away from him, coughing water. He walked over and saw that he was a Hydran.

"You know, just because we can swim well, doesn't mean we can breath underwater."
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"And that's what I plan to change." Isamu said quietly. "We exolved into Hydrans because of the water. We should be able to control what we were made to."

"But we can't. In another 30,000 years, who knows, but we're not there yet." Isamu scowled at Tal'nin. "What's it to you?"
"I'd like to spare somebody the grief of cleaning up the dead body after you've sucsessfully drownded yourself."

"I would expect an answer like that from a half-breed."
"What's that supposed to mean? You think you're better?"
"No. You may be better than me, but I don't care to find out. But as a half-breed, your attributes in the water must be shared, so you wouldn't be able to completely control the water no matter how hard you tried."

"You can't control the water either! Nobody can you moron!"

"We'll see."
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"Heh... forced evolution is a definate sign that you should get a grip on reality."

Isamu let out an indignant sound, " I probably have a better grip on reality than most of the people you know." [I]Especialy after all of the pain...[/I]

"Look, I don't know what insane ideas you were brought up to believe, but I think it would be good idea if you didn't make a useless attempt to change the path of our genes. It would take almost the whole Hydran population and generations to change the way we are." That seemed to make Isamu pretty angry... Tal'nin had a feeling he would regret saying it.
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"Hey Tal'nin," Kira said as the ship passed by. Tal'nin looked up at Kira. Kira stood on the rail and jumped off. She made it to the shore with one leap. Tal'nin looked worried as she walked up. Isamu backed up.

"What are you doing here Kira," Tal'nin said in a worried voice. Kira looked at Isamu and the looked back at Tal'nin.

"It looks like I stopped a fight from happening," Kira said as she took a step torward Isamu. Isamu backed up more. He looked a little scared. Maybe it was the fact that Kira was a Vampire.

"I could of handeled it myself Kira," Tal'nin said with an annoyed voice. Kira looked upset. She turned and started to walk away.
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Isamu watched Kira walk away before he turned back to Tal'nin. "Why don't you make like her and get the heck out of here?"

"Do you really think you're going to evolve over night? How do you think the Hydrans first evolved?"

"They did it out of necessity, and so can I!" Isamu's eyes burned with anger. "Why do you want to breath underwater so quickly? You can already hold your breath for longer than you'll ever need under there." Tal'nin didn't bat an eyelid as Isamu's schimitar shot out of the sheath. "Be cause I need to find-...." He stopped for a moment. "...this conversation has gone on long enough. I need to do what my genes are ment for, end of story." He started to walk away, this time farther up on land. Tal'nin kicked the sand. "Genes are ment to contain potential possabilities, not goals for anyone to force out of them. They will develope eventually, you can't force-"
"Stuff it."
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Tal'nin had had enough of this guy. Without saying anything else he began to walk inland to where his home village was. He didn't think he would ever see Isamu or Kira again... he could never have been so wrong.

But the only thing on his mind now was to get his information to his superior as quickly as possible. Many Dae'Thon and Hydran lives could hang in the balance.
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"Stupid Tal'nin," Kira said as she headed for the closest town, "he's so rude." Kira stopped and looked around for a moment. Something was bothering her, but what. She couldn't put her finger on it so she just kept on walking. She couldn't help but to feel that her and Tal'nin were met to be friends.

Kira reached her destanation within an hour. She looked around the peaceful town she was standing in the middle of. The people seemed so peaceful. Kira started walking toward a small shop.

"How may I help you young lady," the store cleark said with a smile. Kira walked up to the counter and looked around. She shook her head and let out a sigh.

"May I have a bottle of water," Kira said as she looked at the cleark. The cleark nooded and handed Kira a bottle. kira quickly paid and walked out of the door. As she walked out, she spotted Tal'nin. He seemed in a hurry. Kira started fallowing him, even if she was mad at him.
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