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Gaming I need help............lots of it.


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Hey, i need help.

On pokegold, it says in the trainers guide book that you can't battle red,blue, or yellow.
but my friend has gold, and he battled me on red.
how dids he do that

now when i try to battle red,blue,or yellow with my pokemon, it won't let me.

and when i trade with blue, not red or yellow, just blue. if i trade any pokemon on level 60 and above, it duplicates that pkmn automatically. so if i do trade it, i still have one of them left. that might be good a first, but it gets d@mn annoying after a while.

is my game seriously f*cked up or what?
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listen, u can battle them but u can only use the pokemon with certain moves that u use in thr r/b/y instead of the g/s/c....

or maybe something is really wrong with ur GB but who knows and the times i've battle with r/b/y and g/s/c i could battle.....

i think im confused too
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by liamc2 [/i]
[B]lets leave it at that we all are [B]very[/B] confused:therock: [/B][/QUOTE]

Yeeesss.............................that is perfactly said. 'Cause now, I'm confused too. I confused myself, no, you confused me, no.........................aah! I'm confused alot. I'll try rewording it, so here goes:

My friend has gold. He can battle r/b/y. But when I try to battle my gold with r/b/y, I can't. But when I trade with r/b/y, the pokemon I trade gets duplicated..........ya know, twiced, doubled, copied. Now, can you please explain that?

How'd that go, hope ya understand that.........:nervous:
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