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Anime My theory about Cubia


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[color=royalblue][size=1]Alright. I didn't find a thread about this, so I figured I'd just make one. I know there are alot of spoilers, but I'm not sure what should considered a spoiler in this subject, so I'll edit that later.

Cubia. Yes, that annoying creature that should be one of the eight phases, but isn't. To my knowledge, it isn't even in the Epitath of Twilight.

Here are a few things that my brother (Arasoi) and I came up with:
Cubia is Aura's guardian. It has been meantioned that Innis' point is to lead Kite astray, and that destroying the "wave" is the wrong way of going about it. Maybe Aura isn't supposed to be reassembled. After all, every time that orb of red light comes out of Kite and goes into Aura, Cubia appears. Maybe Herald created Cubia so that no one would alter Aura.

Another point in this subject that supports the theory that Herald made Cubia, is that Cubia looks like a tree. Sounds odd, eh? Well, you need to watch the third OVA. It reveals that Herald would wait under a tree for Emma, and it flashes a picture of a tree without any leaves. Cubia's resemblance to such a tree is uncanny, except for the head, of course.

Cubia is a proclamation of Herald's love to Emma. It's kind of the same thing meantioned above, but Cubia could also be a form of Herald showing Emma that he's still waiting, under that tree.

Cubia is an assassin. This kind of veers off in a completely different direction, but this is the more shallow theory. Cubia is an assassin sent by Morganna to stop Aura from reassembling.
That's all I have for now, but I may think of something else later. Of course, I made this thread so you could prove me right, wrong, or a complete idiot. Also, post your own theories about this.[/color][/size]
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First things first, Cubia [i]was[/i] mentioned in the Epitaph. I believe that Helba stated that durning Outbreak at some point (or, I saw it online). All that was said was Cubia's role in the Epitaph was a mystery. That also leads me to believe that the Epitaph is unfinished.

Here is the truth behind Cubia's role in the game (as I read on another site). Be warned, major storyline spoilers ahead:

[spoiler]Cubia is in fact a result of the bracelet's power. Remember how Cubia appeared after the defeat of Skeith? That is because the Eight Phases give Cubia more power each time one of them is drained by the bracelet.[/spoiler]

Past that info I still do not know what his purpose is, despite constant thought on the subject before. I do believe that his purpose may be about the same as your first guess, except the opposite. [spoiler]Instead of protecting Aura, he is trying to stop her from being fully assmebled in order to keep her from stopping Morganna in some way.[/spoiler]
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well those all sound like good ideas of what he is, their probably true though but I have my own ideas. first of all [spoiler] I think that cubia is just there to watch and make sure that the eight phases happen, each time one is destroyed cubia gets stronger, when they are all destroyed, then cubia will deal with the ones who defeated the phases, in other words it only gets worse when you destroy a phase because cubia is the wave, once they're all gone, wham! cubia comes in and wreaks havoc.[/spoiler] now of course you may not agree but.... I find it pretty acurate and beleivable.
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Cubia is mentioned in the epitaph as being the mysterious one or the shadowed one, I can't remember which one was right. They try to figure out what his purpose is because he has no purpose in the epitaph. Other than that nothing was explained futher in Outbreak.
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Guest tachikawa03
so does ne one no cubias true purpose and what he really is other than jus guessing because i pretty much think the same but would like ato know for real
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