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  1. amarao

    Anime Tucassa

    it's not at all confusing, you just have to be able understand, and if you cant, you can't, most of my friends can't follow it, but I can easily follow it, it's not that hard just listen.
  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by amiboshi [/i] [B]I bought the first manga volume, and I think it's one of the only ones I've ever bought and disliked... It just didn't appeal to me. I'm not sure why, I just disliked it. But that's just me. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, and this is more guys humour. Who knows. ^_~ [/B][/QUOTE] well I tend to like the anime more than the manga in this case so if you watch the anime and don't like it then.......well there's tons of other anime so take your pick.
  3. amarao

    Anime Something going between Tsukasa and Subaru?!

    yes subaru is in a wheel chair...but let's not forget to thank the person who attacked her on the game if she wasn't attacked who knows how that relationship would have ended up.
  4. amarao

    Anime Inu Yasha

    hmm to the people who don't like euri's thread (sorry if the name isn't right) or what he said about inu-yasha. why should you care? if you like inu-yasha then you shouldn't care what others think, and besides it's his opinion, he can say what he likes about inu-yasha (as long as there aren't any naughty words o.o)
  5. .hack is just fine the way it is, you see without action there is more time to focus on understanding the story, and with the little action it leaves you wanting more, so you watch it more. it's basically perfect............or that's my opinion
  6. amarao

    Anime Letter Campaign for "The World"

    our technology is just fine, but keep in mind that they might not make an online game based on .hack, but we already have final fantasy 11 so were almost there.
  7. amarao

    Anime My theory about Cubia

    well those all sound like good ideas of what he is, their probably true though but I have my own ideas. first of all [spoiler] I think that cubia is just there to watch and make sure that the eight phases happen, each time one is destroyed cubia gets stronger, when they are all destroyed, then cubia will deal with the ones who defeated the phases, in other words it only gets worse when you destroy a phase because cubia is the wave, once they're all gone, wham! cubia comes in and wreaks havoc.[/spoiler] now of course you may not agree but.... I find it pretty acurate and beleivable.
  8. amarao

    Anime Favorite Anime music

    you can call me a simple person I enjoy the whole bebop soundtrack, I also like the soundtracks of Trigun, ruroni kenshin, and .hack sign. I would say what I like but I don't know the songs' names. FLCL has some of the best music I've ever heard so does trigun.......ummm thats all.
  9. amarao

    Anime really messed up freaky looking anime I found.

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ChibiHorsewoman [/i] [B]Maybe I should get one copy just to leave on the coffee table at my parent's house for Christmas so my grandma can look at it and then fall over. I've actually seen that manga before in Walden Books. The plastic cover is off one of them. Of course, they also used to keep the manga next to the x rated books at Walden Books in the Mall near me, so what does that say abnout people? I probably would read one, but hey, I also tried to watch La Blue Girl (which has no real plot what-so-ever) so you really can't go by what I do now can ya?:laugh: [/B][/QUOTE] huh? walden books? thats where I saw it, is the mall called sicamore or something like that?
  10. amarao

    Anime Funniest anime moments

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by KarmaOfChaos [/i] [B][color=deeppink] The most amusing moment I've ever had in any anime was from Fruits Basket: [spoiler] When Kagura was attempting to do Kyo's laundry, and she used waaay too much detergent, and Kyo rants at her for washing all his shirts and he's going to get pneumnonia(sp) and all of the sudden...he's drowned by a tsunami of laundry suds.[/spoiler] Twas hilarious. -Karma [/color] [/B][/QUOTE] I really don't remember that ever happening in the anime.........well the funniest part in an anime.......hmmm. I guess it's on FLCL when they do the manga skits
  11. amarao

    Anime really messed up freaky looking anime I found.

    that is quite a put-off I can't really stand looking at it because it reminds me of someone at my school......yuck.