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  1. I was looking in a book store at manga I found the trigun manga( yeah I know you don't really care) but I also saw this really stupid looking one called happy mania, it was covered with platic so i knew it wasn't for my underage eyes but the pictures look so dumb badly drawn it's quite a how would you say a......god the word isn't coming to my mind, well it make you want to get as far away from it as you can. I was also quite dissapointed with the FLCL manga's animation wasn't that great, it was a real let down.
  2. Seta-Mcdougal!

    Anime "The World"

    yeah but where do we go to sign the petition? (this game has to become reality, unfortuneatly.......many people will probably take the characters I want to look like........*sulks)
  3. Seta-Mcdougal!

    Anime .Hack//SIGN & Skeith

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sephiroth [/i] [B]Skeith is indeed in SIGN, if only for a very brief period. Skeith has more of a role in .Hack//DUSK. [/B][/QUOTE] .hack//dusk? never heard of it. (wants to know)!!!!
  4. Seta-Mcdougal!

    Anime The Obvious Signs

    you all know this is true but in the begining it made no indication of that girl being tsukasa it's not like they held up a sign "here lets ruin the excitement this is tsukasa!" they didn't want you to figure it out right away.
  5. Seta-Mcdougal!

    Anime to all the sora fans in denial

    wait what episode was this? the last one? I missed the last episode! anyway good it's fine time someone beat sora although as much as I like him crim gets my vote.
  6. I'm surprised that this hasn't been closed yet but anyway. you can also get some dothacksign music in platinum edition dothack dvds
  7. Seta-Mcdougal!

    Anime Will there ever be such a thing?

    well they might have a controler for the movment but the detailed actions as ed mentioned like when mimiru smacked tsukasa. but the suit would be better for the more select movements.
  8. Seta-Mcdougal!

    Anime Woo-hoo! .hack//SIGN DVD info+

    well it's easy to tell that your all excited about this but is it really worth jumping with joy for? *starts to jump so as not to be left out *does a back flip too "hey your not the only one kkc
  9. Seta-Mcdougal!

    Anime Tsukasa true look

    hmmm that is a pretty good joke (I couldn't bring myself to say that my friends would call me gay the rest of the ten minuets after I said it )