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  1. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kazuko [/i] [B] "Oooo,fooly cooly,it's something you do with your hands like this you see?ooo whee,fooly cooly cooly!"-Old man [/B][/QUOTE] actually kurikuri means "fondle" or something like that not your fault just teaching you all slowly, oh and I also understand FLCL the most out of any anime I have ever seen I just don't see how you can't get it.
  2. before I say a thing I hope this hasn't already been asked because I see alot of repeats lately and I don't want to make another, but anyway. If you could be an anime character what would you look like? please use very or at least somewhat descriptive detailes. oh and I'll tell you mine when I feel that you have taken enough intrest in this thread. :P
  3. I'd have to say .hack//sign every element or part of the series ties into the other anime, game, and manga...it would be really hard to pull that off not to mention the awsome music that they put into it, this is the anime you get when you try. but let's not forget the others like inu-yasha, FLCL, cowboy bebop, and all the other good animes out there, but I'd have to say .hack//sign
  4. well I don't know about the rest of you but it is a pretty good game althought I just got outbreak yesterday,I want to know who are the new characters in quarintine? tsukasa? helba? sora? subaru? where these just rumors? by the way don't get all overexcited nightmaremage it makes you look like a spaz......just kidding but don't freak out......seriously. but anyway........yeah outbreak is pretty good so far.
  5. first of all it's probably better to buy a deck second it might be one of the best trading card games ever made (or not) but I wonder what the rules are and how it's played I hope it's not impossible to learn how like that lame digimon card game but not soooooo easy to learn like that pokemon card game.
  6. too bad though the next one comes out in about two months thats too much of a wait because I finish my manga the day I get it (except that time I bought five mangas) and it's a good series keeps me entertained but it's really hard to reread and enjoy it.oh and orcas fine the way she is.
  7. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Plasma Tsukasa [/i] [B]Sora's not dead... Doesn't he make a very, very short "appearence" in Mutation? [/B][/QUOTE] well no but according to sai in another thread in this board sora is in qaurentine. (so sue me if I can't spell the word) I oh so hope he is I could have a cool team of twin blades kite/sora/moonstone. the perfect twin blade team. oh sorry a little off topic
  8. oh man I hope it's not fake I would love to have sora and tsukasa in my party! but what about mimiru and bear and bt and crim (oh crim would be in my party at all times) and silver knight and yeah what happened to them oh well beggers can't be choosers (yes they can!) since balmung is in outbreak Iwon't think too much of it. oh hey can you find out new outbreak characters?
  9. no matter how unchild like this sonic show is I just can't stand that little blue guy
  10. although we all agree that this lady is throwing this whole thing out of proportion I don't know who has the more annoying case this or that lady that sued cartoon network?
  11. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Haruko [/i] [B]I've got a few things to say about Sora. 1. Sora's not a brat 2. Sora is the best .Hack//Sign character 3. Sora rules all:love: :blush: 4. He probalbly kills other players cuz he's just plain B-O-R-E-D! I'd do it too if I had the chance 5. As you can tell from #3 I'm in love w/Sora! [/B][/QUOTE] good for you but haruko.... it's your opinion. other people have things to say (please notice: I'm only messing with you I have no intention to disrupt your freedom of speech, and your feelings) sora although a bit childish helps keep the story moving because of the way he acts. he's a great help in entertaining people and killing them but ........ now he's....well I would say what I was about to say but I dont' know how to put on spoiler things......
  12. I've just read this manga and it is for some reason my favorite manga of all time..(what am I saying I love all my anime and manga) but anyway what do you think? (only if you've read it) make observations share ideas do say whatever you want as long as it has to do with this manga.
  13. the anime is much better for many obvious reasons like the animation int the manga is like something I'd draw (ahem total crap).
  14. well you can't really say the manga IS better than the anime because people are entitled to their opioins like (I don't like reading) or ( I don't have to turn the pages) although as much as I want to see the anime I haven't yet. but the last manga of chobits comes out on october 7!
  15. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Black_Phoenix [/i] [B]The PS2 controller works well for a game with limited movement options, but something along the lines of a motion suit would be needed if someone wanted the game to be realistic. As you can notice, a controller or keyboard only has so many buttons, which limits the realistism. [/B][/QUOTE] well maybe not a motion suit, But a motion gloves becuase your more likely to use your hands and it could provide you with many more attacks than pre-selected ones. maybe motion shoes too. but it doesn't have to be the whole body just the parts that move the most. and to the person who made the comment about the part where people might try to do "the deed" with the ability to do anything with free movment of course the creators might make some boundries.
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