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Writing HEY Read this! Paranoia and Lies!


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Hey! Read my story and tell me what you think!!!!

Paranoia and Lies
Christopher Mann

?They are a threat!? a deep voice said from the back of the room, ?We?ve seen what comes from their kind! The could one day just decide ?Hm... I?m gonna destroy the world? and we would be completely helpless to their evil powers!?
The tall, blond man with the glasses stood, placing his hand on the conference table, then spoke in a high pitched and whiny voice, ?But they have done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment just because they have incredible powers we could only dream of. And besides we have no real reason other than paranoia to want them illuminated. All they have tried to do is live a normal life.? The tall man held up a tan colored folder, ?This is the file of one . . . Goku. He is one of the super fighters.? The tall man pushed up his falling glasses as he opened the file up on the table, lifting the papers to where he could read them better, and began to thumb through them, ?Lets see . . . he is legally married to . . . ChiChi, he has a drivers license, he pays his taxes, his son Gohan is in his first year of high school at Orangestar High School, he has a 7 year old son named Goten, who is already signed up for 1st grade starting next year,? the tall man put down the papers. He walked around the side of the oak conference table and towards the window that took up the entire wall, ?He is just like us in every way of public life. He breaks no laws, he does exactly what our government asks, and to top it all off, he and his friends continuously save us from threat after threat. Radditx, Nappa and Vegeta, the androids, and, of course this is not to leave this room, his son Gohan was the one who defeated Cell.?
At this, gasps of astonishments and disbelief sounded all around the room. The blond man held up one hand, silencing them all, ?Gohan defeated Cell in the biggest fight of his short life, saving the world, and when Hercule was named the winner of the Cell Games, he just let it go. He didn?t even get credit for, what still stands till this day, the greatest event in all of history. We owe them our lives, but instead you would have us take their lives away.? Tall man shook his head, ?If this is how we thank people who save the world, remind me not to.? He plopped down into his leather chair.
The deep voice sounded again along with claps from the same source, ?Good speech, if you were going for office you?d have my vote, but? the clapping stopped, ?These are powerful beings! You?ve mentioned all the good things they?ve done, but what about all the bad they?ve done? Do we just ignore those?
?I have my own files,? a short, fat man said picking up his own folder. Showing it off around the room before opening it and extracting its files, ?This is the file of . . . Vegeta. He was one of the aliens call ?Saiyans? that have taken a liking to our world and made it their home, but he was also one of the two Saiyans that came to destroy the world after the first incidence with the Saiyan race,? it was now the short, fat man to work the room, ?He destroyed a city in the south western quadrant before he and Nappa started the battle with the other fighters, in which they killed four people. And since he started living here, there have been numerous reports about random things.? The fat man had walked all the way around the table as he spoke; now back at his seat he fell back into his seat, ?These ?Saiyans? and their friends should be dealt with and fast!?
The day rolled on, the meeting still going on into the night. All the time, the man at the head of the table just sat there, pondering his decision.
The tall man was now standing, ?Well, it looks like we have a decision. We should send in a spy to learn everything they can. How they are so strong, can everyone become strong like them, are there more fighters with their level of power in the universe, that kind of information.? All the men around the table nodded their heads, ?Now we just have to decide whom to send in.?
The fat man jumped out of his chair, ?We should send someone from the military.?
The tall man shook his head, ?No, a scientist.?
The dog man stood, ?A policeman.?
A young woman stood, ?A woman.?
Another man stood, ?A diplomat.?
They continued fighting, till the man at the head of the table lifted his face from his hands, revealing a patch over his left eye, giving him the look of a pirate, ?SILENCE!!!?
At once all the other men?s voices cut off in the middle of sentences. All the men sat, leaving only the young woman, who asked, ?Who would you like to go mister Trinidad??
Trinidad slowly stood, ?I would like you to go,? he said pointing to the young woman, ?of course you will not be going alone.?
The fat man stood, ?I say we send Commander Chin.? He said as he pointed to one of the several military men behind him.
Trinidad glared at him with his one good eye, ?Who cares what you say?! If you would allow me to finish you little butterball!? the fat man?s brow drew together in anger, but just sat down, ?I would like to send Ms. White along with a few civilians.?
The room exploded in an uproar of questions. Trinidad raised his hand, and immediately they silenced, ?There would be less chance of them having an opinion about this matter and just do what they were told, and besides, ? Trinidad pointed at Commander Chin, ?If we sent him, do you think they wouldn?t know he was from the military??
The tall man stood, ?But why civilians??
Trinidad sighed, ?Do I have to explain everything? It would be a waste to get skilled soldiers killed for when we could lie to some punk teens and get them to do what we want. They wouldn?t be hiding anything from the Super Fighters, so they wouldn?t be suspicions looking in the least. And besides, ? Trinidad smiled, ?it would be fun.?
The room went up in an uproar of laughter that could be heard all through the city.
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Paranoia and Lies

Chapter One: The Deception Begins

The halls were alive with action, students going from one classroom to another. Pepper University was getting ready to begin its spring semester, the students were still not used to being up at 7:00 in the morning after the month of parting.
?Hey Zander!? said the shorter of the two new arrivals into a classroom. His brown hair was held down with an overdose of hair gel, his green eyes held the glint of a prankster. His eyes matched the green and yellow Pepper University colors on his football jacket. His jacket wasn?t the only way you could tell he was a jock, he also had the classic ?brain the size of a walnut? that people associated with athletes, ?I heard we got a new teacher for our Journalism class.? The short football player smiled, ?I guess Mr. Bowen didn?t like my joke. And all this time I thought the snakes that jump out of the can of nuts was funny, but when he saw them jump out, he just fell over holding his chest! Not a single laugh!? he shook his head, ?No respect for comedy I guess.?
Zander spoke up with a grin, ?That?s because you gave the man a heart attack you idiot!? he slapped the short, stocky individual as he sat down in the back of the class. He kicked his feet up in the air, bringing them down on the back of the chair in front of him, ?I don?t even know why they got us a new teacher, there are only like you and me in this entire class, and we?re sport stars! We don?t do anything in here anyways. Otherwise you?d be failing Max.? Zander said as he nudged his buddy with his shoulder as they began to laugh.
After the fit of laughter was over, Zander realized he and his friend were not the only ones in the classroom. Down in the front row was a person sitting with his feet propped up on the seat in front of him just like Zander, but he was rocking back and forward to a beat. At first look, Zander thought the guy was crazy, but after a closer look, he saw the earphone snug in his ear and his CD player in his lap. His baggy black shirt and jeans left a lot to the imagination of how his body was built, but from the way it hung off of him he most likely had a wiry frame. His black hair hung down to his shoulders.
Zander tapped Max on the shoulder pointed to the new guy, ?Lets go meet our new friend,? Zander said with an impish grin. Max stood, and with Zander close behind, he began to creep up behind the new dude?s seat. Max was about to pull the mans earphones out of his ears, when the new guy turned slightly and with a lifeless voice he said, ?Don?t touch me,?
Max went to grab the earphones anyways, but the new person spun in his seat, snatched his wrist, bending his hand back until Max let out a cry of pain. Zander reared back and swung his fist into the new dude?s face, making him let go of Max?s hand as he was thrown out of his seat and onto the ground.
?AGGGGHHH!? Zander yelled, grabbing his hand. His hand felt like someone had just ran it over with a car.
Max heard a clicking sound coming from the door, so he jumped up into the seat he was knelling in front of as Zander did the same. Slowly the new guy got up and sat back in his seat, brushing of the dirt he had on his black shirt.
All three guys turned back to look at the door and see what the clicking sound was. As they turned, they saw a beautiful woman walking down the aisle. She looked to be about their age, maybe a year or two older. She was wearing a white turtleneck shirt, a black skirt, and high-heeled shoes. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her glasses made her look much more mature than the tree boys who had been in a little fist fight only seconds before. Under her arm she was carrying some books and other materials.
Zander jumped to greet her, his heart was racing. He had never seen such a gorgeous woman in his life!
Zander took the things from under her arms, ?Here, let me help you out a bit.? He said with a debonair smile. She just smiled in return.
Zander was dumbfounded by her striking smile and was temporarily paralyzed, ?Um... uh..? he pulled himself together, ?I?m Alexander Star, but you can call me Zander,? he said extending his hand.
She smiled pleasantly, extending her hand, ?I?m Rebecca White, and you can call me Ms. White or Professor White, depending on which one you like better.?
Zander was shaking her hand, and didn?t notice her talking, all he could think about was how smooth her skin was. It felt like silk it was so soft! She was so...
Zander snapped out of his trance as what she said sank in, ?Professor?!?
Ms. White took back her materials and walked to the podium, ?Yes Professor. The school is making me teach this Journalism class to help out Mr. Bowen.?
Zander slapped his forehead. He was about to hit on his teacher! Zander slowly sat down, the room was turning all the sudden.
Ms. White called role, which took all of three seconds, ?Alright, I want you to know I don?t want to be here, so I?m not going to give you a lot of work.?
Max let out a sigh of relief.
?All I?m going to require this entire semester is one paper.?
Max started to grin.
?But it?s going to take you the entire semester to write it.?
Max frowned.
? I?ve already asked for permission to take this small class on a fieldtrip.?
Max smiled.
Zander raised his hand as he asked, ?What does a fieldtrip have to do with us writing a paper in Journalism??
Max elbowed him in the ribs and whispered, ?Shut up! I wanna go on the trip!?
Ms. White looked up at Zander, ?We are going on the fieldtrip to gather information for your paper.?
The new boy, his name was Ken, raised his hand, ?What is the topic, and where are we going.?
Ms. White smiled, ?We are righting a paper on the super fighters, and we are going far away.?
Max and Zander were thinking the exact same thing, ?Super fighters??
Ken leaned back in his seat and whispered, ?Good, I?ve always wanted to meet Goku.?
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Paranoia and Lies
Chapter Two: Class

Ms. White pulled her eyes from her other two charges, to Ken, ?I?m sorry, what did you say?? Was it her imagination, or did he say ?Goku??
Ken looked up, ?I didn?t say anything.? He looked up at the two thugs behind him, ?Although I wouldn?t mind if these two preps would give me some room here. I don?t know if their thick skulls has hindered their thought process as much as I suspect, or maybe they?re just to slow to realize there are other seats in this jam-packed class they could sit in.? he said sarcastically.
Ken smiled for the first time that day, ?I?d appreciate it if they?d move.?
Still in thought about what she thought see had heard, Ms. White didn?t hear any of the dialog.
Max?s eyes shifted to Ken, ?Why don?t you move us?? he said with a smile as his eyes sparkled. The aspect of a fight thrilled him.
Glaring at the Neanderthals, Ken began to stand when Zander stood and put his hands on Max?s broad shoulders, holding him in his seat and gave him a serious look.
He swiveled around to lock eyes with the black haired man, ?We?ll be moving know.?
Pulling his friend along with him, Zander moved to a spot a good bit away from the annoying boy.
Zander pushed his companion into his new seat before plopping down next to him. He shushed Max as he began to talk, ?Shut up,? he said in a whispered tone, ?He would have torn you apart.?
He watched as his friend threw his head back and laughed out loud. Then before he could silence his buddy, Max stood and turned to pointed at Ken, ?You think that pipsqueak could take ME?? Max?s entire body shook in laughter.
Zander stood, trying to make his friend sit down and shut up.
?No really Zander. Do you honestly think I would get beaten up by,? he broke off with a little giggle then pointed in Ken?s general direction, ?him?!?
The teenager pushed his laughing friend into his seat.
Zander looked down at his hand, it was still hurting like hell from when he socked Ken in the face, ?Yes, I do think he would not only beat you, but if you got him mad enough, he?d break every bone in your body.? Zander said in a low voice. He looked up from his hand to Max, ?When I punched him in the face, it felt like my hand just exploded, breaking every bone in my hand.?
Max had calmed down, and had a semi-serious look on his face, ?So, you punched him WAY to hard. So what?? his brow drew together in thought.
He looked over at Ken who was now listening to his headphones again, ?Have you looked at his face since I slugged him in the face? There isn?t a mark on him? Not a cut, a bruise, not even a damn red mark! I think it would be better to just stay away from him.?
Max realized the look on his friends face was a mix of fright, confusion, and seriousness.
Slowly he nodded, ?Sure man. I?ll stay away from him.?
Ms. White finally brought herself back from her thoughts, looking up to see the two athletes had moved away from Ken.
When she looked back at Ken, he was staring at her. His intense eyes were locked on to her. Feeling like he was peering into her soul, she was shaken for a few seconds till he looked away.
Without a second of hesitation, she dismissed class and began to pack all her belongings up.
She looked up to see Ken walk out of the class. She let out a breath that she hadn?t known she was holding as the young man left the room.
She had a real bad feeling about Ken, and she was going to have to live with him and the two jocks for a long time when they went to find the super fighters.
Ms. White frowned and sighed. She would just have to put up with him.
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Chapter 3: Ride in the Van

It had been three days since the first day in the class, and since then the trip had been set up, preparations made, and supplies readied.
Early that morning, the students met with Ms. White in front of the Pepper University. After a brief check of supplies and conversation, the three men and Ms. White piled into a rented van to take them the way to the airport.
In the three days between then and now, Zander and Max had begun to get along with Ken, with only the occasional backtalk or joke about each other. The two boys had tried to pry as much about Ken out as they could without being to nosey.
Ken slowly opened his eyes, ?Are you sure you don?t have any aspirin or Tylenol?? he said glancing back to see Zander and Max were both still sound asleep.
The van was driving through a tunnel, and had been for the past hour. The gloomy tunnel was only slightly less dark as the sky outside. The moon was full, giving off the sun?s rays over the countryside, while most of the lights in the tunnel were broken or flickered off and on.
Ms. White looked over to her bag, but then had to plaster her eyes back on the road as a sports car zoomed from its lane to the left of the van, across the entire next lane, and into the lane the van was cruising in.
Slamming on the breaks, Rebecca swerved into the lane to the right, honking the whole way.
?Sorry Mr. Kintaro, I can?t look in purse right now. These people are crazy!? She rolled down the window and yelled some inappropriate words at the sports car in front of them that was in the process of weaving its way through the traffic.
She pulled her head back into the van, she blushed as she looked at Ken ?I?m sorry if my language offended you Mr. Kintaro, I forgot I was supposed to be your teacher during this trip and not just another person on the trip.? She spoke while looking at him in the rearview mirror, ?You can come up here and look through my purse and see if you can find any medicine.?
Ken sat up a bit as he unbuckled his seat belt. Carefully, he stepped over the seat and into shotgun.
Grunting while he rubbed his head with one hand, and with the other he rummaged through her purse, ?Please, call me Ken. I don?t much care for my last name Ms. White. And besides, you?re only like, what, 20, 21??
She grinned slightly, ?I?m 20, and call me Rebecca. I don?t care much for my last name either.?
Ken finally found the headache medicine. After taking the small white pills, Ken stood and was about to step back to his seat when a hand touched his arm.
Ken turned, ?I?m getting a little sleepy, could you stay up in the front and talk to me so I don?t fall asleep at the wheel.? Rebecca said with a yawn.
Thinking for a second, Ken sat back down and buckling in. ?So, what do ya wanna talk about?? he said as he propped his pillow against the door and leaned against it.
She turned the steering wheel, pulling into the furthest right lane, ?I don?t know, tell me about yourself. Who your parents are, where you used to live, what kind of hobbies do you have, when were you born, and why you decided to go to Pepper University, anything about yourself.?
Ken began to settle in, ?I?m not exactly the best subject.?
Rebecca slowed down as she came upon a cop car, ?O come on, don?t be so modest, tell me anything and everything.?
Ken shook his head, ? I really have a boring background,? he grinned, ?if I told you about myself, you would most likely be asleep quicker than me not talking to you.?
?Come on, come on,? she said with a grin as she pocked him in the ribs, ?tell me, tell me.?
?Tell me?
?Tell me?
Ms. White jump back, scared by his sudden change in mood.
Ken sat up, ?Look, I. . .?
A bang on the window interrupted him. They looked out the window to see what appeared to be a biker gang riding right next to the van. All of the bikers were swinging clubs or chains over their heads while they made obscene gestures toward Ms. White.
With a scowl on her face, she flipped them the bird, then began to drive faster passed the bikers.
As they pulled onwards, the gangsters caught up with them. With their weapons, they began to beret the van.
Rebecca looked in the rearview mirror, her eyes expanded, ?What the hell??
Ken sat up, ?Damn it! Look what you did!? Ken unbuckled his belt, ?Roll down the your window!? he said the last as he rolled down his window.
?Don?t ask questions! Just do it!?
She hurriedly let down the window as Ken had instructed.
Ken leaned forward, ?Hold on!? he yelled as he pulled the emergency break. The car began to skid and slid as the bikers flew up towards the front of the van.
As they came in line with the windows, Ken pointed his hands out the windows. Then with a strain of his arms, air blew at an increadable rate from his hands, and into the damned gangsters outside the speedy van.
The punks were knocked off their bikes, creating a enormous wreck. Cars slamming on the breaks so not to kill the fallen riders, cars behind them rear ending them, making them run over the riders, and pump into the car in front of them. It was crazy!
As they emerged from the tunnel, Ms. White twisted to look at me, ?What the hell did you do? Who are you?!?
Ken leaned over, lying down against his pillow once more, ?All will be answered in due time.?
Even breathing and a slight snore told Rebecca he had fallen asleep.
Out of the back, Zander leaned into the front, ?Hey, are we almost there, I?m getting bored. Nothing ever happens on the road.?
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Ok, just to let you know, this story is taking place in an alternate dimension. In this dimension, Goku allowed the Z warriors to wish him back to earth after the Cell fight.

He agreed to come back after he realized that, even though many of the bad people that had come to Earth to get him, they would still come even thought he wasn't there. They would still come to hurt him more by hurting his friends and family, and if he wasn't there, he couldn't defend them.

After that, Krillen waited for the dragonballs to reappear, took the dragon radar, found all the balls, and wished for the dragon to take the internal bombs out of her chest and 17's chest. Still having one more wish, he wished Android 17 back to life, thinking 17 and 18 were together.
18 explained that he was just her brother, and Krillen and 18 got married a few years later.

18 convinced 17 to forget his programing and live his life protecting the humans from evil, instead of destroying them.

Chapter 4: Contestants Begin!

After the ride in the van, Rebecca stayed away from Ken as much as possible. The awkwardness really didn?t sink in; Max wasn?t the fastest person in the world, until Ken tried to help her off the plane. He extended his hand, offering to help her down the stairs.

She reached out, but as she touched his skin, Rebecca jerked her hand away from his, shaking as she walked down the stairs without assistance.
Other than that, nothing of importance happened during the flight or when they rented another van to take them to their destination. Capsule Corp.
* * * * * * *
The afternoon sun shone down upon the Capsule Corp. building. The day was warm with a slight breeze, perfect weather for a picnic, which was exactly what the Sons and the Briefs families were doing.

The back of the Capsule Corp. building was alive with action. Vegeta and Goku were in the air, weights on each arm and leg, punching and kicking to fast for the untrained eye to see. Trunks and Goten were taking turns playing a new training game. Right then, Goten generated a small ball of energy and threw it at Trunks, who dodged back and forth as Goten steered the ball towards Trunks as he continued to move away from the ball. The game ended when Trunks, or the ?dodger? is hit by the ?thrower?, who was Goten. The game was to help increase the stamina, speed, agility, and reaction time.

Gohan had been teaching his new girlfriend, Videl, how to fly, but she insisted on helping the other women with the food.

In the air, Vegeta stopped, beads of sweet running down his face as he gasped for air. His eyes shifted over to Goku who was still going at it with his weights.

/I can?t allow Kakarot to be stronger than me! I must surpass him and his half-Saiyan runt-of-a-son, Gohan! I can?t believe he got to the second stage before ME, the prince of all Saiyans! Now a half-Saiyan is the strongest fighter in the universe! Or should I say WAS.?

Vegeta grinned and his eyes narrowed as he took one more long breath. He started his training again, but this time, harder and faster than Goku!

His face twisted into a smug look as he saw the astonishment in Goku?s eyes.

Goku tried and tried, but he just couldn?t keep up with the insane Saiyen.

Stopping for a breath, Goku grinned / O, is that a challenge?/

Readying himself to resume his kata, a red aura flared out around him, ?Kaio Ken!?

His speed and power increased, allowing him to take the advantage over his rival.

Vegeta snarled / Damn that infernal technique! No matter though./

Not skipping a beat, Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyen!

Goku felt Vegeta?s power rise. Knowing he had transformed, Goku also changed, almost automatically.

Felling the rising powers, Gohan glanced up from his science text book, ?What are they doing?? he mumbled, marking his place as he stood to get a better view.

The two Super Saiyans were going all out. They were dead even, punch for punch, kick for kick. Slowly though, Vegeta?s inconstant practice at staying in the Super Saiyan form began to wear him down.

/ No! He can?t . . . wait! I almost forgot!/

Vegeta slowed himself more, consentrating on his task, ?You WILL NOT WIN!? his voice trailed off into a scream as his golden hair began to float up as his aura of gold expanded and intensified.

Gohan?s eyes widened as he recognized the type of power radiating off of Vegeta, ?. . . He . . . He did it. . !?

Vegeta?s hair straightened up even more, his hair breaking into more defined spikes.

?He. . . He has risen to the second level! . . . Super Saiyan 2!? Gohan began to shake, ?He . . . Has surpassed me! His power is greater than mine!?

Vegeta began to kick and punch so fast, Gohan could barely follow his movements!

Goku completely stopped, ?Ve. . . Vegeta! When did this happen!?

Vegeta didn?t halt in his continuous jabs and strikes, ?Whats wrong Kakarott? Can?t keep up!?

His brow furowed in determination, ?I wont give up!? he yelled as, yet again, the red aura erupted around him, ?Super Kaio Ken!?

The red glow around Goku streaked behind him as he moved at his full speed. Goku was keeping pace with Vegeta, till Vegeta started to move faster. Clearly he wasn?t using his full speed till then.

Leaving Goku it his dust, Vegeta?s hands blured, even to Gohan?s eyes!

By now, Trunks and Goten were just staring up at their fathers, mouths hanging open in aw struck silence.

Goku struggled to keep going, all the time, trying to speed up without success. / I don?t want to lose!/

Eyes afire, Goku decided he had to stay even, if not surpass Vegeta, and he could only think of one way to do it. He readied himself again, ?Super Kaio Ken x2!?

Goku began to faze in and out of Gohan?s vision, ?How could they be so strong! I can?t even keep up!?

Then with a final punch from both of the fighters, there was a deafeningly load sound as they broke the sound barrier!

Hearing the sound, the women ran out side, to see what the men were doing and if they were alright. Chi Chi was the first out of the house. She expected to see the men all training, even though they had promised they wouldn?t after a little. . . persuading.

She jumped threw the open door, only to see Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks all lying in the shade of the enormous Oak tree in the back yard.

Chi Chi cast a suspicous glare over the five Saiyan warriors before walking over to Goku?s side. She kneeled, and kissed him on the cheek, ?The food is almost done, so go clean up.? She stood and began to walk away, but turned back with an angry look on her face, ?And Goku? When I say ?clean up?, I don?t mean wiping your hands on your pants, I mean soap and water. We have guests.?

Vegeta opened his eyes, he hadn?t felt anyone come near, but then again, he wasn?t paying much attention to anything but Kakarott. ?Who is here?? he asked, somewhat curious.

Chi Chi, turned to look at the Saiyan prince, ?Um. . . its three boys with their female teacher.? Chi Chi?s face lit up, ?Get this! They are here to do a report for school on you!?

Goku?s mouth opened wide as he looked at Vegeta, ?Wow! They are writing reports about you! I wish they would write one about me!?

Chi Chi smiled, ?No silly, not just Vegeta. All of you.?

:devil: :flaming: READ AND REPLY!:angel: thank you!
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Alright, here is chapter 5. If you've been reading this, you know this is an alternate dimenshion. (if you don't know, go to my last update) Anyways, the last part about krillen wishing the bombs out of the androids, and him wishing android 17 back to life, and about Krillen and 18 being married. No one knows that Krillen has done all this except Master Roshi, and he only knows because they all live on the island with him.
The other fighters don't know because they haven't been to see Krillen or Master Roshi in many, many years, so they don't know about the androids.
This is very important to remember!

Paranoia and Lies
Chapter 5:

Goku scratched his head, a confused look crossed his face, ?Us? I can see why they would write about Vegeta, he?s married to one of the smartest and richest women in the World! Not to mention the fact that he?s an alien!?

Vegeta closed his eyes tight / So strong, yet so Stupid! /

Chi Chi frowned, ?You?re an alien too, you big Oaf!?

?Oh yaaaa!? Goku said, slapping his forehead.

Just then, the other women walked out carrying tons of food (Literally!).

At the rear of the line was a women Goku hadn?t seen before. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Behind her were three boys (at least they were boys compared to Goku. Him being over 40 years old and all).

The first of the ?boys? was about 5feet 8inches tall, his brown hair visibly thick with hair gel, his emerald green eyes matched his, what appeared to be, football letterman?s jacket with a yellow P on it standing for Pepper University.

The second of the ?boys? was talking with the first boy, continuously messing with his hair. He was nervous, even Goten could tell that. His letterman jacket was tied around his waste, the heat had obviously gotten to him already. His Harley Davidson shirt was clinging to his chest, showing his large muscles.

The two were talking, grinning, and laughing together, while their teacher was talking with the women as she laid out the large blanket she had been carrying, but the last ?boy? was walking slowly a ways back, scanning his new surroundings carefully.

His shoulder length black hair was neatly combed and well kept, his icy blue eyes were. . . intense, his extremely baggy clothing made it harder to tell how large he was. He had a golden ring in his left ear and?.

Goku?s brow furrowed in thought, / Where have I seen him before? I know I?ve seen him before. Where?! /

Goku?s eyes grew, he stared at the third boy, ?You!??

* * * * * * *

Ken looked over at Goku, / Damn! He recognized me! /

Ken sprang backwards, white flame-like ki flared around him. In mid-air, he brought his hands over his head, a ball of the same white flame-like energy formed in his hands. The flames churned inside the controlled ball, the flames whipping out, giving it the look of a star or the sun as it grew above the attacker?s head, ?Liquid Flame!?

Throwing his hands forward, the flame leapt from his hands and towards its target. Goku.

As the ball collided with Goku?s outstretched hand, obviously thinking he was strong enough to deflect the ball of ki, and he would have been, IF it was just a ki ball.

The ball of liquid ki slammed into his hand, but as it did, the ball splashed, throwing the liquid power all over Goku. To his surprise, the liquid began to burn him, eating at his shirt and skin like acid. The pain was minimal, the fact that Goku?s powerlevel was easily 40 million over Ken?s made the attack nearly useless.

Not wanting this to last longer than it had to, Goku zanzokened behind Ken, grabbing him in a bear hug, ?How did you get out of hell!? Goku asked, squeezing the young man even harder.

Ken screamed in anguish, ?What?! Hell?! I?ve never been to hell! Who do you think I am?!?

Goku bent over, looking at Ken?s face again, ?Aren?t you Android 17??

Gohan, who was amazed by the events that had just taken place, got a closer look at Ken?s face, ??Ya?he does kinda look like him, but that?s impossible. Right??

?I?m not an Android! I?m a human you idiots!? said the enraged boy.

As soon as Goku let go, Ken spun to look at him.

By then all the people gathered around the warriors. Most of them had seen fighting like this before, but Ms. White, Max, and Zander were in shock.

Zander stepped up to Ken, ?What the hell was that!? he whispered harshly into Kens ear as he looked around at the other people.

Max took a step towards the other two boys, a nervous look etched on his face, ?This is just a guess, but I?d have to say that These are the Super Fighters.?

Vegeta crossed his arms, looking over at Max, ?Super Fighters?? he growled, ?Why must nearly all humans be so ignorant to there power? Everyone should be able to use their ki, like us Saiyans. That is why the humans are regaurded as weak.

?For all humans know, they could be one of the strongest races in the universe, but they would never know it because they don?t know they can use their inner power! And the ones that can are branded as crazy, and thrown into a place with truly insane people to rot!? Vegeta snorted, ?And you wonder why I was going to destroy this world.?

Bulma slapped Vegeta in the back of the head, silencing the noble Saiyan prince.

Max shook his head, ?What? Ki? Inner power? Saiyans? And what the heck do you mean by ?weak?!? Max glared at Vegeta, ?Why don?t you come see how ?weak? this human is.?

Vegeta stepped over to Max, looking dead on into his eyes. Vegeta used the most terrible glare he had, but the look didn?t even shake Max.

The first to break eye contact, Vegeta smirked, ?You have guts kid. Your stupid as hell to challenge me, but when you got what you asked for you stood your ground. That?s more than I can say for the other earthlings I know.? Vegeta smacked Max on the back, very, very lightly, ?I think you are the first earthling to earn any kind of respect from me, boy.?

Vegeta stepped back to Bulma.

?Again with the earthling thing! You?re an earthling to, so stop talking like that.? All Vegeta did was unwrap his tail from around his waste and wave it in front of his face before Max?s eyes expanded, ? You aren?t human, are you??

Trunks stepped in front of his dad, ?Can we talk later!? I?m hungry!!?
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