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I've decided to make a new banner, well, just for fun.
The image is kinda messed, but I hope this is okay for the banner.
Also, i put fireflies in the background just to make it look nice.
I think the border is noticable....maybe not. o_O...not sure.

I'm really not using this banner, so whoever wants it just PM me.
Comments, advice, or whatever you want to say for the banner is very much welcome.
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That's really good! I like it! I especially like the glowing dots, I think that looks cool ( i can't tell if it's stars or snow or neither). But, if it's a banner, you need to make it smaller. The maximum dimentions are 500X100. Seeing as your picture is almost square, I would suggest making it 300X100. but I really like it ^_^! good job! 7/10
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