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Ok...This is gunna make 9 RPGs that im in...damn!!!!
Please someone hit me over the head with a bat before i start this one...
*lands on floor with seering pain through head*
I dont think it worked though...
*jumps up and grabbs bat from ErinZyger, and whacks her with it...*
*goes back to typing...*

In a world where a musical performance is a nessesity, no one would ever expect that they would be cast into an infanent silence. The problem with this is that the demmension lives off the sound of music. And without the sounds, the world would burn in a horrible hell. Everyone and everything would die. The four instraments of Car'e--the saxaphone Torris, the flute Kane, the drum Taorii and the guitar Laki--have the power to obtain thier beholders abilaties to stop the world from the death that is assured for it.
The four Instraments of Car'e need to be brought together from the four corners of the demension and compleat the musical performance, the Song of Destiny, before time runs out. But they also need to find Tradeon, the composer that'll unlock the Instraments of Car'e. Hes the only on that can change them from reagular instraments, back to the Instraments of Car'e. They have to find their way through his temple and reach him in time......
The saxaphone Torris, lies in the south west with a young man...the flute Kane, lies in the south east with a girl...the drum Taorii, in the north west with another girl, and the guitar Laki, with a young girl in the north east.[I'll get a map scanned sometime]
Now the four must come togeather to save their homeland...
Sine Up:



Instrament: (if your one of the four...A guy in the south west with Torris[sax] A guy in the north east with Laki[guitar] A girl in south east with Kane[Flute] A girl in north west with Taorii[drum]) (the two in the east are a musical pair and the two in the west are a musical pair)



Bio: (how your charecter found out they had an Instrament of Car'e and a little light on your charechter)


Name:Arunue Kalamara


Instrament: Kane[flute] in the south east

Description:5'9"...short red and black hair...white bandana...Red trench coat...white tanktop shirt...black, fingerless gloves...black, loose, jean pants...3 buckle knee boots...

Personality:Self centered and arogent usually seen hanging around dark places...the only brighting thing about her is her uncany abilaty to play the flute...other than that shes a total loner

Bio:Learned of her flute's abilaties when she was young and she had put it out of her mind. She lived mainly a normal life exept she lived with her big brother for as long as she could remember. he had actually given her the flute and had been playing ever sence. When her brother was assasinated she stoped talking. The only way she expresed herself was by drawing and playing her flute. She played for hours on end, morning to evining and thats when she heard about her flute from a travler...and she listened to him in sorrow for her brother...when the travler had told her about Kane and the other Instraments of Car'e, she travled north to the opposit corner of her world. There she met A young man, she then realized he had Laki and imeadietly remembered the travler and the stories he told of Kane and Laki playing a duet to hold the souls to the heavens and keep them off earth hundrends of years ago. She sort of hinted at him holding the legendary Laki and then left him to sort it out himself. She sort of liked him and knew they would have to use that aliance later...and the music that she made with kane...in morn for her brother...was...just...undiscribably...beautifull...


Ok...I need the holder of Laki[giutar]...The holder of Torris[sax]...and the holder of Taorii[drum]...also try to remember your instraments name...and every good story has a bad guy...right?...thankz
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Name: Naju Kikara

Age: 13

Instrament: Laki (guitar)

Description: Naju has spiked black hair, she wears black baggy pants, twin Chinese necklaces (one red, one tan) with Chinese writing on the beads, and a 3/4-sleeved shirt with baggy sleeves. She secretly wears a dagger on each arm under the sleeves, even though weapons were outlawed in her part of the demension.

Personality: A shadowy character that rarely speaks and only speaks to make wise cracks or advise. She will go to any length to make sure her friends remain safe.

Bio: Naju inherited Laki, the guitar, when she was born. She started playing at two and has baffled listeners with the sweet sound it can produce when used to its fullest. She has lived in the same spot all her life and has never been outside of her village. When her parents abandoned her and her older brother Rotcetorp (row-t-keh-torp), they soon lost the house and continued their lives on the streets. Naju's village was small and poor, so no one shared anything with one another. So, naturally, they ignored the five year old and ten year old on the street corner. This being the case, Rotcetorp stole food from the market and taught Naju to do the same. But, when Rotcetorp was caught one time, he was sentenced to death. Naju can still remember how he always went to any length to make sure she was ok, so she decided to do the same to her friends, in his memory.

I hope its ok ^_^"!
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Name: Kai Tsune (Kay)

Age: 15

Instrament: Taorii [Drum] (Yay!) North West

Description:She is 5'6 and has dark blue eyes and gold hair that spikes a bit in the front. She wears a dark green shirt that cuts down a bit with a black shirt under neath. She has a black belt with a back on the side and dark green baggy pants.

Personality: She is very headstrong and hates to give in to anyone or anything. She is carefree and likes to joke alot and bringing her down is a great challenge. She cares for her friends very much and trys to never let anyone down

Bio: Kai wanted to play an instrument ever sence she was a little kid. At first she played clarinet, but really hated it. She learned how to play the drum (percussion) when she was 10 and advanced to the top very quickly. She found the marching tenor drums that she plays now in an old ally. She is an orphan so she would have to practice at the orphanage. She eventually drove the owner crazy and she was kicked out when she was 13. She traveled around and played her drum on the streets for money. One time, instead of money being thrown into the tray she found a note that told her that her drum was Taorii, part of the instruments of Car'e. It told of the other instruments and where they were located. Not having anything better to do, she decided to head out and look for the other instruments and soon found that they were owned by other great players.
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Name:Zakoji Harutomo



Description:about 5'9 tall. Brown slightly spiked hair.He usually wears a white shirt, and a blue over-shirt, and blue jeans.

Personality:a happy go lucky guy with such a carefree atitude that he barely cares about anything. Also probably the laziest person alive.

Bio: Had a strange dream that stayed vivid inhis mind, he realised dreams don't do that so there must be truth to It. His Sax that his misterious uncle had given him he now new what its purpose was. Living by himself he decided he mst take on this quest.
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