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Neo NnM

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A dying planet forces its inhabitants to search for a new livable planet. They start a project named Pioneer Project to send unmanned probes into deep space to search for a new planet. A probe sends back information of a possible planet and they named it Ragol. They launch a large scaled interstellar transport ship called Pioneer 1 to set up a colony on Ragol. Pioneer 1 confirms that Ragol is livable and sets up Central Dome. Seven years later Pioneer 2 reaches orbit of Ragol and open communications with Central Dome. At that moment a large explosion occurs and all contact with the men and women of Pioneer one is lost. What exactly happened on Ragol?

I don't always have the time to check and post or pm alot so I'll just list the way to get your types.(and only the ones from the episode 1 and 2 games)

HUcast - Hunter + Android + Male
HUcaseal - Hunter + Android + Female
HUmar - Hunter + Human + Male
HUnewearl - Hunter + Newman + Female

RAmar - Ranger + Human + Male
RAmarl - Ranger + Human + Female
RAcast - Ranger + Android + Male
RAcaseal - Ranger + Android + Female

FOmarl - Force + Human + Female
FOnewm - Force + Human + Male
FOnewearl - Force + Newman + Female
FOmar - Force + Human + Female
If you pick a HU then pick a sword or blade like weopon,if you pick a RA then pick a gun type weopon,and if you pick a FO then pick a staff type weopon.{and note if you don't know any pso weopons please pm me for a list of some names of weaopons.}

Weopon:(pso weopons only)
Apperance:(picture allowed)
Description: (mood)
Bio:(past of your char.)
Heres mine

Weopon:Brand +30
Appernce:Brown hair, blue eyes and brown and black clothing.6'1''
Description:Silent and calm,Hard headed.
Bio:A very dark and unknowen past that not even the Princable of Pioneer 2 knows.He lived on the dieing planet for 9 years and left for the seven year trip to ragol with out any knowlege to whats to come.
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Type:HUcaseal - Hunter + Android + Female
Weopon:Bloody art +42
Description: Mostly happy and enraged, Can be mornful (not likely HA HA)
Bio: She dose not remember much about her creator. She was built to destroy and built so well many mistake her for human. She has the same grim expression day after day. The thing she loves the most is when she kills she dose not feal the things most humans feal later on...regret.
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Weopon:Twin psychogun
Apperance:looks like chi from chobits.
Description: Happy ,childish
Bio: She was shut off for the whole trip to ragol and in the prossece her meamory was earsed.she can only say chi and mimics what others do alot,but every once in a wial her incripted programing will slip out and she will act with great power and smarts.
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I'm going to start this now so I don't end up forgeting about it,but I'll still be excepting entries for this rpg.So if you want to join ether post here or pm me.also pm me if you have any questions about joining this thing.[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?threadid=34006]PSO Revalution:Episode 1[/URL]
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