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Neo NnM

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Three hundred years ago the sorcerer Kalutika Maybus seal a vampire of great power in limbo after killing his fiancee.For centuriers,the vampire's mind calculated revenge while his body slumbers...until now.A band of spiritual investigators has inadvertently broken the seal that binds him,and the vampire has been released.

A lot has changed since the 17th century.Carriages have been replaced by cars, the internet connects the world, and vampires have become the stuff of legands.But beeneath the veneer of tecnology, amgic and religion still reign surpreme.Kalutika is the most powerful person in the world, although few actually know he exist.Prophecy fortold that Kalutika would destroy the Earth.

Group name: Angels
Types of Angels: Fallen, Light, Dead, Fire, Water, Earth, Air.
Spell types: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Holy.
Gate and Aura types: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Blade, Holy.
Weapon types: blades of any type.

Group name: Human
Types of Humans: Monk, Fighter, Psychic, Witch, Hunter.
Spell types: Light, Dark, Holy, Evil, Water, Fire, Earth, Air.
Gate and Aura types: Light, Dark, Holy, Evil, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Blade, Gun, Moon, Star.
Weapon types: Blades, Guns, and Bombs of any type

Group name: Undead
Types of Undead: Demon, Vampire, Ware Wolf.
Spell types: Light, Dark, Evil, Fire, Water, Earth, Air.
Gate and Aura types: Light, Dark, Evil, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Blade, Moon, Star.
Weapon types: Swords and laser blades of any type.

Those are the groups and what types of things they can have

Char. name:
Group name: (Undead, Human, or Angel.)
Type: (One of the types that are listed for the group u picked.)
Spell LvL 1: (Weakest attack.)
Spell LvL 2:
Spell LvL 3:
Spell LvL 4:
Spell LvL 5: (Most powerful attack.)
Gate type: (This is like a summon of greater power.)
Aura type: (A aura is basicly a shield.)
Weapon: (Please stick to ur groups weapon types.)
Description: (What they ware how they look.)

Please stick to the types under the group u selected for the Spells, Gate, and Aura.

Char. name: Ace
Male/Female: Male
Age: 17
Group name: Human
Type: Fighter
Spell LvL 1: Flame Katari
Spell LvL 2: Artic Wind
Spell LvL 3: Comet Smash
Spell LvL 4: Darkness Rain
Spell LvL 5: Wind Souls
Gate type: Moon
Aura type: Air
Weapon: Electro sword
Description: Wares a red and black armor,helmet,and gloves and a old woren out cape,has silver hair.
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Char. name: Kakeo
Group name: Human
Type: Psychic
Spell LvL 1: Star light blaster
Spell LvL 2: Moon light blaster
Spell LvL 3: Luner eclipse
Spell LvL 4: Solor eclipse
Spell LvL 5: Gracful Light
Gate type: Holy
Aura type: Holy
Weapon: Spirit sword
Description: Like Chi from Chobits but with brown hair instead of white.
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