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Krillin:Helllllllloooooo everybody welcome back to todays issue of Otakus Daily News!!! With your host KRILLLLLLENNNNNN!!!!

Well it looks like the dating game extreme has finally taken its last breath by barley making it to 4000 posts. I myslef do not know what happened but rumor has it that it was slowing down the otaku and we had to get rif of it.

There is a new fun Play along RPG that has to do with [URL=http://s=&threadid=3492]Dragon Warrior ODD Day[/URL]
Where you post 1 sentence and it goes on and on and on.

Another thing that comes to mind today is all of those lost rpgs like [URL=http://s=&threadid=2268]Tower Of Fangs[/URL] and the almighty War games that I reccomend you join because those are the original my friend!

Also I dont think People heard me out on the last issue of daily otaku because There is a thread where you can request Rpgs that youve always wanted to do so go check it out guys......for me?:(

Well have fun today guys I will see you later and I will also announce Names of the people who just reach their 250 mark, 500, or 1000 mark, those of 2000 will be in the hall of fame Posters Monthly thread which is soon to come.

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