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Well...for one thing...zsade is "sword" in my language...and this is gunna make 11 RPGs...

A long time ago...years and years and hundreds of thousands of years ago...there was a young man...he was called Zsaed, which is his languages word for "sword". Zsade was in his nations army for a year of two and they were already going off to war. The Namerik were trying to take over their lands. In the muck of the blood flying, the men dieing, the sloughter...Zsade was head on head with the Namerik Army leader...and he was undefeatable. The gauntlents on his hands could control any of the four elements...earth wind water and fire. Supprisingly, Zsade was able to defeat him before he could use his gauntlents. There was something about his sword. It glowed with the power of Allah, the god whom made it and was powerfull enough to defeat him quick. But as the leader fell, his sword came down upon Zsade and killed him.
Allah had made the sword for the soul perpose of defeating the leader of the Namerik Army and as soon as its mission was fufilled, it split into 4 diferent daggers and went to the four corners of the map.
So you would think thats it right? Thats all thats in the story, right? Nothing more happened , right?!?!?Wrong. Well, 500 years later, the Namerik leader came back...yes...back...and hes meaner...badder...and he just flew in from hell! Well now 4 teenagers...two girls two guys...

Well...no deatail but that makes your part more interesting...gives you more flexibilaty in your writing^_^...I know...im nice...

[U]The Sign Up[/U]





Bio: (how your charecter came to find they were destined to find the four daggers, how they found out about the daggers, and how they found out about the world about to come to an end...)


Name:Shori Lakuma [female]


Description:Light white mucsle shirt, under a black trench coat, just about under her knees, black boots up to her knees, alittle covered by her coat, short strait black hair and leather, mesh covered gloves.

Personality:mood swings? yeah...

Bio:Shori had been given her dagger by her brother whom she had looked up to verry much. When he had died she never touched the dagger again and stored it away. She lived in her brother's dojo for years alone when finally someone came for her. His name was Guile Natuu. He had been a colector of sorts and came across twin daggers at an antique shop. They caught his intrest and he was told thier were four of them but not the storry behind them. So he started colecting and knew her brother had one so came to offer money for it.
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Name: Chinirou

Age: 13

Description: Standing at 5'1", Chinirou has red and black hair and wears baggy black pants and a 3/4-sleeve shirt (baggy sleeves). She always wears twin necklaces that have Chinese writing on them and one is red and one is tan. She hides her dagger under her left sleeve so that she can grab it quickly when the time comes.

Personality: Chinirou is a shadowy character who rarely speaks and only speaks to make a wise crack or to give advise. She's very determined and cares much about her friends.

Bio: Chinirou's parents died when her and her four sisters were still very young, so they went to live whith her grandparents. Chinirou had always been the outcast among her sisters. For one, she's the yougest. Also, three of her sisters are triplets, the prettiest girls in the town, and her oldest sister is the most perfect person anyone will ever meet. The first time Chinirou ever even knew about the dagger that had been sent to this part of her world, was when her grandfather told her the destiny that had been laid out for her. He had called her down from her bed one night, and once she was down, he handed her the most beautiful dagger she'd ever seen. the only problem was that it looked like a peice of a sword that had been loosely attached to a handle. It didn't even look like the maker tried to shape the end to fit into the handle. Still, it was beautiful. She wondered why her grandfather gave it to her over her sisters. He told her the story and how she was the only one the dagger reacted for. She grabbed the handle and the blade glew and ancent writing she couldn't read appeared on it. According to her grandfather, this ment the sword had chosen her to take it to it's other parts and save their world before it's too late.

Hope it's ok ^_^".
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