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Okay this is my first time making an rpg, so bear with me on the mistakes.
The story will go like this, you pick your side of this little rebellion, part of the Boxers, or the Europeans who they were fighting off basically.
Here is what I want:
Loyalty: (To the Europeans or the Boxers)
Rank: if possible
Any other weapons:
And if possible a picture of what you want your charecter to look like.
Other than that it is pretty open. I will appreciate anyones help and information if I have missed anything or gotten something wrong.

Here is mine
Name: Qua Sing
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Loyalty: Boxers
Rank: N/A
Bio: He is a loyal man who believes in his home and government, until he realizes that the government a his home are being slowly invaded. He immediately develops a dislike of the invaders and despretly tries to find a way to fight for his home. He finds himself a contigency of loyalists and they begin to plan a revolt.

Personality: He is a quiet man, who, when when angered will fight for whathe believes in. Qua is a fierce protector who would give his life for a friend. When he believes in something, he never gives up on it.

Weapons: Th only weapon he has, beside his armbands that are lined with small blades, is the sword his father gave to him. It is an assasins blade forged from the strongest steel. It has a large red band that says "Freedom Forever.
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