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Anyu WhiteWolf

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Millions of years ago, in a land called by the dragons as Yoki, there was an ancient stone that could grant the any one wish that the beholder well...wished...This was called the Healing Stone, as the creators of the stone, who's names are no longer remembered, had entendid this stone for only good things. There was a vast story behind the stone's history, but sadly was lost with the dragons that created it. This was once called the Dragon's Legacy...
Now, millions of years later, a mixed breed dragon called Miriki, calls upon her three friend for thier weekly lecture on thier history...and...they don't really seem to care.

okay guys this is supposed to be an alternate rpg, meaning its a comedy sort of thing. so...um...what we need are 3 friends and an intollerable teacher...plus...a bad guy would be nice too....maybe idiot side kick to kick around...
If your the lecurer then youcan make opthe Dragon's legacy and teach your stubborn students about it...
If your the bad guy you might want to seperatly post your own side of the story up untill you meet the main charachters.

Heres the sign up
Age: (Between 19 and 25)
Weapon: (anything goes except for things that can blow up the planet...)
Apperance: (has to be a demon or a mutant[dragon or mixed breed animals])
Charachter: (one of the friends, bad dude, sidekick, stubborn lecturer)

Heres Mine

Name: Miriki Shurii
Age: 20
Weapon: A shotgun and a brick
Attitude: headstrong and arogent. Does only what she wants. Doesn't put up with any crud. Persistant and always follows her dreams.Basicly a punk who would crack a joke...or jaw..whenever she could.
Appearance: A mix breed between a Wolf demon and a dragon. the ears of a wolf tail of a dragon, can breath fire, has wings, pure white fur and scales. White long hair.
Bio: Miriki's Father and mother were killed by assasins as they were profesional Mrtial Artists that had killed many people in thier past in serch of the Healing Stone, witch Miriki only knows about because of her teacher.

odtay the first 3 friends stay and the first one to propose to be the bad guy or the idiot sidekick stay, and please, I don't want an all girls club, i need a guy in my group of 3 friends.
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Name: Tsimoru

Age: 19

Weapon: Two short-blade swords that are crossed on his back. Other than that, his skill in hand combat.

Attitude: He's a shadowy character who is quick witted and knows what to say, when to say it, and what to do in most situations. He is determined to reach his goal and has no ties to anyone, since he has no one to make ties to.

Apperance: He is a mix of a dragon and human. Dragon form: white scales, thin, wavy body, bluish-green mane that forms a line that goes to just below his neck and the same hair on the tip of his tail. Human form: White hair, black pull-over robe, black pants and no shirt. (and his weapons on his back)

Bio: Tsimoru does not like to talk about his past, since he has had a rough one. His parents abadoned him and his older sister, who raise him. But she was assasinated when he was just turning 13, and left him to fend for himself. Soon, Tsimoru decided he needed something to get his mind off his self-pity because it showed weakness. So he decided to prove that he was NOT weak and dominate everyone to prove it.

Character: The evil concorer(sp?).
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