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Anime GotFF - Best Buy?


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Earlier this week I purchased the Grave of the Fireflies DVD. There goes my X-Mas present.

I would definately have to say the movie is the best movie I have ever seen. Ever.

But, I'll probably only watch it maybe once more in my lifetime (It's Very Depressing). Now me and me brother consider this one of the best purchases we've ever made, but my friends disagree, saying it's a waste of money if I'm never going to watch it again (Then again, they haven't seen it yet).

Now, that doesn't really change my mind about the purchase much, but I'm wondering what other people think.

So, do you guys (and gals) think this was a good buy, or do you agree with my friends in that it was a waste of [my parents] money (Please give your opinion even if you haven't seen it)?

And, have you ever bought an anime and felt the same way about it as I do with GotFF? :D
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[color=silver][font=times new roman][b]Well I havent seen Grave yet (Though ive heard from many ppl its excellent) I have the same sorta feelings towards the Evangelion series and movies that I bought. They are very much worth the price and an excellent anime series, But...I can only watch them about once a year if that because there just so damn depressing.

So yeah just cause you cant watch a movie or series because its so emotionally powerful definetly doesnt mean it isnt worth your money.[/color][/font][/b]
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Yes, I have not seen Grave of the Fireflies, but I've read in reviews that it is an excellent and very recommended anime.

I felt this exact same way when I saw Voices From a Distant Star. It is such a sad story that whenever I see the DVD, I just remember it and think that I would see it again, but it's just so sad.

I get the same feeling with Evangelion as Arkadyz
also said. To me, it's just depressing how it all ends and how much Shinji suffers throuout the series.

I beleive that this is what makes these kind of show so interesting and worth the money and the time to enjoy them.
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I saw Grave of the Fireflies, because my local library had a copy of it, and i was just getting into the anime thing. I saw an anime looking cover and said to myself "oh this must be good", and rented it. All i can say is, that it is one of the only movies i have ever cried at. I mean really cried. Yes, it was depressing, but the story touched me so much. it was so moving. I would have to say it was a great buy, and i wish i had enough money to buy it, but even if i did, i would just cry again, even though i know what will happen. Maybe it was because we were learning about Eastern Asia history at the time, like reading about the wars and all the stuff that goes along with them. I just thought it was a really moving movie.
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