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Gaming Serious Medal of Honor question


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Ok, so I'm a fan of the Medal of Honor games on playstation. If you've never played them its just a first person shooter set during WWII. In the newest game, Rising Sun, you play in the war against Japan. I started to think about it because Playstation is Japanese creation, but basically do you think that Japanese people knw about the game? MOH is made by an American developer and I'm almost certain that they will never market the game in Japan, but essentially you are killing "Japs" and could be demonizing the Japanese. I don't think that it was anyones intention to paint the Japanese in a bad light, but they are a classic game enemy in MOH, and could be thought of that way.

So if there are Gamers in the states that love imports, could there be Japanese gamers looking to play MOH? Wouldn't it be weird to play a game where the goal is to kill soldiers of your country? I think with all of the PS2 owners there has got to be someone in Japan who will have played this game.

Weird idea, but a great game...you can unlock interviews with real WWII vets for each mission, its very touching.

What do you all think?, sorry its not just a question about needing in-game help or something.
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[size=1] Yeah there very well could be Japanese people that are looking to play the game or may already have played the game. I'm not sure if the game has been made as a Japanese version but it may well happen. This game could get a bad rating by the Japanse but then again they may not be bothered. Although this type of thing has happened before, because in Conflict Desert Storm 1 and 2 you are Americans or British and you go to places like Iraq and kill people there, this could be classed as a racist game but then it depends whether the people playing it would find it racist or not. I'm not really sure about MOH though, I don't know if Japanese will favour this game, but who knows. [/size]
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