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    Writing sCRYed manga vs. anime

    Hey is anybody out there reading the sCRYed manga or watching the anime? I have just become a huge fan of the manga. Its slightly X-men like, with humans born with super powers (alters) and has really cool character designs. The anime is a lot cheesier than the manga so personally I would suggest reading it first and not buying the anime. There are three volumes out now so far and I'm just itching for more. What do you guys think of it? and are there other series' that you really like the manga better than the anime? Satan665
  2. satan665

    The Crow

    Theres actually four Crow movies out there now, the last two were direct to video. The most recent with Furlong I can only imagine was utterly bad. The third movie had some guy who had the crow makeup as a burn scar on his face, and had Kirsten Dunst in it. It was one of the worst movies I have ever rented. Basically only the first film was any good. The second movie had the crows flying through the bad guy in the end, and overall the movie was ok but not really anything great. Compared to the original it was pretty weak.
  3. satan665

    Gaming Soul Calibur III

    [QUOTE=RiflesAtRecess][font=trebuchet ms]Ok, I've played this game nonstop for a week, ignoring homework and social life to do so. The English voiceovers are horrible. After the first two days I switched the language to Japanese and was much happier. Xianghua has been taking steroids since SCII, while some of the more broken characters like Talim and Ivy have been toned down. I'm disappointed with Talim now, until I decide to get used to her new moves. Ivy's good moves are harder to do, but they make more sense. Kilik is a lot better in this game, as if he wasn't n00btastic enough in the last game. I hate what they did with Maxi's jumping attack, they stuck it right in the middle of his combos so your opponent can sidestep and watch you dive off the cliff. Fun. Some characters, like Cassandra, were barely changed, which is fine with me. I'm disappointed with how few moves Tira has, and her lack of speed doesn't help. Her moves seem to be interrupted constantly; I'd rather play as Seigfried or Nightmare, who feel faster this time around. At least Tira can juggle you right out of the ring when things go well. Setsuka and Zsalamel are awesome, though. I was pretty sure I wouldn't like Setsuka until I bought the game and lost to her some fourty times before I decided to quit and play the game as her. She was the first character I beat the game with. Zasalamel's moves are just plain awesome and well-balanced, I like him. I have not bothered to play Chronicles yet, as I decided to wait to get good weapons and cool stuff to make characters out of. I keep hearing that it's next to impossible, so I guess it's good that I waited anyways. Making your own characters is fun, what's better is making characters based off of your friends, having the real person come over, and you kicking their *** with him/her. Overall, it's a fun game, but a few of the changes made me mad. I'm not sure if I can really say I like it better than SCII, especially since I know that game like the back of my hand.[/font][/QUOTE] I finished the Chronicles mode a little while ago, and it wasn't really that hard except for a few parts that were nearly impossible. A little bit of luck can go a long way. Theres also a super cheap move that you can use repeatedly with the Iron Sword move set, but I won't spoil it if you don't already know it since its kinda no fun. So far I've only managed to beat the story mode all the way through night terror with Kilik, who I have almost his whole moveset down. It took me a long time though since dying once is pretty easy to do. I still haven't beaten Amy, but I beat the shop girls and most of the other unlockable side characters. I think Chronicles is really fun, it unlocks a ton of costume parts and also gives you a good reason to play your created characters. The actual strategy part is pretty weak, but it is what it is. I just got the Type X-parts that let you build Kos-Mos, though I'm not sure why I wanted to :)
  4. satan665

    Gaming Indigo Prophecy

    This is a game that came out very recently, and I had been excited about it since I'd heard about it. I believe it had been out originally as a PC game called fahrenheit. Basically the game is a concept game, where the developers were trying to make a videogame more interactive, and more cinematic. It actually plays out a lot like a choose your own adventure book, and you can make alot of choices that affect the ending of the game. I like it a lot. The very beginning of the game has your main character in a trance sitting in a bathroom stall, you amble out and stab some guy and kill him. You "wake up" out of the trance and take control of the character. Now you get to decide what to do, whether you cleanup the blood and hide the body, or just run out. You can interact with nearly everything significant in the room. Eventually the game goes dual screen and you can see a police officer in the cafe getting up to head to the bathroom. After you escape, you end up taking control of the police investigating the murder. The remainder of the game basically has you playing the murderer and the police trying to seperately figure out what is going on. The gameplay is pretty minimal, I believe the idea is to make it playable for casual and non-gamers. The action scenes consist of either alternately pressing L1 and R1 (PS2) for running parts, or for the more complex scenes you have to move the analog sticks with the correct timing. Your characters mental health also comes into play, and things that happen during the game will cause your mental status to go up and down. Your character looks different if he gets really depressed, and I believe you might commit suicide if you let it go down all the way. I am really happy with it at $40, but one playthrough doesn't take very long, so unless you think you would really like it its probably a solid rental. There is tons of replay value to get different endings and trying different responses. Really it is successfully a very diferent gaming experience and I think they pulled it off well.
  5. satan665

    Gaming The Evil Monopoly That Is EA

    I could have been OK with EA buying ou the NFL franchise if they didn't get really lazy with Madden 2006. There are a lot of fundamental problems with the game that just smack of laziness and rushed deadlines. If you never play the football games, one example is that punt returning is completely impossible in the current game. Your teammates simply do not block for you. This is something that worked fine in Madden 2004, so there really is no excuse for getting it wrong. There are lots of other examples from the game but I won't bore you with them. Basically EA can put out roster updates for a while with all of their exclusive lisences now. Hopefully this laziness doesn't end up going further than sports games.
  6. satan665

    Gaming Wii

    [quote name='Warmaster']Well, I tend to get excited about *good* games or *fun* games much more readily than I do about *different* games. Donkey Konga is different, but I'd be lying if I said I think it was worth paying for Bongo Drums to play it. That's personal preference, but currently there isn't even anything to apply personal preference TO. When there is, Revolution's controller can be discussed on a more meaningful level than it is now.[/quote] I feel the same way, they have to be good as well and not just a new direction. Since they altered the hardware itself though, its possible that nearly all of the Revolutions games will be unique because of the new control system. Hopefully games won't fall back on the traditional shell too often. If they take a game we can pretty safely assume will be good like Metroid Prime, add a unique gameplay system with the controller and you get the best of both worlds. A game (hypothetical) like virtual janitor where the controller gimick working like a mop or a broom would get old really fast.
  7. satan665

    Gaming Next Generation Consoles

    Let me make some predictions now that we've seen the big three consoles and what they are planning. 1) Console gamers are still going to be predominantly not playing online games. It was true for this generation of games, and I bet that they don't really make that much headway. 2) There isn't going to be a big crowd of traditionally "non-gamer" people buying games and consoles. I think having a PS2 or an Xbox that was a DVD player was a reason for people to buy consoles, and attracted more people. There is not really a similar thing in the new PS3, XBox360 lineup. I'm also guessing that the Revolution will be more of a fun new gaming experience for current gamers than it will be some break in point for people not interested in games currently. 3) Xbox isn't going to make significant headway in the Japanese market. I think they can be a strong system without it, but there is little reason for Japanese gamers to be excited about XBox over PS3. 4)PS3 isn't going to sell as well as PS2 did. The DVD player idea above will be a major factor, and I think also price. Whether or not this will be a trend for all systems I have no idea.
  8. satan665

    Gaming Wii

    [QUOTE=Athrun Zula][SIZE=2]Honestly, I don't think you need to worry. Nintendo will be producing a "traditional" shell for the controller, as indicated by others here. they wont the closest thing is a a joy stick connector [/SIZE][/QUOTE] We'll just have to keep a box of controller parts next to our Nintendos, and build our controller based on the game. I actually have a hard time imagining all these different controller attachments. Do you figure on having the regular remote control style one, the left hand analog stick and the "classic" controller? Will developers choose to make their own attachments? It should be interesting.
  9. satan665

    Gaming Ultimate Spider-Man

    I'm thinking that this one is going to be a rental. I actually really like the Ultimate Spiderman comic, so hopefully the writing from that comic translates through to the game. I have never played the movie-based games, so maybe I won't mind if its a dumbed down version. I would think its better to have an original game than one based on a movie, mostly because you won't know whats going to happen next.
  10. satan665

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Nice, I ordered me a copy for Lik-Sang and just have to wait forever to watch it now. This is me dodging any and all spoilers ;) I know that it will be nothing short of completely awesome for any FF7 fan, I just can't wait until I see some of teh battles from the trailers borne out as extended and complete scenes. Awesome Unicron avatar by the way!
  11. satan665

    Gaming Best puzzles in a game

    [quote name='Killer7']Personally I like the puzzles in the original Prince of Persia. With all the crate and key puzzles, adventure games were starting to get boring. POP had puzzles based on physics and acrobatics, you actually felt you were doing something everytime you solved a puzzle, and of course it is always fun to slide down banisters and walk on walls.[/quote] I agree totally here. Prince of Persia has awesome puzzles that were just tricky enough. Some of them took a while to figure out, but it was really fun to figure them out and never very frustrating. Plus the whole reverse time thing where you can back up and re-try a failed jump is amazing. That has to be the best platformer and puzzle game so far.
  12. satan665

    Gaming Madden NFL 06

    I didn't like at all the Mansion stuff in 2K5. It took too long to build up points and there was very little reason to want to decorate the place. I just didn't care about it. Oh, and I might have misread a few of you guys but PS2 has always had the ESPN games, its not just on Xbox or anything. Also I'm not sure what the Dolphins have to do with Bledsoe expect that now they won't have to play against him twice a year. He was a really terrible quarterback for the Bills in everything except the first year. Maybe Parcells can turn him around, but Buffalo is glad to see him gone even if he plays well elsewhere.
  13. satan665

    Gaming Madden NFL 06

    I have mixed feelings about the new game coming out. I had been a strong Madden follower from 2002-2004, but decided to get ESPN2K5 last year since it was cheaper and got just as good reviews. I really liked it even though there was a big learning curve after stepping away from Madden. I'm still kinda pissed about EA getting the exclusive lisence and might pass on Madden '06. Its a tough call though, the new Bills team is calling out to me now that they got rid of Suck Bledsoe. Of course, trading him was always the first move I made with a new franchise. We'll see I guess.
  14. satan665

    Gaming Best RPG of 2004

    [QUOTE=Sage]I'm sorry, but you aren't getting FFXII this year. The Japanese release date announced at the Square-Enix Party just this weekend is 16th March 2006, so it'll probably hit US by summer and us poor wee Europeans in fall that year. Long wait, sigh... :sweat:[/QUOTE] The PS3 is going to make it out before FFXII!! man I'm so pissed. I thought it was coming in December.
  15. satan665

    Gaming Best RPG of 2004

    I'm going to go with Shin Megami Tensei myself, but in the poll its pretty much just pitting it against Tales of Symphonia as the only other one I have played. I thought "Tales" was good, but it was pretty much just a big cliche RPG game. The story is interesting until you figure it all out, then its pretty forgetable. SMT wasn't the best RPG for the system in my opinion, but the story was very cool and that can make up for a lot. Collecting demons is really fun, and keeps the battles from feeling too repetitive.
  16. satan665

    Gaming Game Controversy

    Basically the "sex" in GTA served to bring to attention the problems inherent with the ESRB. It makes sense that they should pull the code from the game, whether or not I actually think it should be AO. Thats getting done, but is separate from the issue of how effective the ESRB is. I think that the news channels have ran with the story a little bit, and brought out the old debate of whether or not games influence kids badly. Its just as stupid as it was when they put an explicit lyrics tag on one of Frank Zappa's albums that was all instrumental. Overall I agree that this current attempt at games legislation (or whatever) is OK. Joe Lieberman and Tipper Gore are the tool politicians you have to worry about when it comes to censorship moreso than this lot headed by Clinton.
  17. satan665

    Gaming Game Controversy

    [QUOTE=Generic NPC #3] To expect these people to play through every title end to end is ridiculous. It is--and I think [i]should[/i] be--the job of the developers to adequately answer these questions and objectives given to them by this ratings system. [/QUOTE] Do you realize what you just said here? If they had to play through all of the games it would create the single greatest job in history. Of course you might get canned if you weren't good enough to finish a game.
  18. satan665

    Gaming Game Controversy

    [QUOTE=Ailes de Velour][font=arial][size=1][color=darkorchid] In that same article, it said a man was suing multiple companies for $600 each: Take Two Entertainment and Rockstar Games for manufacturing GTA, and Walmart and Gamestop for distributing it. I don't think he's being completely unreasonable: violent, controversial video games have been proven to, in few cases, lead to violent reactions and attempted (and achieved) murder. [/font][/color][/size][/QUOTE] Umm, I don't think that there is any proof that games lead to violent behavior, how exactly would you prove that? I think that people that are predisposed to violence may take some inspiration from violent games or movies, but its more about the problems with the person than the game. If you are rasied right, you can play GTA (or any other game for that matter) and its just a fun game. Bullying in school had something to do with the Columbine shootings, them playing Doom (or whatever) didn't cause them to want to shoot people. So basically, you'd have to be messed up in the first place to act out violent parts of videogames. There is so much stuff in GTA anyway, you can't claim any carjacking to be playing out a scene from GTA. The cops weren't trying to stop Player #1 when they beat the hell out of Rodney King, and surely nobody blames Super Mario Brothers fro hippies eating mushrooms.
  19. satan665

    Gaming Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    [QUOTE=Generic NPC #3]The key thing is that it is no longer unaccessible. There's not really anything illegal about enabling some code in a game that was disabled. In the case of the PS2 version, people are apparently finding it with some Game Shark codes. There's certainly nothing illegal about that. It's in the game. Anything in a game is accessible and companies should know this by now. I can think of several games offhand that have things you can get into that you otherwise can't with a Game Shark or Pro Action Replay (Wind Waker, Persona, etc). To not consider something like that at this point in time is rather short sighted and, honestly, stupid.[/QUOTE] I didn't know you could get at it with a Gameshark, thats interesting. It was a dumb move for Rockstar to leave that stuff in, I'm guessing that at least a few people on the design crew left it on purpose. I imagine it wasn't a decision made my the company higher ups. They pulled or are pulling the game off shelves now and cutting out that code, right? Its too late to undo the cranky senators getting on the game industry though I suppose. Also too late since the game has already sold the majority of the copies it is going to sell in the US by now. Too bad they didn't catch it earlier though, then maybe my copy would be worth something on ebay.
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    Gaming Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    The game [U]should not[/U] be rated AO based on the hot coffee scene in the game. The graphic sex parts are just code thats lost in the game and not accesible while you are playing. The only way to get to it is by hacking the game, which I'm pretty sure is illegal anyway. Rockstar should have deleted the code, but I don't see how it would affect the rating if its inaccesible. GTA: San Andreas should probably be rated AO based on a lot of other stuff. If you've actually played the game (I'm only about 1/2-way through it) then the hot coffee scene is pretty tame compared to the rest of the game.
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    Gaming Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    The whole rating system is so retarded anyway. If its rated M you have to be 17 to buy it, but Adults only only bumps the age limit up to 18. I don't know why politicians are so scared of sex in America. You've been able to tear people spines out and limbs off in games for years and years, but don't dare show a nipple. I'm embarrassed to live in this lame Country sometimes. Anyway, the whole controversy got me playing the game again. I never really got too far in it before and am only about 15% into the game. I always get myself killed trying to do the turf wars.
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    Art artPad

    I feel you man, I'm obsessed with the thing myself. I figured out doing shorter strokes makes it a lot easier to draw on a mouse too, so here is a self portrait/cartoon. [url]http://artpad.art.com/?ik04w916b3v8[/url] They are really fun to watch other peoples drawings. I like the Tom Riddle, and the mohawk puffball is excellent too!
  23. satan665

    Gaming Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

    [QUOTE=Pumpkin Head]Yay! I really can't wait for the Game,And Metal Gear Solid 4 Too next Year,YAY! ^_^ The Online Thing is Awesome and it's better than that Stupid (Yet Not Funny,I guess..)Apes. I thought it would be like Ape Escape,Oh Well,Can't Wait! YAAAAAAAAAAY! ^.^ Cheers, Pumpkin Head[/QUOTE] I wouldn't expect MGS4 next year, we're not even sure when the PS3 is coming out next year itself.
  24. satan665

    Art artPad

    This is an awesome program! Not only that, but I happen to have a sweet handlebar mustache right now so drawing it was fun. I'll get better at drawing with a mouse eventually. [URL=http://artpad.art.com/?ijy6o59lq54]Me![/URL]
  25. satan665

    What's in your CD Case?

    [QUOTE=Generic NPC #3]Man, I can't even count the crap I have. I've had more over the years, but my basic practice is to buy a new or used CD, listen and rip it and then sell it used for someone else to use so I can buy more CDs. I have probably around 250 sitting around right now, but it's been around twice as much as that at times. Who knows how many I've had in my lifetime. I have a 40 GB Creative Touch Zen. It's not really worth listing all my stuff on there here because the thing is completely full. "You won't use up 40 GBs!!" my ***.[/QUOTE] Ha, they don't make any bigger ones do they? My list for my MP3 player (a mere 20GB, with 10GB used up so far) would also be pretty big, although not as crazy as NPC's. I have need to keep all my CD's, though I have been tempted to rip and sell them myself sometimes. Currently I've been listening to: Oslo Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (Shake the sheets & Hearts of Oak) Radiohead (hail to the theif) KMFDM (nihil) the new Foo Fighters Snow Patrol