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Writing The five diamonds


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A long time ago when earth was mearly formed, four jewels were found by four men. Keran human of the desert realms found a Diamond, Kairn of the foresters found an emerald, Argol of the wizards council found a ruby and Elunne of the borough village found a sapphire.

Each of these four created a weapon with their jewels. Keran put his jewel inside a Scepter, kairn made a bow, Argol put his on his staff and Elunne put his in his sword handle.

These jewels gave them almighty power and magic their kingdom never lost a war until their enemy was one of the four.
keran loved the power he had but was not satisfied he wanted the other jewels he attempted an assanation attemmpt on Elunne king of men but he failed.
He was sent into exile.

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[COLOR=indigo]First off never use numbers....use letters. Write them out...I know you can spell four. Its not that hard. Common knowledge fact about literature.

Second really don't post something this short and expect much of replies simply because theres nothing here. Why not just wait till you have the energy to post the whole thing? This just makes you look bad no offense.

Thirdly I'm entitled to hate the story already just because I've heard this idea so many times....

Fourthly its scepter not cepter....try and get your grammer down a bit stronger! Nice try though....[/COLOR]
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