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You want to join? If you do fill out the fourm below and Pm me. It is a Mobile Suite Gundam Wing Rpg. If you want to join do, but it's a next generation type of roleplay new charters, sons daughters of the orginals, and up graded gundams. Duo's daughter has already been taken, but brothers and sisters are welcome. Join if you want.

Sign Ups-




Weapon of Choice:


Occupation: (Civilan, Oz soldier, officer, gundam pilot, etc.)

Appearence: (Pic or description)


Name: Kathrine D. Maxwell "Cat"



Weapon of Choice: The basic Andaconda, pistol, and various weapons

Attitude: Are you dead yet?

Occupation: Gundam pilot of Death Scyth

Appearence: Black hair in the clasic braid,combat boots, carpenter pants, whitebeater under a black sweater jacket. Constently wearing dark blue gloves with the fingers cut out inlaiden with brass. A gold chain holds a locket around her neck, hazel eyes and very tan often seen with oil or grease stained shirts unless she is breaking out of one of the prisons. A black wolf and her gundam are nearly always with her.

Biography: Duo's daughter, put under foster care until 13 then put into a Leo, until an accident sent her to Earth where she went awall and joined the other pilots. She doesn't trust many but is a very good friend to thoes she does.
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Name: Ren Yuy (I belive that's how you spell it)

Age: 17

Height/Weight: 6'1"/180

Weapon of Choice: You name it, he'll use it

Attitude: Goku (from DBZ) meets Kaneda (From Akira). Quite differnet from his father's personality

Occupation: Gundam Pilot of Wing Zero [img]http://www.gundamwing.net/lagrange01/wingzero1.gif[/img] Which is now officialy owned by him

Appearence: Ren is the spitting image of his father, Heero: [img]http://shad0cat.aura.dhs.org/heerogun.jpg[/img]

Heero Yuy's son, Ren ran away from home at the age of 7. When Oz soldiurs(sp?) found him steling food from their base, he was going to be shot when it was discovered he was the son of Heero. Oz put him in training, and eventually, Ren stole a Mobile Suit. Ren eventually got ahold of the Wing Zero, and despises everything to do with Oz.
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Naota you Rping??? Begining where Cat goes awall

THe Oz major walks around the corner makeing her way to the barracks. "Dirty slim bucket Admarald." she mutters and turns before the entrance. A small room, open to anything waites for her, in the room is a small tin box. "The chip." With much practiced ease she makes her way to the box and picks it up, an alarm sounds and she smiles. "So much for that plan."
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This will be my first rp here so bare with me.

Name: tracy lerow

Age: 16

Height/Weight: 7'2"/190

Weapon of Choice: shot gun

Attitude: nice, brave, loner some time

Occupation: gundam pilot

Appearence: blue eyes, brown hair, red shirt, blue jeans, gloves, goggles

Biography: Tracy isn't much of a close up fighter so he tries to stay towards things like guns. He'll try to avoid fighting as much as he can but he doesn't mind fighting some one. Because he doesn't like to tkae orders when he fights he stole a gundam for him self to use in battle. He wont use it unless he's provoked and he never leavs it alone for more than a couple of days becuase of a program in it.
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Oh this is soo awsome

Name: Miriki Winner (LoneWolf Winner) Daughter of Quatre Reberba Winner

Age: 16

Height/Weight: 5'9" / not alot...

Weapon of Choice: Double Katana's and a power poll

Attitude: A horrible attitude, wil pick a fight with anyone, but is very parcial to her friends and her father, Quatre, and will do anyting to protect them.

Occupation: Gundam Pilot of a whole new gundam, The White Wolf Storm

Appearence: Flipped out blond hair like her father, tall, has a black tank top with a dragon vest that you can see her mustles when she goes in for a fight, Black pants that do the same. Bandages on her feet and hands because they're as numb as can be and look like easy targets because they look injured. (Ha! Fooled You!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: )

Biography: When Miriki was a young girl her mother was killed. She has no brothers a couple thousand Aunts(try 29!) witch she has never met. She has never even Met Quatre's friends because of he anti-social behavior, and ther's the fact that Quatre can't navagate through forsests and deserts worth beans...
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