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Gaming Favorite Multiplayer Matches in HALO?


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[COLOR=darkred][SIZE=1]Ya, so I know that I am going to get yelled at for making yet, another, HALO thread. I appologize in advance for this. However, after going back quite a while, I didn't see anything that dealt with this particular question I had going on in my mind (after spending a lot of time playing the game in college).

What is your favorite multiplayer matches to play? I will expand by giving some of my friends and mine:

[SIZE=2]All weapons, all vehicles, no respawn time period, and usually on the bigger outdoor stages (usually Team Battle but can be Free For All)[/SIZE]- Easily one of the favorites, for good reason. This has everything for everyone, no one gets to complain (except when people keep getting killed at spawn spots. . lol. . can't really help that). The no spawn time lets you be a lot more reckless, giving you the hopes of popping up right next to the person that just killed you and getting to exact revenge :devil:

[SIZE=2]Shotguns only, no respawn time, played in the Tombstone level (either FFA or Team Battle)[/SIZE]- This is a group favorite simply because of the mayhem. There are just bodies everywhere, people cursing from other rooms (we play 4 X-Boxes, hooked up in 4 different rooms, usually with 16 people playing total), and just an overall sense of everyone hating everyone! lol It's really great how everyone ever feels that they were cheated by the shotgun not killing the people when they really should! It's funny. .

[SIZE=2]Rockets, no respawn time, Chiron43. . or whatever the portal stage is (has to be FFA, but can be done Team Battle)[/SIZE]- BOOM, BOOM, and BOOM!! . . total distruction. . usually a very long battle, since you portal through, and fire without realizing that you are two inches away from your enemy. . lol! Very fun, since you have to run through the level and try to kill, as opposed to being able to find a sniper position to take out anyone. It's just too slow if you try to hide, and you will quickly find that you picked the wrong spot. . =)

Anyways, these are some of the favorites that we play. . and these are really just the basic ones. I will list some more if this thread gets any interest. . see you on the battlefield! (I will be the one that is firing on you from accross the level. .)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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