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  1. NorykoAngelcry

    Gaming Wii

    So, I laugh about these stories where people let fly their Wii-motes, and they crash into their television.. Honestly, my friends and I have gone to town on the actions involved with playing Wii Sports, never once having an incident, so.. I scoffed that this was actually listed as a problem.. That is, till I took it to a friends house, during an after-Thanksgiving Dinner party.. My buddy Paul was playing around with Tennis, and he just went to town swinging it around. Well, one particular time, it flew out of his hand, the strap broke (seriously, he was flailing around like a newborn baby that needs his bottle) and it flew into the wall.. After it hit the wall, it took a bounce towards the front door, hit my buddies dog in the back of the head, and skidded to a halt near the front door. It was.. an interesting experience, luckily, no broken TV or Wii-mote. Plus, I gotta get a new strap now -_- (btw, my 6 year old Nephew has NOT had a problem with letting go of the controller, and he's played it much longer then my 26yr old buddy Paul.. just saying)
  2. NorykoAngelcry

    Gaming Gears Of War

    [quote name='Generic NPC #3']I've played it quite a bit at this stage and it's remarkable to me that anyone can even have an overall negative opinion of the game. It has its flaws, like anything else... but graphics and gameplay complaints (from an action title perspective) just seem almost entirely invalid to me.[/quote] Soooo.. it's like, you hear people complaining, but just aren't listening to them? Just wanted to touch upon another quirk I had with the game.. is the aim speed sensitivity.. even on high, it's still too slow. This is just a minor irritation, rather then a real problem. It just needed to have a 'even higher' setting or something.. on a scale of 1-10, 'High' seemed about a 7, and I play games on a 9 or 10 level... Hope that made sense... lol.
  3. NorykoAngelcry

    Gaming Gears Of War

    Honeslty.. I wasn't terribly impressed with this game.. The story was weak, and that's an overstatement. It was just all about survival. It took way to much ammo to kill just a standard infantry type bad guy. Visually this game was on par with what is out these days. It was pretty and pleasant to look at. However it was nothing really special. Plus, taking under 8 hours to beat the game was just sad. I borrowed it from a friend, and just got a personal copy from Gamefly, so, I'm hoping that maybe playing online with my friend and getting to learn the boards will make it a little more entertaining.. doubting it though.. still have high standards of online play from Halo 2 (zomg, not a fanboy, chill out).. Timesplitters .. and Goldeneye.
  4. NorykoAngelcry

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    [QUOTE=James][font=arial]No, I'm more than happy to read more impressions. Talk about whatever aspects you like. The more impressions I read about this game the better - I like to see what people are enjoying and not enjoying about it. I've read most of the impressions from online gaming sites, but it's always good to have impressions from people who you can ask direct questions to.[/font] :catgirl:[/QUOTE] Agreed.. I usually take word-of-mouth over some critics review on a gaming site. Sure, I'll use it for new games, but if I can, I prefer to hear what friends of mine think on games. They can answer questions I have better then a pre-written review. -_- [quote name='Lunox][color=dimgray'] Another question for everyone who has Twilight Princess. So, what's with the storyline? Are you guys too early into the game to tell or is it really that good? [/color][/quote] Here's the condensed version: [spoiler]The Twilight King (from the 'DARK SIDE') sort of invade the realm of Hyrule.. stealing powers from the Light Spirits (from the 'LIGHT SIDE') .. get it? dark vs. light.. Your job is to stop the king, and thusfar, my task is to gain power to stop him, including the power of the 'DARK SIDE' .. I hit the dungeons for these dark fusion pieces.. [/spoiler] sloppy rundown, but, there you go.. I'm only past the second dungeon. I left a lot of stuff out (a LOT of detail) .. but, this just gets you an idea of what the story is so far... Aaron..
  5. NorykoAngelcry

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    [quote name='James][font=arial']So, White, what do you think about the game's difficulty? I've asked this elsewhere but I might as well ask here too. You seem to be a little further in, having been through a dungeon and such. How are the puzzles and the battles compared to previous Zelda titles?[/font][/quote] I'll put in my two cents on this question.. simply because a few different opinions are probably better then just one. So far, I haven't run into anything too difficult.. a few complaints about camera angle, but the monsters I encounter are easy enough to grasp the strategy behind. The boss fights (just entered the third dungeon) are really fun, especially the second one (Wii controller makes aiming fun =P) Honestly, I've played enough Zelda / adventure games to understand how most developers expect you to fight bosses.. so, never really a problem there. Some of them so far are just a learning curve, and then 'pew-pew' and they are dead. From the opening movie for the game, and some of the movies I've seen out there, I know there are going to be more interesting fights. The learning curve for the game is really nice, first monsters are your bats and simple one-hit kills.. then it progresses to a few hits, then some that get knocked down for Finishing Moves.. All in all, I am loving this game..the difficulty isn't so hard that it will frustrate you, and yet, don't expect to just walk through the game, for every fight.. some of the boss fights are so clever, I want to go back through and replay them =) I'll stop now.. more ramblings then you probably wanted =P Aaron..
  6. NorykoAngelcry

    Gaming Wii

    I've never pre-ordered any gaming system.. I just go to the store a few hours before it opens, and have always gotten whatever system I was going for (N64, Gamecube, Nintendo Gameboy Advance)... so, why break from tradition. I usually just grab a friend with as little of a life as I have on that particular day (read: nothing to do that night), and we bounce to a local Target, and hit them up when they open. Now, for the price, and the buzz, I'm expecting maybe a few more people there then the whole event probably calls for, but, meh.. I'm ok with that. Gives me a chance to enjoy some cool morning air ^_^ Anyways, I just hope I have enough cash to blow on all the addons that I'm sure I'll be all too happy to purchase. As for the games, Gamefly exists for a reason, so I will probably just pick up Zelda to start things off. Best of luck to everyone who's going to pick one up~ Aaron..
  7. NorykoAngelcry

    Gaming Developers shorting us on purpose?

    [COLOR=darkred]This is a fairly easy question.. but I suppose it could go into great depth fairly easy. Do we, as gamers, get screwed over on content by game developers, in hopes of garunteeing new content in later games? What I'm asking, may better be explained by giving an example.. Halo 1 - A very fun game, it's multi-player is sharp, and it's multiplayer maps give something different each time. The weapon selection is very diverse, and there are hardly ever a 'repeat' game due to spawn points, and general flow of battles. Then comes Halo 2, with the dual wielding weapons, and I'm left wondering, why wasn't this just put into the first one? I suppose you could say that if a game is fine enough where it is, leave it.. but it seems that the main selling point of the second game was that you could dual wield. For a game that has followed hundreds of other FPS type games, why didn't they just include it in there? Was it to make sure that people would go, "WOW! They really listened to us (years after we first brought this up)! I guess they do care!" I don't really play a lot of games out there anymore. I'm busy on WoW -_- and just don't have the cash to blow on games like I used to. So, when I get a game, and play around with it, I'm often times wondering why certain things weren't implimented, when all sorts of games well before it's time have had those certain elements included long before it was anything 'special' Any thoughts?.. (hope this was clear enough) Aaron.. [/COLOR]
  8. NorykoAngelcry

    Gaming Modifyed content?

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]I hate mods that help people cheat in online games. I mean, I personally have been taken advantage by people using cheats in Halo 2. It's not only unfair, but it's annoying.. Luckily, this hasn't really happened a lot, but I've run into people who have had people 'mod' their PC for games like Counter Strike and other FPS.. giving them more powerful weapons, faster run speed, etc. Then again, there are fun mods out there.. I played a mod in Half Life that changed the setting/level/weapons to that of World War II era.. It was really fun, and presented unique gameplay oppertunities for us. Basically -- good mods = FUN!.. haXXor mods = Not fun.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  9. NorykoAngelcry

    An arm, a leg and half a foot: the gas price thread

    [quote name='SilentSecurity']My uncle gets on average 6 city and 11 highway. Why would I pay sooo much to have a tank in my garage and have to fill it up so often.[/quote] [SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]I think the point of owning a vehicle like a Hummer, is because you really don't have to worry about filling it up. Many of the people I know that own a Hummer (not like it's a lot), are businessmen with really cushy type of jobs, that are really well paid. So, the inconvenience of having to fill up a car like that, really is outweighed by the fact that they drive an attention grabbing vehicle. Same with the really exotic sports cars.. Not big on gas mileage, but how many times does a Honda Civic catch your attention while you are driving down the road (note: the non-neon colored ones, the ones that make you shudder, lol).. bet you not as often as a Lamborgini does.. I'm not really taking their side on this, but if I had tons of money just blowing a hole in my pocket, I'd have a flashier car too.. Not that I would drop as much on a car as they would =P [/COLOR][/SIZE]
  10. NorykoAngelcry

    Becoming a Comedian.

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]I tend to be the guy that makes people in my group - or surroundings - laugh. I try to get people to laugh. It's like crack, and I'm addicted to the sound of laughter. I myself have been told many, many times that I should be a stand up comedian. Personally, I've never really thought of it, because I knew that I wasn't 'that' type of funny. Lately, I've been getting bummed that I'm going to be the 'funny-guy' for all of my life, but have recently come to terms that it isn't a bad thing! To make people laugh? In these days, where everyone gets upset or frustrated over the smallest things? Anyways, I recently went to Michigan (live in Tennessee) to visit family for a wedding. While going up there, my brother brought his XM radio, and we listened to comedy non-stop. It was a blast to just hear one funny comedian after another (with one or two tossed in that I didn't think was funny, or .. just weren't). As I sat there and listened, I realized that my type of humor is really not the type that is for stand-up. So, I thought about it, and tried to come up with jokes and such. I had some pretty good ones (in my head), but I didn't bother to write any of them down. Oh well.. I find it funny that I am as shy as I am, yet love to be the center of attention.. lol Anyways, my point? ... yes, I think that if you have a passion for wanting to make people laugh, and think that you would be best suited to be a stand up comedian, then I think you should continue in that path! [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  11. NorykoAngelcry

    Weird last names, do you have one?

    [QUOTE=Rachael]My name is Rachel Bood. I hate it with a passion. people are always calling me boob, when it actually means Boat in dutch. Rachel means a quiet gentil lamb. So to sum it all up I'm a gentil lamb in a boat! ............I hate being dutch :p[/QUOTE] [color=darkred][SIZE=2]That really made me laugh, lol :animesmil My last name is from Polish origins.. It's [spoiler]Ciesliga[/spoiler].. I don't know what you are pronouncing it now, but I'm telling you, it's wrong! :animeswea I'm just kidding.. the rate I think I get is about 1 in every 100 are right. Anways.. it's pronounced (very easily.. jk) -- 'sis-liga' Fair enough, right? Think 'sis' as in, sis-ter.. and 'liga' as in, liga-ment.. there you go! Gonna take a sec to run by a few pronounciations I've heard: siesleega siesliga suliga sisleega siesluga and the winner: sisligligligliga (no joke.. the vice principal at my elementery school called out that one morning.. and after I wept from laughter for a minute or two, I looked at the teacher, and said, "I think he meant me." Usually the ones who get it right, mess it up as soon as they are told that they were right.. Them: "Ciesliga?" Me: "Yes! That's it!" Them: "Cieslugala?" Me: :animedepr My favorite is when the Telemarketers call me up, and mess up the name.. Then it just becomes a matter of having fun, and saying stuff like, "Close, but you don't win today! We'll try this again, say.. dinner time tommorow?" or "Nope, no one here by that name, sorry!" It's fun to me.. so leave me alone! lol[/SIZE][/color]
  12. NorykoAngelcry

    An arm, a leg and half a foot: the gas price thread

    [color=darkred][SIZE=1]I don't think I've ever really had a problem with gas prices.. My car goes a pretty good distance before I have to worry about breaking down in the middle of no-where. My problem comes into the cost of having to pay so much for everything else.. I mean, I pay as much for a tank of gas as I do for a dinner at some resteraunts.. and those dinners don't last nearly as long as a tank of gas. It makes me cry =( lol.. I think if they just popped up the price a dollar at a time spread out over a long period of time, instead of the little increases at a time, maybe that would help people see that getting a better car is perhaps more in their interest? But, overall, it's like stamps.. we'll complain about each step in price till we're blue in the face, but we'll still be there in line, getting more, because we have to mail that next letter/bill. [/SIZE][/color]
  13. NorykoAngelcry

    Mother of slain son holds vigil in Crawford.

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]Honeslty, I don't see myself returning to this thread, as I am going to say what I can, with what knowledge I have, and leave it at that. To the lady who lost her son, I'm sorry that you are having trouble dealing with it. I know it's no easy thing to lose a loved one, especially one that you brought into the world. While I'm sure you think it's very noble, heroic, or right of you to try to go and talk to President Bush and get answers, I would like you to look around. You are sitting in a country that allows you to just sit around all day long, with out having to worry about getting killed, for no reason, other then that you are there. Want to make a point? Join up the Red Cross or something, and go over to Iraq and help out people over there! Try your best to honor your sons name, not to suffer from your own personal bouts of depression over the matter. Sure, I'm being unfair, but how many mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters or sons and daughters lives are you trampling over, because you think it's wrong that YOUR son died. I know, I know.. You're doing this for everyone, right? Like I said, very noble.. to be petitioning a war, in your own country. Whatever the reason that your son chose to sign up for the military, it's unfortunate that going to war was a possible side effect of that decision. I guess it's unfair that one signing up for the armed services to take money from the government for schooling, or whatever, should be met at all by a request that you serve your country? But then again, I guess it's always easier to critisize someone elses decisions.. Perhaps I'm being a little harsh, but currently, I have a brother who is in the Air Force, with a real possibility that he may be called into active duty. Do I hate my government for it? NO! Do I think that we need to pull out of Iraq? NO! I keep him in my prayers and thoughts, as I did with a very good friend that served two terms over in Iraq. I can't imagine what it would be like to have lost a friend, let alone the possibility that my brother may go over there and himself be killed.. I just can't. But what I won't do, is try to pin the blame on the President because he is chosing to take a stand on terrorism, that most people think we have no right to be there at all?.. right.. I keep looking in the news, perhaps thinking that the mother of a World Trade Center victim is over near a terrorist camp trying to get an interview with Osama Bin Laden to call for an end to terrorism.. but so far, I haven't seen any. I don't know all the facts surrounding this war (nor am I really looking for anyone to try and tell me 'your' facts.. I'm not the most political person, nor am I the smartest when it comes to this war. But I've talked to my friend, who served two terms in Iraq, and how proud he was that he saved lives over there, lives that Sadam Hussien would have taken for any given reason, or none at all.. Oh, and if you want to yell at me, that's fine. PM me all day long. Like I said, I'm not sure that I will be returning to this thread, as I've said what I had to.. If you want to try to argue with me, go ahead. But I don't think it would be in your interest to try and 'correct' me, or to set me straight, in this thread. Aaron~ [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  14. NorykoAngelcry

    Gaming PlayStation Portable

    [color=darkred][SIZE=2]It's no secret that I am not a big fan of Sony, nor of this PSP that is coming out. . I mean, I figured it would be an attempt to try and grab a chunk of the handheld market. . Then I saw the price tag. $250 for the PSP alone? $30 - 50!! per game? I mean. . ouch! I'll just wait for the Playstation 3, and spend a bit more for a home consol system (assuming a $300 launch price). . and of course, this is coming after I buy my next-gen Nintendo. Honestly, the launch titles aren't that impressive in my opinion, and even if I was to get it, I would still have to drop at least another $10 for some sort of protective cover for the screen. WHY, oh WHY, didn't they just add some sort of cover? Did they not learn anything with Nintendo coming out with the SP and the DS? . . Then again, I suppose they are still busy trying to fix their 'new and improved' PS2. . rofls~ Let the good times roll I guess? [/SIZE][/color]
  15. NorykoAngelcry

    Do you judge someone by looks?

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]I suppose that looks matter. . If I am looking at a female, I think there has to be a level of attraction. . I can be friends with anyone, no matter their looks. . but if I am interested in a relationship, they have to look pretty good to me. I have pretty high standards, considering my looks aren't the best out there. . Oh well, it's my right! As for everyday people, I tend not to pay attention very much. I have had beautiful women come up to me, and get the same amount of respect as a guy with a lazy eye. I'll give anyone a chance.[/SIZE][/COLOR]