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    I like DragonBallZ and rock music
  1. What is probably the best racing game for xbox live in your opinion and why?
  2. I sometimes draw manga, and I hate drawing hands, but I'm good at faces and muscles and arms. Manga is fun to draw, but it takes much practice. I still need more practice, *goes off to practice manga* -Ares:)
  3. I think it's getting even more annoying as the days go by. It is definitely wasteful and stupid. It has some good qualities, yes, but it is kind of corny. I think it should be cancelled, yes. At first I liked it okay, but now I don't
  4. I like Su Zhou He, a very good Chinese movie. It's interesting. It's about a guy in Su Zhou, China who [spoiler]is involved in crime and his girlfriend jumps off a bridge and then he finds her again and then they wreck.[/spoiler] You should definitely see it, because it's good enough to watch twice. I saw it on IFC. I also like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It was very well made and interesting. It's one of my favorites.
  5. Ares


    Thanks for the feedback so far. I never heard of those other songs you talk about. I've only heard stupid girl. Guess I'm not that into Cold, lol. But I do think they're pretty good.
  6. It's very nice work. How do you start your drawings? Do you start by drawing circles for your head or do you just go ahead and sketch without doing circles and stuff? Could you put up a pic of how you drew when you were 14? I just wanna compare to see if there's any hope for me, lol. It's very nice piece though.
  7. what the **** is wrong with mine? I filled out everything. You are supposed to say what's wrong with it so I can fix it!
  8. I'm truly looking forward to the PSX, I saw a pic of it. It really looks awesome. I heard it will be able to replace TIVO, is this true? I hope so. I really can't wait until next year now.
  9. Last year I didn't understand Algebra at all because I was drawing, lol. But this year I usually draw in Health class or Art class (duh). Drawing is fun in school, it's better than takin' notes.
  10. Ares

    Sign Up Dark Starfire

    Actually I said I wanted mercury first. So what do I get?
  11. I'm trying to get into a Japanese class, because it would be interesting to learn such a cool language. Also, I'm moving to Japan at around age 22, so I'll want to know the language pretty well, ya know? It's hard to find this class for me, though. Maybe I'll find one when I move to Florida next year.
  12. Ares


    He's a one hit wonder because he's got his own right thurr style going on...yah! Anyway, he's pretty cool, and he's got his own style and music it's like. He's definitely a one hit wonder.
  13. Ares

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    name: Ares Morimoto age: 15 gender: male weapon: mage sword attacks: Firaga, Thundaga, Curaga, Wateraga persona: Ares is quiet and a brutal fighter. He likes to eat, but who doesn't? bio: Ares was born along the shore on a little island, and he never saw his father. He was trained with his sword at the age of five, and he is very intelligent and blushes easily. features: [img]http://napalmcandy.net/sbl/images/kenshin.jpg[/img] powers: water control(mercury)
  14. Ares


    Anyway, babies do indeed learn differently than adults. It is diificult to go to Japan for a year and learn the language by just talking. If I come up to you and say moshimoshi seihaku baka, and you are from America nad know no Japanese you aren't gonna know what I said, and how are you supposed to start learning? You should actually get a basic knowledge for basic words first. But the best place to go and learn in my opinion is Hokkaido.
  15. I was going to make two seperate posts for thes, but I'll just include them both here. I like R.E.M. and japanese camera. Has anyone heard of japanese camera. It's crazy, dude! And R.E.M. has some good songs, like Bad Day and Losing My Religion. So, what does everyone think about these two artists? They're great! I give R.E.M. a 8/10 and japanese camera a 2/10 for skill and a 8/10 for how much I like it. To hear japanese camera just go to [url]www.mp3.com[/url] and search japanese camera and that will take you to a link which will take you to their song. Ya gotta check it out and tell
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