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I am not to sure if this is going to work, but I am gonna try

Ever want to have the skills or the reputation of a Final Fantasy character? Now you can. Pick a hero or a villain in the following list and let the adventure begin. If you do not know any of the following characters, you can look it up on the internet. There is no main story line and the story will be made up as the character posts. To join, just put the name of your character, if he/she is good or evil, and what weapons and/or espers he/she has. A * will be put next to the name that has been taken

Characters from FFV:
X-death (little is known about X-Death, so you will have to amke up some stuff about him)
Characters from FFVI:
Terra Brandford
Locke Cole
Edgar Roni Figaro
Sabin Rene Figaro
Celes Chere
Setzer Gabbiani
Strago Magus
Relm Arrowny
Characters from FFVII:
Cloud Strife*
Barret Wallace
Tifa Lockheart
Aeris Gainsborough
Cid Highwind (and the Highwind)
Yuffie Kisaragi
Cait Sith
Vincent Valentine*
(I would have Jenova, but it would be too hard of a character to play)
Characters from FFVIII:
Squall Leonheart*
Laguna Loire
Seifer Almasy
Rinoa Heartilly
Quistis Trepe*
Selphie Tilmitt
Zell Dincht
Irvine Kinneas
Seifer Almasy
Characters from FFIX:
Zidane Triball
Vivi Ornitier
Princess Garnet
Adelbert Steiner
Freya Crescent
Quina Quen
Salamander Coral
Eiko Carol
Characters from X
Kimari Ronso
Seymour Guado
(Wow, what a long list)
please pick just one name and post it. Thank you!
Name: Mog
Weapon: Spear
Alliance: good
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Guest Halo Covenant
Name: Vincent Valentine

Alliance: Good

Weapon: Pistol

Appearence: [IMG]http://www.ffhut.co.uk/FinalFantasyVII/vincentbody.jpg[/IMG]
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EDIT: sorry, I'll change him to another character.

Name: Squall Leonhart

Alliance: Good

Weapon: Gun Blade


Apperance: [img]http://guidesmedia.ign.com/guides/3847/images/squall.jpg[/img]
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[color=lightpink][size=4][font=times][i]Hmm...This sounds like a fun RP to be in I'll join it!

Name: Quistis Trepe

Alliance: Evil

Weapon: Save the Queen (Whip)

Appearance: [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-10/454379/profile.jpg[/img][/color][/i][/font][/size]
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k guys. I only need like one more baddie to fill in the game, then we can start it. I think that two villains is always better than one.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------K, Im going to start the thread, but remember, the recruitment is still open, late characters are just as good as early characters.
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