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Art SK's new graphic/drawing thread


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[SIZE=1]Hio everyone.I'm sorry for not posting in such a long time.-mumbles under breath-Evil school...Well anyways this is my new graphic thread. I was getting bored so I though i would just make a graphic thread to ask you people if I've improved a bit. Okay. I think I'll first start out with blogs. I use these blogs for neopets sometimes. :sweat: I play neopets!

Kenshin Blog

Cho Hakkai :love2: Blog

Hellsing Blog

[URL=http://skg.250free.com/IoriWall.jpg]Iori wall[/URL]
Iori wall I made a couple months ago.Have I shown this already?

A Nightmare banner since I usually use Nightmare when playing SC2
This banner is for my forum I'm working on to go with my site I've been working on since....I was -cough-9-cough-

that's all I'll show..For now.
Oh yeah and then there's the Angelic Layer banner in my sig.[/size]
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