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The Lion King perfomance...


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[color=silver]For the record I am not talking about the Disney animated film, but the show. And I must say I was taken aback.

It's been out for quite a while now I know but at first I was reluctant to see the show. Don't get me wrong, I love Disney, just it wasn't one of my favourites. However when I actually saw the show I was taken aback.

It was a true portrayal of the story and a beautiful performance at that, I won't spoil it by stating very good points and its' main flaws as thats what theatrical performance is about, you have to interpret it yourself.

Sure the kids were annoying but the adult performers were incredible. It definitely jerked a few tears out of my eye sockets but there you go, and I was sitting next to an Asian couple who were obviously finding it difficult to translate as they were straining themselves and poking their ears in their direction but they definitely found the humor in it and I started discussing the show with them at half time.

I was very glad my father took me to see it, so I don't know if it is still out in America but you should go and see it. Oh and the musical atmosphere was fantastic such as the actress of Rafiki, And one more thing, just look at the animals in it, they're not real, but oh so cleverly presented. [/color]
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The Lion King performance was definately one that I will not forget. It was very beautiful. I have to admit that I thought that it wasn't going to be very good since it was live action, but I loved it. The portrayal of the animals was wonderful. I felt that all of the actors did a good job. If I had a choice, I would see it again.
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