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Sign Up The Fall of Gilead(Possibly mature content)


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[size=1][i]"Roland!"he cries. "We've been betrayed! We're outnumbered! Our backs are to the sea! We've got em right where we want em! Shall we charge?
Roland understands he is right. If their quest for the Dark Tower is really to end here on Jericho Hill--betrayed by one of their own and then overwhelmed by this barbaric remnant of John Farson's army--then let it end splendidly.
"Aye!" he shouts. "Aye, very well. Ye of the castle, to me! Gunslingers, to me! To me, I say!"
"As for gunslingers, Roland," Cuthbert says, "I am here. And we are the last."
Roland first looks at him, then embraces him under that hideous sky. He can feel Cuthbert's burning body, its suicidal trembling thinness. And yet he's laughing. Bert is still laughing.
"All right," Roland says hoarsely, looking around at his few remaining men. "We're going into them. And will accept no quarter."
"Nope, no quarter, absolutely none," Cuthbert says.
"We will not accept their surrender if offered."
"Under no circumstances!" Cuthbert agrees, laughing harder than ever. "Not even should all two thousand lay down their arms."
"Then blow that f**king horn."
"Cuthbert raises the horn to his bloody lips and blows a great blast, the final blast, for when it drops from his fingers a minute later(or perhaps it's five, or ten; time has no meaning in that final battle), Roland will let it lie in the dust. In his grief and bloodlust he will forget all about Eld's Horn.
"And now, my friends--hile!"
"Hile!" the last dozen cry beneath that blazing sun. It is the end of them, the end of Gilead, the end of everything, and he no longer cares. The old red fury, dy and maddening, is settling over his mind, drowning all thought.
"To me!" cries Roland of Gilead. "Forward! For the Tower!"
"The Tower!" Cuthbert cries out beside him, reeling. He hold Eld's Horn up to the sky in one hand, his revolver in the other.
"No prisoners!" Roland screams. "NO PRISONERS!"
They rush forward and down toward Grissom's blue-faced horde, he and Cuthbert in the lead....[/i][/size]

Ka, it is Ka that brought this all. It is ka that killed Jamie, Alain, and Cuthbert. Ka, the thing driving the world, brought you to the final battle on Jericho hill.

This is an adventure based on the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I'm sorry for the long excerpt, it's the only way I could describe the back-story to you.

This is one of six worlds. Each has two doors which connects that world to others. Connecting the doors are six beams. Where all the beams intersect, is the Dark Tower. The force that is holding the world together. People and objects pass from one world to another, only rarely. There are some similarities between each of them by the carry overs.

You are one of the twelve gunslingers left to fight that battle. Out-numbered, you must find a way to escape. You must find their leader, John Farson, and kill him for the destruction of Gilead, your city.

Here is what I need from you:

Name: (If you want to be Roland of Gilead, PM me with a writing example)
Weapon: (If you are a gunslinger, you will have to have a pair of revolvers, which you are very, very good at using)
Occupation: (Gunslinger,guard,soldier, etc. I'll mainly want gunslingers.)

NOTE ON USE OF SWEAR WORDS AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS: I will allow this, but if it seems to just be put in there for the hell of it, I won't let that person use it anymore. Swearing and sex are to be used to extend your ability and options for writing.

-This is my first attempt at an rp, so PM me if I need to fix anything. Rada
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