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Art 7 Picture Request


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I'm making a quiz, and I'd like some pictures for results, if if you'd be so kind.
Here's what I need (I know, I'm being a little specific)
1. A tall-ish guy, lean build, with brown hair and long-ish bangs. Wearing a black hat, jeans, and a dark t-shirt. Must have words 'You are Diablo' on picture somewhere. Should look slightly smug, as well as like a leader.
2. A taller, lanky looking guy with short brown hair. Wearing khakis (or something similar) and green t-shirt. Have words 'You are Tartarus' in blue on the picture. Should look smug, even arrogant.
3. A shorter guy, medium build, with short brown hair. Dressed in camo-jacket, white shirt, and pants. Must have 'You are Spasco the Great' in green on the picture. Should look somewhat spazzy.
4. An average girl with long (waist-lentgth) red hair and glasses. Wearing clothes in light-blue. Should look quite happy. Must have 'You are Willow' written on the picture in Red.
5. Another average looking girl, with short brown hair that frames her face. She should be wearing fairly neutral colors. must have 'You are ZimGirl' somewhere on the picture in green. Should look kind and cheerful.
6. A skinny girl, shorter than the others, with blonde hair in a ponytail. Should be wearing light, pastle colors (like pink ,yellow, etc.). Must have 'You are Pnky' written in pink on the picture. should look shy and kind.
7. A tall, broad guy, but slightly round, with black hair that stands up. Should be wearing dark clothes, and home purple. Must have 'You are The Evil One' written in black somewhere on the picture. SHould look arrogant and evil.
Once I get these pictures, they're going into a quiz on Quizilla, called 'Which member of the Diablo Union are you?' Oh, and your pictures will be credited to you.
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