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What about Weezer and Ozma.


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Come on now people....There has to be someone out there that agrees that Weezer is awsome....is there? Well I love Weezer....sure they wont produce anymore cd's but still. I want to know what your favorite Weezer song is...So anybody reply. I like both "Buddy Holly" and "Only In Dreams":sleep: there are others that I think are equally good but those two stick out to me.

Ozma....has anybody heard of them? I like 'em. They use the synthesizer a lot. The song of their's that i like most is Utkasushi Shibuya....the Japanese version is awsome. .:cross:

reply with:
1. Your favorite weezer song and what you think of the band, &
2. Your favorite ozma song and if you've even heard of them.
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I actually made threads for both way back. I never bothered to get the new Ozma CD, so I guess I had nothing more to say.

Rock and Roll Part III and The Doubble Donkey disc are both great. The lyrics sometimes seem like they try too hard, but they're still well written. There's a lot of great lines in there. The actual instrument playing is pretty amazing at times, especially considering their ages. I was on an Ozma kick for quite some time. I was pretty partial to Baseball for awhile.

Weezer I've never gotten into as much. They're good, but I spend very little time listening to them. Pinkteron and the Blue Album mostly. For some reason the name of my favorite track escapes me.
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Guest Neo Genesis
I like Weezer some, their first and second albums were awesome, and rank among my favourites. I was somewhat put off the Green album by many negative reviews (and the fact that it STILL costs £17.99 for 28 minutes of music!!) but I did get Maladroit, which has some decent songs (Keep Fishin', Burndt Jamb and Fall Together in particular) but took me a while longer to get into than the blue album and Pinkerton. I am interested to know where you heard they would not be producing anymore CD's? Is this recent news? The last thing I heard was that they were (very slowly) working towards a fifth album, which would mark a return to the personalised style of their original efforts.
My favourite songs of theirs are Undone - The Sweater Song - an Instant classic. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, a simple but lovely song. Say It Ain't So, my overall favourite, packing a hefty emotional punch. Only In Dreams, a wonderful instrumental towards the end. Acorss the Sea, beautiful. The Good Life, has a funky beat, and Falling For You, like a diamond in the rough.

Never heard of Ozma though ;)
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