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Velvet Goldmine


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I just finished watching this movie for the first time, and boy, was it an experience. I've heard that Velvet Goldmine is something of a cult classic, so I was curious as to whether anyone else at OB had seen it.

For those who have, here are my thoughts:

Visually, the film was beyond gorgeous, what with the torrents of feathers, vibrantly colored costumes, and glittering makeup. The music didn't sit well with me initially (I'd expected it to have a harder sound), but as VG progressed, its soundtrack gradually grew rougher and looser. I loved listening to the songs played during the movie's final sequence.

Velvet Goldmine did a beautiful job of evoking the decadent emptiness which lies at the heart of stardom. Some of its imagery really stuck with me (for example, towards the beginning, when a young Jack Fairy paints his lips with blood). However, I was somewhat disappointed when nothing really came out of all the relationships I was rooting for. It seemed as though VG's ending was meant to be somewhat uplifting, but all that I truly walked away with was a pervasive sense of.... well, emptiness.

I must say, Ewan McGregor stole the show. His character was more accessible than John Rhys-Meyers's emotionally shattered Brian Slade. McGregor's fine performance reminded me that he's quite an excellent actor, and I'll be sure to rent a few of his other lesser-known films.

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