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    I hate stupid people, racist, and pretty much everyone who thinks they are some badass who really just make more fools of themselves than they already are. Also I'm gay and proud of it!
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  1. *sniffle* I miss you the most.

  2. Come back to us! >_>;

  3. It's good, but i prefer Saturate to any of their albums so far. I just think it's more of their rock roots than their pop/rock upcoming, though Diary of Jane does show a huge focus on their guitar playing as do many of their songs. I like Breaking Benjamin, probably one of the bands i like the most since their first album. Them and 10 Years.
  4. AIDS was created? Like in a laboratory? ME LIKE GWAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would go back in time to when the Transformers crash landed on earth after they left Cybertron and wake up Megatron and he and I would take over the world (and kill Starscream ofcourse cause no one likes Starscream) and then you wouldn't have to worry about Osamatron or RIDS (Robot Immune Deficiency Syndrome)... You will all be cyborgs gentically altered to leanr only what we teach you and to do only what we tell you. it would be a perfect world.
  5. the point i was trying to make was written in my post... a few months may be considered old to some people.... i dont consider that old... i would consider a few years old... and i'm not concieded.... ok well maybe I am... oh thats right, my signature kinda says so... heh. [b]Who:[/b] [i]Queen Asuka, Sephiroth, BabyGirl, Shy [/i](or is he still around)[i], GinnyLyn, wrist cutter, coolkam007, and Syk3[/i] [b]Profile:[/b] [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/member.php?u=1409]QA[/url], [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/member.php?u=3]Seph[/url], [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/member.php?u=59]BG
  6. Does anyone here really even know any old OB memebers? I mean, a few months isn't old... i can name people from 3 years ago.... I'd bring back Sephiroth... not that anyone whos anyone would remember him. I think he's number 6 in posts behind me....
  7. I forgot what this topic was about... oh right, seven days or something... horrible movie by the way.... Look anything to deal with religion is always going to be based on faith whether or not i have 1000000000 things to prove it wrong, people who believe tend not to change their minds. I dont see why anyone bothers to argue about it.... I just like saying things though. It makes me feel smart on the inside.
  8. [QUOTE=The Boss][color=navy][size=1] Heh. And the re-telling of the flood story by several faiths kinda makes ya ponder if 'A Great Flood' really did occur sometime in history.[/color][/size][/QUOTE] Makes me wonder why Christianity couldn't come up with their own stories, they had to steal someone elses...... . . . . . . now before you go all getting angry, that was a joke..
  9. [quote name='Cygnus X-1][COLOR=Sienna']In fact, many of their stories originally came from pre-Christian religions, which were modified to fit in with the general message of Christianity. Most notably is the Flood myth. [/COLOR][/quote] You're absolutely right. And any evidence of this can be seen by quickly refrencing any mythology book at your local book retailer. Or just be smart and take a class at your local college. Anyway, one thing i don't get, and this may be off topic, since the old testament was oral transmitted through hundreds of years, maybe more, how can we be sure th
  10. I've had this username on OB for.... probably around 5 years now... wow its been a long time. When i first came here, this place was over-run by DBZ fans who were still obsessing over SS-J 5 Gokou. lol. I was a pretty mean member, just telling it how it was though... I eventually made my way up here into moderator status/super mod or whatever is right beneath admin. James and I are good friends, speaking of which, you need to send me a message James-y. When i was a mod, i had to be myself, but not so mean, and tons more professional... and I was... for a long time. But then I had school,
  11. [QUOTE=The Boss][color=navy][size=1]These texts were written so that God, through the Prophets, could convey his message of how one should handle their life. So basically, you could say it is the Guidebook written by God through his Prophets. Or a Guidebook written by the Prophets, influenced by God in a near direct way.[/color][/size][/QUOTE] If by prophets you mean the hundreds of years the jews orally transmitted the old testament?
  12. [quote name='cancer']Yes, I would have to agree with Boo. Science claims to have the answers to so many things, but constantly they change something or something that they've said proves to be incorrect. And even what they've shown has not disproved the existence of God, and there is so much that science cannot explain. I do agree that much of it is to be interpreted not literally.[/quote] Spoken like a true religious person.... Science NEVER claims to have the answer, we have theories... look it up in the dictionary..... the only time we have answers is when we prove it... [
  13. There's a sonic boom in Orlando everytime the shuddle lands... i've must have heard it about 20 or so times. (it's never shattered one of my windows by the way) How is that a weapon?... the only reason i can see it causing misscarriages is purely from the fact that it may scare a woman enough to cause that... but anythign could scare her, i dont think it's the actual sonic boom that causes the misscarriage. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, those two countries have been at it for so many years that i am convinced that they will never stop, so I am not going to get all bent out of shape abo
  14. yay i like polysics :) I could not name the Japanese bands i have liked or currently do like. I'm a huge Dir en grey fan. For those of you not up on current concerts, they will be playing with Korn on the Family Values tour this summer, tickets still available for $10 :) I also like move, pop/trance/dance/whatever... I've seen Psycho le cemu and Despair's Ray live. I've been a DR fan since they were playing small clubs in Japan. Their music was so good and still is. I wasnt a big fan of Psycho, but i got the chance to see them live, and I really liked their live performan
  15. The only problem i have with mormons or any religion for that matter is when they begin to push their beliefs onto other people. I mean you wouldn't appreciate me coming up to your door and forcing your son or brother (or you) to be gay would you? I mean, thats not a really good comparison, but the point is made either which way you look at it. I dont appreciate when someone challeges my beliefs and puts their own in its place. Thats not only completely annoying, its rude. Im sure the Mayans appreciated it when Cortez came to their land and forced them all to become christian under penalt
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