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Gaming [Small Review]Spawn: Armageddon


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Alright, time for a small review on this new Spawn game that just came out within the past few days.

I just bought my copy yesterday, and I must say this game is pretty decent. Not as good as I thought it was gonna be, but eh, still good nonetheless.

I havent beatin the game yet, but I was able to defeat 3 stages within an hour period(which in my opinion is VERY quick). Thats without reading any of the instructions and what not. The only thing that got me was gettin lost in one of hte stages. Trying to figure out where to go, especially on this stage where you have to jump from buildin to buildin.

Graphics...eh, not as good as I thought they were gonna be. Could've been alot better. Its a bit too stiff for me. Mainly during the cinema scenes anyway. Now the opening sequence is bangin. Looks like he does on XBox. but then...it begins to get sloppy. But oh well. Its just the cinema scenes. I dont care too much for those.

Gameplay is nice. Basically, picture Devil May Cry 1, and there ya go. You, killin a bunch of damn imps, flying imps, goat lookin suckaz, etc. I mean, its fun at first...then it begins to lag a bit until you start gettin more weapons like guns and ish. I got sick of tryin to find my way around that friggen game. Its basically like a maze on a few sections of the game. Basically just like Devil May Cry 1, except you got an ax.

Now the main thing I like about this game is the gore. I never have been one for "too much" gore, but this one is pretty nice when it comes to it. I love how you can cut somethin up with your ax and the blood will drip from it. And then when you put the ax back on your back, the blood is still drippin a little bit fromt he axe until it dries up.

Anyway, all in all the game is decent. Not the best game out there, but then again not the worst.

So, I give this game a 7.5/10 Well worth rentin, but I dont recommend buyin it unless you're a huge Spawn fan(like myself).

Well, there ya have it. Take it for what its worth.
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