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Mi life is teh suk!!!1!!!11


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Hi every1! i hat2 teh holidayz! First, my best frend cant com over 4 dinner, and i h@ve nuthn 2 do 2day! i hate my relitaves SOOO much!!11!1! I hat3 mi lif! I swer, i dont wanta live anymorer!1

N mi grilfrend br0lke up witt me last week. Oh mi Goed, it fruggin hurtS! I l-000ve her so muuuch!11!

Sum1 plz, help me plz. I dont wanta liv.


Now why did I just do that, you may ask?

Really, to actually [i]show[/i] people how ridiculous they sound when they begin ranting like that. The phrase, "seeing is believing," comes into play here. Many just will not realize a situation until they see it from another point of view, from a different standpoint.

Such is what happened in one of my teacher prep courses the other day. We discuss multiculturalism in the classroom and student accommodation very regularly. One subject that comes up all the time is bilingual education, how it needs to be implemented. The majority of the class did not truly see the need for bilingual education, as the majority had been speaking English their entire lives, growing up in an English-speaking school.

Here comes Solimar and her all Spanish presentation. 10 minutes from a Native Spanish-speaking tongue. I walked in a bit late during her presentation. She started chastising me in lightning fast Spanish. I wasn't sure how to react, because I had never been put into that position, where I was the one getting spoken to in a language totally unfamiliar to me.

After I sat down and began looking around at my class during this, I realized Solimar's intent. She was twisting the perspective around.

That is what I did with this post. Everyone, think about your reactions to the first bit of my post here. It doesn't matter if you're cynical of the rampant "depression" threads; it doesn't matter if you're faking it; it doesn't matter if you're honestly and truly depressed. Just think about your reaction. Think about how you were put on the other side of the coin.

Now, I am volunteering my services and guidance to anyone who seriously needs it. But, I want to make this perfectly clear. This thread is not intended to become a new therapy thread.

My AIM screename is XtremeVerbatage. Anyone who is actually suffering from holiday depression, or depression in general, is welcome to contact me. I'm not online all the time, but I'm generally on a lot, provided my network doesn't keep crapping out on me. Again, this offer is for the ones who are [i]truly[/i] suffering from anxiety and depression. I don't want the poseurs wasting my time.

I will not outright say your problems will vanish, but I will assist you in the self-realization of your own control.

Now, Happy Holidays to all, enjoy the turkey, enjoy the company, and I know Shinmaru and I will be enjoying the gaming in our respective familial units.
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[color=2244CC][size=1]So, ummm... What exactly is the point of this thread?
I get the part of people venting to you on AIM.
I get the part that people do suffer from holiday depression.
I can even relate to getting bitched out in a language you can't understand.

But if this isn't a therapy thread and all it's doing is announceing you're there for people, where is this thread going to go? What discussion will come from it, save the agreements with Harry's comment?[/size][/color]
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I agree with KOTR. There's not much of a point in leaving this thread open for discussion when it's clearly not intended to be a therapy thread (as explained by Alex himself). Which, is good considering a thread about suicide and depression is not an effective means of stopping [i]other[/i] threads in the same vein from popping up. That's like fighting obesity with fast food. It's just not going to work.

The best remedy for the solution as far as OtakuBoards is concerned, is for members to take the situation into their own hands and create more upbeat discussion. Generally speaking, if that's what you want to see-then by all means, take the initiative to bring it to the Lounge. It'd be swell.

Otherwise, just don't visit depression threads if you're not interested in them. Unless you're a staff member assigned to this area, there's no obligation for you to do so.

This thread will still be visible for anyone who feels PoisonTongue can cure their depression, though. But, because most of the depression we see around here is merely teenage angst as opposed to, you know, [i]real[/i] problems, I think the only one I'm going to feel sorry for is PoisonTongue if people do indeed begin to approach him on IM. ^_^;;
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