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  1. The greatest jokes highschools and parents like to play on kids is that they pretend high school matters. Your highschool GPA will mean absolutely nothing the second you get into any college. Even if you go to a community college (which sounds way beneath you from your attitude) it won't matter ever again. Don't let your parents pressure you into something stupid like Pre-Med or Pre-Law. Take your time, figure out what you truly care about, and then look towards graduate school for what you truly want to do. Unless you've filled your head with some delusion that you'll be making $100k+ a year (don't worry you won't) right out of college, take it easy. Hell once you take some masters classes, a lot of employers won't even care what your undergrad gpa was.
  2. Don't go into the Navy unless you're sure you want to go.Also getting a GED isn't the end of the world, although it kind of depends what college you're planning to go to. Also, make sure you have adequate funding to go to college because getting out with $70,000 in debt is a great way to hate life.
  3. Crocodiles. I find them fascinating but I have nightmares about them about once a month.
  4. You need to teach your friend a lesson. The "you snooze you lose" lesson.
  5. [QUOTE=Ikillion][COLOR=#99121c][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS] I don't know if its just my teachers or anything but I have used Wikipedia for sources in many of my projects and none of my teachers have said anything about not using it before. It could be that since I also get things from other sources that helps cover that though.[/FONT].[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE] As a general rule you should never cite from encyclopedias.
  6. [quote name='Retribution][size=1']So you're not willing to get a vasectomy, but you expect your wife to tie her tubes? That's a lame double standard. How about you just use contraception so that neither one of you have to deal with all those procedures?[/size][/quote] Well the reason she has to get her tubes tied if for some reason he's against a vasectomy is rule #1 for guys. Never believe a girl when she says she's on birth control. Especially when she's in "awww baby" mode.
  7. [quote name='Chabichou][COLOR=#004a6f']It makes me so angry how they can get away with that. What Israel is doing is just plain terrorism. Don't get me wrong, Israel has the right to defend itself from any further attacks from militant groups, but why must civilians pay the price for what these militants do? Why must Israel bomb the airport, bridges, and people homes too? It's so sad.[/COLOR][/quote] Because civilians support the militant group? Hezbollah is pratically the governing body in southern Lebanon.
  8. [quote name='Lord Dante']Although I could be wrong. [/quote] You are wrong.
  9. You are aware of the fact that 1918 was quite some time ago? A time where penicillian doesn't even exist and medicine was part voodoo part science. The bird flu won't be anywhere near as bad as the 1918 one. This isn't even mentioning the fact that the % of people dying is skewed since that's from the people who were so bad off they went to the hospital. It might be much lower since quite a few people could've just gotten over it.
  10. You can tell it's fiction because it's under the fiction area in a bookstore. Also there's already been human zoos. [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_zoo[/url]
  11. [quote name='IceRose']She shouldn't be mad at you, you did what any friend would do in that case which is encourage the friend to admit her feelings for the guy. She should be mad at the guy, well not really. My friend Catherine pretty much dragged me to tell the guy I liked that I liked him, well it didn't work out since he didn't like me back but I wasn't mad at Catherine for that, I mean how can the friends know how the guy feels??? Don't blame yourself, is not your fault that he didn't like her, its not your fault he liked you and pretty much you should feel guiltless. Besides, if she is going to begin acting like that for a simple thing such as a crush telling her that he doesn't like her, how is she going to react to real problems in life.[/quote] A real friend would actually test the waters. The OP should've asked the guy friend if he liked her. Of course not just coming out with it, but being subtle. But really the girl will get over it, and the guy will always have a crush on you so don't expect to ever talk to him again.
  12. Well considering you're going to be in college from Fall 06 to Spring 07, I would say the 2006-2007 school year is a good start. You answered your question in your post.
  13. [QUOTE=Anime Elf]George Bush hates black people? Someone must have forgot to tell Condie and Colin Powell. :animeangr [/QUOTE] They don't count, they're Uncle Toms.
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