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  1. [FONT=Tahoma]Recently, I've heard "Last Christmas" by Jimmy Eat World. It was pretty okay i guess. But i agree with Clurr on one of them, Carol of the Bells/Ukrainian Bell Carol. I love that song :][/FONT]
  2. 80's. Probably cause of the same reaons as Heero Yuy. Especially the music and fashion. Dunno why.
  3. [quote name='Sara][color=#b0000b][size=1]I don't regret things; I learn from them.[/size'][/color][/quote] [FONT=Tahoma]Agreed. Regrets have made me stronger, in a way. And who I am, basically. I always think," I should've done this", but it's too late. Then, I've learned what to do next time it happens.[/FONT]
  4. [quote name='Papa Smurf']Plus, I get the feeling that Steve Irwin would have been laughing his *** off had he seen the episode featuring him. I mean, hell, he made fun of himself on his own show. He obviously had a sense of humor, albeit a crazy and disturbing one. He was pretty twisted, and I seriously doubt he's rolling in his grave, offended because Satan thinks it's "just too early" for Steve Irwin Halloween costumes. Dude, if there's an afterlife, I'd bet money that Irwin is having a mighty good laugh about that episode.[/quote] [FONT=Tahoma]Haha, I definantly agree. If y
  5. [FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]I've seen... [U]Tale of Two Sisters [/U] I saw it in spanish (Los Poseidos) and it...the dubbing wasn't sooo great, besides that, this movie left me sleeping with my (old) night light on. [U]The Eye[/U] Again, saw it in spanish (El Ojo) dubbing sucked. I don't know, the ending kinda disappointed me. I was hoping for an okay ending...as happy endings don't occur in horror films. [U]The Eye 2[/U] I found this one a bit scarier,although I hated the whole plot, and was confused...even though I paid close attention. Damn that sucky
  6. [FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]I don't know why, but most of my dreams have been focusing on Pokemon (don't ask) Like recently, I had this weird dream were I was in a really pretty meadow, all rainbows and stuff...and Pikachu came and started poking me. Then he called Charmander and Bulbasaur and they all circled me and started singing or something. Yes I know, wtf. Suddenly, we went on this huge adventure trying to find Squirtle and Pichu. And yeeaah.........I just humiliated (sp?) myself in public. Damn.[/FONT]
  7. [FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Junk food...yeah, I'm glancing around my room as well, and... lessee there's Dr.Pepper, Sprite and a few Mountain Dew's here and there. Yess, I am big on sodas. I have tried cutting back...but it's not working. And... as I look around more...I see lots of other things... that I hadn't noticed. Not sure if I'm planning on stopping anytime soon... I know, I know I should. But it'll be preeetyy hard for me.[/FONT]
  8. [FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Halloween is nearly dead for me. And I miss it. My friends and I used to go around our neighborhood and scare little kids. But I would always feel bad, so usually, I'd watch from afar. We would also go to the Scream Factor X, which is like a haunted house that is ACTUALLY scary. I'd scream and cling on to my friends, while they tried to pry me off, haha. Later, we'd go to my house (usually) and watch horror movies while giving out candy. They'd end up spending the night, and we would go for a walk at 3 AM. Just for the heck of it. Now
  9. [COLOR=Navy][B]Panda[/B]- Muñeca [B]Moenia[/B]- Ni tu ni Nadie [B]Taking Back Sunday[/B]- You're so last summer [B]blink 182[/B]- Adam's Song [B]Nirvana[/B]- Heart Shaped Box [B]Miranda!- [/B] Don [B]NIN[/B]- Animal [B]Green Day[/B]- She [B]Radiohead[/B]- Promise [B]AFI[/B]- Prelude 12/21 [B]AFI[/B]- Girls not Grey [B]Panda[/B]- Si Supieras [B]Panda[/B]- Disculpa los malos pensamientos [B]Panda[/B]- Cuando no es como deberia ser [B]Panda[/B]- De Sangre es mi... Oh my....[/COLOR]
  10. I get pissed off..quite easily, really. But, people always think of me as the "nice" and "sane" one of my friends. So, whenenever I am angry, my friends think I'm playing around, and start making...umm..fun? Yes, fun at me, which just irritates me even MORE. And finally...that's pretty much when they know I'm pissed off. Hmm, yeeah, nuff said.
  11. [QUOTE=Tical Blue]It probably shouldn't. Athena, your pics are pretty kewl, I like the cell phone one although you look rather displeased in it. That guy did a damn good Jack Sparrow as well.[/QUOTE] i was being sarcastic XP Hmmm...I actually thought that WAS Johnny Depp...props to the dude.
  12. [QUOTE=Tical Blue]*raises hand* feel not alone. Ai.Sakura.chan - the reason you are bombarded by compliments here is because we are perverts >_> Ziggy - ROFLMAO! Marsh - your pic is awesome albeit small. That expression is priceless :animesmil[/QUOTE] Niiice. That makes me feel so much better, haha
  13. (White) ...I think it's just me but.. you look like that guy from Hannah Montana. I don't know his name..but he's that GUY dammit.
  14. [FONT=Trebuchet MS][B]People I Now envy:[/B] Color_me_evil- You're so pretty and flawless =x Sakurasaku-I'd feel wrong saying you're hot like everybody else is saying, but you have the cutest face and beautiful eyes. Cancer-I want your hair and Rifles-Super pretty eyes, I want them. Well here are two other pictures I just found, hehe[/FONT] [IMG]http://i3.tinypic.com/2dt5clg.jpg[/IMG]
  15. [FONT=Trebuchet MS]hmmm..I guess I forgot to mention this but.. Color_Me_Evil, you're sooo pretty >____< *huggles* I love your first picture. Great Rikku =][/FONT]
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