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    Anime and manga all the way! I'm actually drawing my own manga at the moment, so hopefully I'll be able to take that further.
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  1. I have two diferent stories about this kind of thing, one of them was not me though. The first one occured when I was about 7-8 years old. I was prepared for just an average school day. As usual, the class register, lessons get planned out, kids feeling okay... except for me. For some reason, in a split moment of time, my whole bodily feelings changed, and I felt bad all over, especially in my stomach. Before I knew it, I had puked up all over our round table, much to the surprise of the teachers and students. I promptly ran to the sink across the room, but managed to throw up again before I reached it. After phoning my mom to come pick me up, I puked up another 2 times. After getting picked up, we started to walk home, since I only lived down the street, but on the way back I ended up bringing up my own vomit about 4 more times. By the end of the day, I swear I must have lost about 10 pounds or something. My mouth was so sore. Oddly enough, since that day, I've never thrown up since. The other story occured about 2 years ago when I was hanging around with a friend of mine. He was sitting on the sofa while I was sittingon the opposite side of the room. Like me, he felt completely fine... when all of a sudden he threw up over the sofa. This shocked me, so I quickly sent him to the bathroom and got to cleaning it up. Unfortunately, the bathroom was worse for ware after he'd finished in there. Much to the dismay of my Grandmother who was around. After he explained what had happened, my grandmother, being the odd little lady she is, promptyly stated: "Oh, I just cleaned that bathroom!" Shows she cares...
  2. I've only read the manga, and I was surprised by how short it was. Considering it was only 2 volumes long. Its ending seemed to be rushed, claiming that Kazuki [spoiler]still remembers everything, and that he was lying when he didn't.[/spoiler] In any case, I still found it enjoyable. Having his powers would be pretty awesome! :animesmil [size=1][indent][color=#007520]Added spoiler tags to your post. Keep in mind that not everyone is as far as you in the series. :P Use [sp[b][/b]oiler] and [/sp[b][/b]oiler] to hide plot points that could ruin the series for others. -r2[/color][/indent][/size]
  3. While I am a very passive and easy-going person, I can't deny that I get majorly stressed at sometimes, even over something trivial. What I normally try and do is either talk it out with someone who will take the time to listen to me, or I just take it inwards and settle down naturally in my own way. With this I normally end up drawing, listening to music or just taking a shower. Showers seem to be great stress relievers, it works wonders for me.
  4. I probably couldn't live without pies. Cheery, Apples, Strawberry and any other kind of fruit pie are a must in my eating plan! I don't know if Lemon Mirangue Pie counts, but either way it's delicious! :animesigh
  5. Oh, how to begin on this one? I've come across so many annoying habits or actions that I find people doing over the years. I suppose one of the things I really can't satdn is when people eat but don't close their mouth while they chew. Now, I realise that younger children don't usually close theior mouths anyway, but regardless it still drives me up the wall. The persistant factor in this is that babies and toddlers seem to love staring at me, especially as they eat. Which comes to another thing I loathe, staring. I used to know a kid who was a year above me, but he wasn't exactly the tallest guy around. In any case, everyday on the bus he would stare at me from afar, and I noticed it on several occations, until one day I gave him a thorough talking to. Another as DesertPheonix said, when you can hear people's music through their ear-phones and when they start singing to it. I've got so many students who go to my college who do that they even do it more in classes. 'Acting tough' is another things in life that I despise. I see too many kids nowadays trying to pretend that they're 'All That' and that they can beat up anybody, always bosting about their own abilities. I've noticed that it only seems to be short kids who do it, why is that? :animestun And what is it with trying to dress up as a gangster? I'm sure you know about this, when you see teens dressed up in hoodies and baggy jeans, walking as if they're swinging their hips and trying to act all 'hard'. Two words.... 'Question talkers!!!' I hate every ounce of their bodies. Basically, a question talker is someone who talks like this: Me: "Sorry I'm late..." Moron: "Do I want you to be on time? Yes, I do! Do I think it's smart that you're late? No, I don't!" They ask a question and answer it in the same sentence. Which reminds me of something else, pointless questioning. No offence girls, but I've noticed that it only seems to be women who do this. These kind of questions: "Is that Coronation Street or Eastenders?" "Oh, it's Eastenders." "No it isn't, it's Coronation Street." Or: "What time did you finish your game?" "Um... about 10:40." "No, it was 11:30." It's at that point I think: "Why the hell did you ask me then?" :mad: Oh, so many things annoy me in this world, but it would be impossible to list them all.
  6. I'd enjoy it if it actually came to Europe. The original series was great, so now I want to move onto the GU chapters!
  7. Sub or Dub really doesn't matter in my opinion. If I had to choose though, I'd probably prefer the subs. Mainly because all the anime I own has been encoded by reliable sources and you can understand what the characters are talking about. Some subs are horrible though, take the Yugioh edition for example. That had some of the worst subbing I've ever seen. Most of the time I could never understand what the subtitles were on about or they just didn't make sense. Thankfully, Yugioh is also dubbed which suits it so much better. Many of the anime that I have on my computer, are in japanese and have decent subs. The lettering suits the anime and is the right colour so it doesn't ruin the mood. These particular series that I own are AIR, Kanon, Elfen Lied, Gunslinger Girl, Chobits and Shuffle. Sometimes I wish I could watch them in a dubbed edition just to hear what their voices would be like in English. In the end though, I'm not bothered as long as I can watch and enjoy it.
  8. Not many movies or animes have the strength to make me cry. Reason being, it takes a lot to upset me over anything. However, some anime has made me blubber: Elfen Lied: Basically the ending episode made me cry. I would put the details but I don't know how to black out the writing. Meh... :animesigh Pita Ten: When Shia finds out who she really is and the events following. Again, I won't put the details in. Azumanga Daioh: An amazing ending to an amazing anime... but it still hit me hard.
  9. I can definitely say that over the years, I've changed in many ways. I remember that when I was younger I used to have a bit of s short temper and I hated losing. However, looking back at that I realise what an brat I was sometimes. Nowadays, I accept losing like anything else in my life, since there's nothing I can do about it. I'm glad that I'm no longer like that, since I've learned to just go with the flow of life. I'm actually a very easy-going person, plus I'm incredibly passive. However, not all changes have been for the good. When I was younger I used to have a multitude of friends to hang around with. But when I had to move to my new house 8 years ago, I had to leave them all behind. While I was able to make new friends near where I live now, they've recently told me that they don't want to hang around with me anymore. Far be it from me to judge people, but if they're like that then I realise that they weren't my friends at all. The only person who's always there to cheer me up is my little sister. I just hope she doesn't have to go through that stuff. I suppose what I like most about my changes is the fact that my drawing skills have increased substationally. Nowadays, I can draw quite a lot of different things from heart. This is why I want to make drawing my life, since I'd like to go into the manga business.
  10. Choosing my faves in an order would be hard so I'll just list them. [B]Azumanga Daioh:[/B] I was originally introduced to this like many other people, seeing it in a magazine or an advert etc. However, my real love for it started when I bough the first volume on DVD for £10. Considering it had 5 episodes on it, I thought "Why not?" And I've never looked back on that decision. What I love about it is its sheer imense humour and gentle tone. Normally, a lot of comedy seems to derive from ecchi kind of scenes, but Azumanga took it to a whole new level. It never needed any sexual reference or anything in particular, but it still remained a hilarious and cute story. While I may not have seen the whole series, I don't think I'll ever get bored of it. Mainly because of a certain character... Osaka! XD [B]ELfen Lied:[/B] Some of you may be thinking how an anime like this could make it into my top five. While I hate violence and dismemberation, I fell for the fluid and slick art of this series. The manga may have had a few questions in its art, the anime's was some of te best I'd seen in a while. What really got me into Elfen Lied was wanting to discover the whole story behind Kouta and Nyu's relationship. What I love above anything else is a solid story behind a series, and Elfen Lied's was top notch. I admit it was rather depressing and morbid at times (Poor puppy...) i quickly looked the other way about it and just wanted o continue with the main story. I suppose it's an anime that I can relate to. When the world treats you differently, you want to change it. [B]Shuffle!:[/B] Again, the animation and beautiful art all around was what attracted me at first. After watching a few episodes though, I began liking it even more. The characters were very well designed and I believe that their personalities contrast well with each other. While it may have been on the slightly ecchi side, the story and development of the characters is what relaly kept me hooked. Many of the characters I could laugh at and still enjoy their roles, while others I could dislike but still know how important they were. I admit I was a bit disappointed by its ending and who Rin ended up with but it was a great series nonetheless. [B]Kanon:[/B] I thoroughly enjoyed the manga to the extend that I wanted to create something similar to it. I loved the cute character design and it slightly influences my main style of drawng anyway. Yet again, it was a harem kind of series, but those are the ones I like mostly. I found that Yuuichi is very much like me in personality, abrupt and frank, not realising fully if you hurt people until they tell you. [B]Cardcaptors:[/B] I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to the magical girl genre, but Cardcaptors was one of those animes that I could watch over and over and still be entertained. The music was an important factor in my decision, since I loved the opening songs. Yet again, the complex story and relationships are what kept me glued to the screen.
  11. Like some of the previous posters, I do take Martial Arts, moreover I [B]did[/B] take them anyway. I really dislike fighting and violence altogether really, thusly I have never thrown the first punch in a brawl. Since I was in year 3, I had a fight nearly every year. I'll see if I can summarise: Year 3 (About 8 years old): I had a fight with an older kid. I don't know why he wanted to fight, but he did. After throwing me around, I managed to kick him squarely in the shin, and fracture it at the same time. That was the last time I heard of him. Year 4: Another older kid was bad-mouthing me, but I ignored it. Eventually he got to pushing then hitting me, in which I retaliated by punching him straight in the jaw. He soon backed off. Year 6: I had an arguement with my friend and we ended up getting a few hits to each other. We soon made up though. Year 7: Ah yes, I remember this one well. A kid in the same year as me, but a lot shorter, thought it would be smart to pick on my little sister with me in presence. I stepped in to see what his problem was, and he suddenly hit me in the face right out of the blue. So I decided to give him some ***-kicking. Yet again, it was the last he ever bothered me or my sister. Year 8: Another big brother incident. It was a case similar to the year before. In other words, I was simply protecting my kid sister from a small gang. They were known for picking on younger kids. Year 9: A long-time asshole that I knew through a lot of school years was the target this time. He'd always been rather cocky, but in this year he became unbearable. We eventually ended up fighting after a PE lesson. Being the coward he was, he tried to get some of his friends to help him but they weren't interested. Year 10: The last fight I've had was with a rather obnoxious little loser called Alex. WHile I was hanging out with my friends and sister, he thought it would be funny to taunt and make fun of us, and he wouldn't think we'd retaliate... just because he had a tennis racket with him. While my friends simply bad-mouthed him, I decided enough was enough after he swung for my knees. I thrashed and beated his wretched hide, while ontaining a very swolen arm where he had smashed it with the racket. The day after, I can admit that I would have severely beaten him and not cared about the conseqeunces, but I decided against it. Yet again, I haven't heard from him since. So as you can see, all my fights have been around the school area. It seems that college is getting more violent nowadays. :animestun I'm not a violent person though, I can turn the other cheek even in the most extreme taunts, but I don't allow anyone to hurt me and get away with it. That's just the way I am. :animesigh
  12. Sho Ayori

    Gaming MySpace

    Personally, I can't stand MySpace. I just can't understand what kind of kicks people get out of it by posting up so much depressing stuff about their real-lives. That's why we live, to have fun OUTSIDE of the digital economy. I find that Bebo is just the same. My friend has an account on it and I have found, just by watching, that so many chavs and ******** go on it. There's never any account I see without some sort of insult in their chat box, or death threat or something equally as pointless. What I've also found is that whenever there's any sort of anime forum or online game, you'll never find any chavs or morons who go on it. Why? Because those types of people never seem to like anime or manga. All they seem to enjoy is the strange and weird interests of today's society. Not that it's bad, I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there are many things about modern youth today that I just don't understand. At least on this forum we can all get along and not have people who think it's funny to spam or behave like idiots.
  13. These are some that I've learned from spending time with my family. "Nothing that is worth having in this world comes easy." "We can never understand what we don't accept." "If you really want to lead the orchestra, you have to turn your back on the crowd." "Good and Evil are but 2 sides of the same coin."
  14. I suppose my resolutions would be these: Try and relax a bit. There's been a lot of angst and stress for me over the year of 2006, so hopefully I can just shrug that off and live happier. Get accustomed to being 18... but I'm not going to take that oppotunity to get drunk or anything. I know better than that. Go to the gym more often. I'm quite leen, but I feel I could be a bit stronger.
  15. I usually find myself just doing drawings... and I mean a LOT of drawings. Some of the time I don't even realise until I start inking my work. Aside from that, I usually listen to music, read manga, play games or generally just do exercise. Pretty basic stuff really. My kid sister is almost exactly the same as me.
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