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  1. The question is, why make this movie? The story told in the first 3 films has revolved around the prevention of the event known as "Judgement Day." This event occured at the conclusion to the third film, which wraps up the story, completing it. We cannot prevent judgement Day, it is enevitable. This is the conclusion. So where do we go from here? A generic actioner set in the aftermath of Judgement Day springs to mind. One with none of the original cast, Terminator without the Governator? Another reason why they should have scrapped this onto the "drop and leave" pile. I see that James
  2. The Moment of Truth is pure, unadulterated crap. By their own admission the people going through the process are already asked these questions before hand, in the preliminary lie detector test, so why is it surprising to them when the question pop up? Surely they can't be that shocked if they've already been asked, perhaps they're under contract to "ham it up" and shed a few crocodile tears for the sake of the ratings. The only reality shows I'll watch are the Baby Borrowers and Hells Kitchen. Baby Borrowers actually provides some life lessons for the teens going through it and Hells Kitch
  3. Al Gore suggested the new White House model could cut electricity used by 100%, moving the politicians out could also cut down the greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. [youtube="Kids!"]wQ9c-wC6x-g[/youtube] Welcome, to your brave new world!
  5. As far as I know, we didn't get it here in Australia, but I can't see a TV show based on a website being much to miss, especially based on a website as vapid, insipid and hollow as H.O.N. Oh, and anyone who took a "hot" meter like the gospel of beauty, needs to get out more. :animeswea
  6. It's going to be good, but, nothing can beat Batman and Robin, which is hands down the best Batman movie ever made. I don't know about you, but I got goosebumps when I first saw Arnie as Mr. Freeze. He just got the character down to perfection. George Clooney, man, he will always be Batman, in my books. [B]Not. [COLOR=Red]He-he-ha-ha-ha! [COLOR=SeaGreen][COLOR=Navy]Come on[/COLOR], Why so serious?[/COLOR][/COLOR] [/B] Dark Knight, wow. I've only seen the trailer and this film is blowing my mind. First off, Heath Ledger's joker is legitimately scary. He's a far cry from Jack Nicholso
  7. This picture of a cute inter-species friendship was taken seconds before the bird turned on the monkey and pecked its eyes out. Ruin a feel good moment with context today!
  8. [quote name='DeathKnight'][COLOR=crimson]In the most non-offensive way possible, I am very curious how many of you worship regularly at a religion and voted no for ghosts. If you'd tell me I'd be very appreciative.[/COLOR][/quote] I'm religious and voting no for ghosts. When you die you go into what is known as a 'sould sleep' to await the final day of judgement. This is why the ghosts of dead people do not roam the earth, according to my beliefs. Now, some people do see spirits that resemble their deceased friends/family, and their are mediums that claim to contact the dead, but I do no
  9. Epitome wins the internets. Runner up goes to Korey. :animesmil
  10. Okay, here it goes. Courtesy of the photoshop wizards at worth1000.com [IMG]http://img157.imageshack.us/img157/9832/401663sxawwwm5.jpg[/IMG] I avoided hotlinking this time, so you shouldn't be seeing a "Hulk" face. ;)
  11. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, [I]"how can that cat refrain from eating all the fish?"[/I] or you think [I]"Is this cat a master of self control?"[/I] This is no conundrum, my friend. The fish, it is chicken.
  12. [quote name='boothten'][SIZE=1]No one replied to it this time! Haha, oh well. Aceburner won this round. ;D![/SIZE][/quote] I counted five, including Aceburner. No one replied? :confused:
  13. I don't drink tea very often and when I do, it's a plain Earl Grey with a hint of milk and sugar. I do want to try some exotic teas, such as the flavour infused ones. In time, I guess.
  14. "I'm is so the reals Bwuce Rillis!"
  15. You can't be too careful when wearing bandanas. While banning bandanas will do nothing to curb crime (alliteration ftw) we must think of the health consequences. Bandanas are a major health hazard. The dye in them is actually a noxious poison once used by the Aztecs to subdue and control the minds of their enemies. No-one who comes under the control of the dye users even knows it, since they're in full belief that it was their own though process and actions. It is a vicious, yet inconspicuous menace. I came under the control of bandanna manufacturers once, and only knew of it once the
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