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    My mother was a hampster and my father smelt of elderberries
  1. Diet Mountain Dew. I love it, I could easily drink a few two litre bottles of it a day if my mom bought that much, Im drinking it right now, in fact. With every other can I wonder how long it will be until I get a brain tumor from all the nutrasweet :animedepr .
  2. I'd go with option 2, seeing as I hate the cold and I hate being alone, and, because I'm assuming I would have no computer with internet connection, definately option 2. [B]Would you rather[/B] .... Search for a missing loved one for a decade, only to discover them to have been killed in the most brutal, slow, and painful way possible. [CENTER]or[/CENTER] Be the bottom/submissive in a voilent BDSM relationship with some crazy socipath for the rest of your life (Assuming you arent into voilent BDSM, of course)
  3. Well Sony's sued people before for stupid **** like this. If they are able to sue Sony, I'll consider it poetic justice. Plus I hate Sony, they suck. [size=1][color=red]Todesengel, welcome. I deleted your other message. (Tried to copied a paste, but it didn't work out the way I intended.) In any case, double posting is not allowed. The edit button is there for a reason, and we expect you to use it. Another thing, you may want to consider adding some thought to your post. We have an emphasis on quality and conversation. You can atleast give (explain) your reason. If you have any questions,
  4. If I could pick songs to follow me around wherever I went I would pick them according to mood and change them often. For example, Angry- Necro- Your ****ing Head Split, Cannibal Corpse- Maniacal Sad- Some Dashboard Confessional song, Just Kidding, I hate emo Infanicidal- Anal Cu*t- I lit Your Baby On Fire Lobotomized- A Gucci Mane song If I ever lose my wooden leg climbing up the topsails, and want to find it (unlikely)- Dropkick Murphys- Im shipping up to Boston Like Crushing the legions of the twilight, whatever that means- Dragonforce- Operation Ground and Poun
  5. I've got a small, self done rune on my leg. It looks like ****, and was an extremely bad idea. Im hoping it'll fade away on it's own but it shouldnt be too expensive to get it removed. I used to have a small, self done anarchy sign on my palm, under my thumb, but it faded away over time (I actually kind of liked that one). When I'm old enough to get tattoos, I figure ill be covered in ink.
  6. Im an ugly mofo. This was the best pic I could get, Im not the most photogenic person in the world, and I couldn't figure out how to turn the flash off, lol. [URL=http://www1.snapfish.com/slideshow/AlbumID=161283171/PictureID=3223846543/a=98114184_98114184/t_=98114184]me[/URL]
  7. (1) I like to sing along to death metal songs when nobodies home, mostly Cannibal Corpse, you can imagine how dumb I look. I also like to headbang furiously while I do it. Many a days you can hear me from my room growling "MANIACAAAAL, PHSYCOPAAAATH!" (2) I like to sing along to J-pop songs, too. (3) Going Comando, if you do it once you realize how uncomfortable underwear are. (4) Slam dancing in my room. Mostly to earlier Job For A Cowboy songs, deathcore FTW. (5) Eating at Mcdonald's, I know it's extremly bad for me, but it's just so good. (6) Getting hurt, but only
  8. Or maybe, it was that the two ultimate evils of AOL and Breaking Benjamin combined, thus creating the spawn of satan and screwing up your connection.
  9. In the begining there was me and my hadouken which created the earth and the heavens.And then I said "HADOUKEN!" and there was light, and it was good.
  10. My parents generally let me stay home when I want too, unless Ive used up all my sick days. When I was in elementary school I used to try and fake sick, but I'm not the best actor, apparently :animesmil . The only method I ever used that really worked was staying up all night before to make myself sleepy, and I look pretty ****** after Ive stayed up all night so it helped convince my parents I was sick.
  11. I really dont think it's a phase I'll grow out of because I think about the guy ALOT. Way more than anyone whos going through a "Phase" should. As for the sexual preference of the guy, he's as straight as an arrow, anything an happen I guess, but this guy is definety straight, even if he was into guys, I doubt he would admit it, because it would mess up his reputation so bad, so it's pretty much gonna remain unrequitted. There was a kid I knew in 6th grade, he admitted he was gay and was relentlesly picked on, day after day, it was so bad he switched schools, I havent seen him since, and I don
  12. Ever since I was around 11 or 12, when I first hit puberty, I've noticed other males in a way most guys dont, but I was always too scared to think about it. But recently, I've became more open minded and decided it was ok. Im 14 now, and I'm trying to figure out if Im actually bi (I like women too), or i it's just a phase Ill grow out of. I recently told my best friend that I thought I was bi, he just told me I was stupid for thinking so and said it was active horomones/a phase I'll grow out/ect. But I'm not so sure, and I need help. So I want to know, do you think Im too young to tell or that
  13. [IMG]http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e10/SirEel32/retardedSuperman.jpg[/IMG] My secret is revealed! But seriously, Ill post a real pic when I find my camera.
  14. "Art F**" by a grindcore/noisegrind band called "Anal C***" Anal C***'s music is always really funny, but this is the funniest Ive heard. He listens to the f***ing Smiths He's got a mustache He wears a trenchcoat He's got a mustache He wears black tights He writes poetry He wears black lipstick Under his mustache He's got a rollercoaster haircut He dyes it jet black When his is really brown Just like his mustache He wants to be Robert Smith But with a mustache He's a f***ing art f** He's got a mustache
  15. Me and a few friends are currently starting a band, and I'm the bassist. First we are all gonna learn MCR- Give Em Hell Kid, just to get used to playing together. Im not sure what genre we are gonna be, the guitarist wants to sound like Underoath, whereas the drummer wants to sound like Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (ugh). If we start sounding like some pop punk RJA clone, them im gonna leave and start a band with one of my other friends. I like the idea of a metalcore-ish band, though, and drummers are a dime a dozen around here, so we could probably find a new drummer. :animesmil
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