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RATED PG-13 for excessive violence, horror, gore, blood, and language.

[U]Willcast-Bourne Inc.,Manchester, England
11:32 p.m., May 26, 2008[/U]

Dr. Willcast, co-chairman of the Willcast-Bourne Inc. sat at a desk covered by bottles, glasses, tubes, and other sceintific instruments. He was wearing a gas mask and swetaing perfucely, his hands shaky and nervous. He was pouring, very slowly, a test tube filled with red liquid into a container filled with blue liquid. The test-tube was marked [I]"Rabies Virus, Cultured!!!"[/I] His shaky, gloved hand slowly poured the test-tube's red contents into the blue liquid. After he emptied it completely, he swirled the container around carefully and watched as the inside liquid was manifested and turned completey red by the contents of the test-tube.

"Yes! Yes!" The muffled, old voice of the elderly Dr. Willcast said threw the gas mask. His eyes shaky. He had created the perfect monster inside that bottle. "They....huh huh, they told me that I could no longer do my expirements. They told me that I, I, the pristejuce Doctor John Willcast, could no longer do my expirements. That I must stop and shut down my LIFES WORK! Well, now, now I hold there lives right here in my hands." His eyes quenched in insane happiness. He gathered his things and put them in a large, metal breifcase, and hauled it outside of the large building and into his old, but mint, 1968 Couger. The head lights turned on and he pulled out quickly and into the road as he drove....

[U]Manchester Airport
2:07 p.m., June 24, 2008[/U]

"Hello? Manchester Airport? I need Clearence to land this is an American B14 Cargo plane. We have a crew of 5 and we need clearnce to land, unload, and fuel up. do we have clearence?" The American pilot waited for a reply from the radio. "Hello?! Hey, we need clearence to land, were low on fuel!" he waited frantically. "DAMN IT! The radio must be busted or something. Michael, were gonna have to emergency land without clearence!"

"Roger that." the Co-pilot said as he began to prepare for landing. As the plane led down, the co-pilot and the main pilot noticed that the run ways were completely empty, that is threw the clouds. They came down fast as they slowly landed, the concetrated hard on keeping the plane stable. As the plane slowed, they looked up a little at the ground infront of them and to the surprise and horror, saw many wrecked planes and fires

"Holy hell! What is this?!" the co-pilot said as they slowly came to a stop. After getting out of there seats, they deployed the emergency ramp and looked around. The american crew saw fires, crashed planes, and to there horror, dead, black and burned bodies, all over the run way.

"What happened here?!? Terroist attack?" one of the crew members said to the other. The other crew member slowly shook his head.

"I have no idea...."

"Well, we might aswell go and find out. We need to find some body." a soldier said. He went back into the plane and took 5 of the emergency weapons, M16's. He slid down the yellow emergency ramp and slung one of the M16's over his shoulders and threw the others to each of the soldiers, "We never know."

The soldeirs proceeded down the long run way to find some one alive. As they looked around, all they saw was dead bodies. Red and black. The smell of rotting flesh and burning hair filled the hair. One of the crew members vomitted at the stench while others were close by. As they came down the run way, they saw a shadow moving. They raised there guns and staired at the site. As the man that belonged to the shadow walked into site, the soldiers were shot with a cold breeze. The man was bloody, his eyes ravenous and he was drooling blood.

"Dear God! Hey man! Are you.... dear lord! We gotta help him." one of the soldiers said and they all rushed over.

"No! Stop there! Don't get near him!" a loud voice said over the inter come with a british accent. The soldiers looked up at the control tower, and looked down at the torn up man. The man broke into a ravenous run, snarling like a beast and revealing his sharped teeth. A shot rang out and a bullet passed threw the man's head, and he came to the ground dead.

"What the HELL!" one of the soldiers said.

"Don't touch the body! Stay away from it!" the voice said. "Carefully make your ways to the control tower and I will explain!" The soldiers looked at each other and made there ways to the control tower....


I need this-

5 American Military Members

2 British Civilions

[U]Sign Ups:[/U]


Nationality: (American or British)

Rank: (if American Militairy)



Prime Weapon:

Melee Weapon: (no katana's or nothin'. More like baseball bats and such. Knives maybe.)



No Bio needed, just explain how you survived in the first RPG post.


Okay, the story from here is that a highly contageuce virus that is an advanced form of Rabies has broken out in the U.K. Those infected have become cannibalistic and their minds degraded. There bodies have changed significantly aswell as there teeth and finger nails have sharpened. And were the only survivors so far. We have to find the nearest large city and find some way to get out of England and too another, uninfected country. I'll explain the rest later on.

[U]My sign up[/U]

Name: Michael Bloode

Nationality: Mauri/Australian (New Zealand= Mauri)

Rank: Civilion

Age: 23

Height/Weight: 6'0"/154 ibs

Prime Weapon: AK47, but later an american M16

Melee Weapon: a lead pipe

Description: Michael is a half Australian/ half Mauri (came to England to attend Oxford). His hair is short, black, and spiked forward and he has a square chin an sharp face. He has a dark tan and slanted, brown eyes. He wears a pair of torn up baggy pants, red Ecko T-shirt, and a pair of nike's.

Personality: Cautious and alert, but always able to liven up a situation with caring, and often times humorous words to calm the soul. But in most situations he is a loose cannon.


1.You are not accepted if you sign up first, but if your sign up is good enough. So, its not a first come first serve kinda thing.

2. Follow the Adventure Arena rules to the dot.

3. No killing off others characters.

4. Be realistic and follow my sign up rules.

5. Just have fun with it.

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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Damai Conrad

Nationality: American

Rank: Luitenant

Age: 24

Height/Weight: 5?6?, 145 lbs.

Prime Weapon: Silver hand gun M16

Melee Weapon: Large knife

Discription: Mid-back black hair, grey eyes with black outlines, military uniform(slightly tight)

Personality: Dark, quiet, sweet as poison honey
Hope this?ll do yah, Mike!
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All except three things.

1. She is too young to be in the Army.

2. Make your gun a PP7 or an M16

3. Military BDU's is what she would be weaing. You can make them tight, but she has to be in uniform.

But other than that, perfect.

EDIT: Thanks for changing it.

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This sort of reminds me of Resident Evil, but I'll join

Name: Clyde Madigan
Nationality: American
Rank: Captain
Age: 37
Height/Weight: 6'0, 160 ibs
Prime Weapon: M16
Melee Weapon: Bayonet that can also be fixed on his M16
Discription: short black hair, dark blue eyes, light pale skin with some scars on his body and military BDU.
Personality: Calm, very serious most of the time but can be cocky at times and enjoys the adrenaline rush on the battle field. He is also wise due to his experience in the military.
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Well, actually I got inspiration for this from "28 Days Later". But now that I think about it, you right. It is alot like Resident Evil. (Kinda makes it seem the "28 Days" was better at reprisenting Resident Evil than the Resident Evil movie itself. Kinda sad.)[/SIZE][/B]
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Sign Up:

Name: Ran Aren

Nationality: British

Rank: None (British Civilian)

Age: 30

Height/Weight: 5'8"/140lb.s

Prime Weapon: M16 (Given to her by a soldeir)

Melee Weapon: Two Stylus pens

Description: Ran has short black haircut, looking rather boyish. Brown eyes, that look green when reflected in bright light. Dresses in a long, sleeve, buttoned shirt, with black lined cufflinks. A black vest the seems to fit rather tightly, holding a pocket on the left side. The pocket is where her two pens are held. Long, pressed, black pants. And black pretty plan black boots, with silver links.

Personality: Cynical, short tempered, Ran comes off rude in many situations. Intelligent she came think her way through most bad parts of life and can plan ahead fairly well. Except most times when she has to be around others, who's personalities happen to clash with her own. But for the most part Ran is very caring, and will try and help those around her the best she can. When left alone she has some nerves habit of biting on one of the pens she always carries around with her. Ran tends to give out advise even if other don?t think they need it, and it usually works.
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[size=1]Yes, your RPG sounds alot like "28 Days Later" ^_~

Sign Ups-

Name:Austin James


Rank:Staff seargent


Height/Weight:6' 3"/ 150 lbs.

Prime Weapon:M16

Melee Weapon:A hunting knife with black handle.

Discription:[url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=kohimeohse&image=21]The guy looking [b]in[/b] the mirror. He also wears his uniform.[/url]

Personality:Cool and calm, he is wise for his age. He would help anyone in need, and tries his best to do so. He is worried about what is happening though, even if he doesn't show it.

Edit:Yah..... Ruby beat me to it, and I won't try to beat Ruby ^_^[/size]
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Name: Whist Anderson

Nationality: American

Rank: Lt.

Age: 27

Height/Weight: 6'6 180lbs

Prime Weapon: Custom M1 Grand: The M1 was originally the standard issue rifle for the US Military, but later was replaced with the lighter and generally better M14. For its time, the M1 was a good gun - it boasted a semi-automatic, eight-bullet clip firing method, with enough durability to survive the rigors of warfare. Whist's version of the gun has has most of the stock removed, giving it more of a pistol grip, and the barrel shortened considerably, for ease of use and better attunement to one-handed fire

Melee Weapon: Dagger

Description: Whist has short messy black hair with pale skin and has heavy bags under his eyes from not sleeping for days on end, and his eyes are blue. He were s olive green shirt with a army vest along with black pants and black combat boots, he wares black gloves that have the fingers cut off

Personality: Most of the time he a super calm person whos is late, lazy, out of touch with the world, and paranoid about what happens nexts but when it comes to combat he shows what he is made of under neth he laid back persnoa, he is a master at marks men ship and can hit targets from a good wase away and a very good tactician and seems he doesnt give damn if he dies, his laid back persona comes from this, for the last year he has been secretly injecting pain killers into himself to help him calm down, but this has made him and his body dependent on the pain killers, if he doesnt get his daily 2 shots pain killers his body will shut down on him
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Name: Clark Sanchez

Nationality: American

Rank: Sergeant

Age: 27

Height/Weight: 6'2"/235

Prime Weapon: M16

Melee Weapon: K-Bar (knife)

Discription: Short black hair, and brown eyes. Very masculine of course, he's in the military. He has a scar on his hand where it got burnt, nothing major, just a burn scar.

Personality: He's good natured. Fairly out going. He can make friends real easy, and can fit easily into any social group. He was described by one person as a "Social Cameleon."
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[SIZE=1][B]Okay, I need only one more sign up, but its reserved for SilpheedPilot. If you wish to take the place of another member, you can try, but you have to make your sign up really good. So, uless your planning on that, Sign Ups

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[B]Name:[/B] Jack Lowen

[B]Nationality:[/B] British

[B]Rank:[/B] British Special Forces (Civilian- Unit was decimated)

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Height/Weight:[/B] 6'0''/ 180lbs

[B]Prime Weapon:[/B] French FAMAS

[B]Melee Weapon:[/B] A long piece of a chain.

[B]Description:[/B] [IMG]http://www.koeigames.com/launch/Archive/winback_jean_luc.gif[/IMG]

[B]Personality:[/b] Calm and collected in the face of danger, has a sese of self determination, and tries to lead all those that need guidance. His temper is fair, but can get worked up over frusterating situations.
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