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Recently upon wandering around a comic store I visit whenever I can - I discovered 'The Ring' manga on the shelf. Remembering I enjoyed the American film of 'The Ring' I picked it up and purchased it.

Now - I knew about the Japanese films - so finding that the manga has a different story and video to the film I have seen wasn't too much of a surprise (Though I didn't know what to expect still). It was great to be able to read a manga on the novel... actually I'm guessing here.. because the book I have has '1' marked on it.. so I've guessed there will be three books altogether.. but if anyone has any news about this series, it'll be great to know. I've tried looking at the Dark Horse Comics site for it - but it's the only one they have on show - with if I remember correctly - no news about any others.

I don't feel I've been spoilt with reading this manga before seeing the japanese films - I was impressed enough with seeing the American version as my first taste of the 'Ring' story.

So, has anyone else have this interest I have, or have also puchased this first manga book - or maybe even know of another book (besides the novel series the films are based on - as far as I can tell, I can only really get the first book because I think it's the only one that's been translated into english... I can be wrong though) that could interest me and other fans of the 'Ring' series.

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Just the other day I was out of town and was checking out the gigantic manga section they had in this book store. I look over in the T section looking for Trigun when "Bam!" I see a manga titled "The Ring". So, I pulled it off the shelf and glanced at the back cover and saw a girl standing next to a well.... I laughed my ass off! I just recently saw "The Ring" at a halloween party and it was freeky scary.
On the DVD it had a special feture that metioned "Ringu" which is the (i guess) The Japanese film it was based off of. I think it looks interesting, but I didn't buy it/ I skimmed threw the pages though and found some very familiar scenes.
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