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Sign Up Dragon Ball DPU (RPG) Swearing 13+


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Its been 5 years since the end of Dragon ball GT! (not the stuped flash back) Goku and Vegita were killed fighting together and chichi and bulma died from old age and now the second aged sayans are fighting. Trunks is part of a team of Sayans, humans and Namakins tring to save the universe.

A new dragon the Dragon of Shaskanotapiono is here for judgement on which planet should be destroyed. They must fight in a tounament. Each planet has sent a team the planets are as followed:

Earth: Trunks, Need 2 more

Namik: Need 5

New Vegita: need 5

Vacotomo: Need 5

Yamoka: Need 5

Truptuny: need 5

Sign up:

Home Planet:
Wepon (if any):
Special Attack: (chouse 3)

Heres mine

Name: Trunks
Race: Sayan/ Human
Planet: Earth
Parents: Vegita+Bulma
Apperance: Purple/Pink hair Baggy pants Tight black Shirt Capslecorp coat.
Bio: After GT/ He quit his bussness man job and became a rock star still training to become stronger Goten is still his friend and can perform the Fusion Dance. He now leads earth into battle.
Wepon (if any): Sword Shiny sharp fast... Cool
Special Attack: Burning Attack, Shock Wave, Burning Slash
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I lOVE DB rpgs!!!!
allow me to be ur 1st person here!!

Name: Megan "LoneWolf" Mihyotto
Race: Saiyan
Planet: Earth
Parents: Bardock (i'll explain) Simeriah Mihyotto
Home Planet: Vegita
Bio: Just before Planet Vegita blew, Bardok had an affair with his original wife, my mother, because he was dissapointed in having a girl child. I never knew my father, besides when Goku was born it was many years ago because you see, Goku is the spaun of Bardok and some other twit he met somewhere, after that happened and my mother found out, they had an affair, my mother saftley flew to another planet before I was born. I've never met my half brother, Kakarot, and I wish I had. See, I met Raditz before he went to destroy Kakarot, and I thought for sure that's what happened so my mother and I stopped looking. Then when I met Trunks he told me all about my brother and the amazing things he has done, and we've become the best of friends. I'm still a little angsty at times, giving myself the name "LoneWolf", but never towards Trunks. I'm powerfull, and visous, and show no mercy. Do I sound like Veggi??(Vegita)
Weapon: My mother's Katana and a power poll.
Special Attack: The SolarFlare, Kamehameha Wave, and I can change into a dragon (half) and a wolf (half)
Appearence: Flipped out purple hair like her mother, tall, has a black tank top with a dragon vest that you can see her mustles when she goes in for a fight, Black pants that do the same. Bandages on her feet and hands because they're as numb as can be and look like easy targets because they look injured. (Ha! Fooled You!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: )
Age: Same as Trunks
Power level: close to Trunks
I CAN FLY!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!:laugh:
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I'll join in

Race :Human


Parents: okay,this guy's an ophan,nobody knows how his parents died cause while he was traing far a way,someone went to his house left a bomb there and BOOM his parents died,nobod reconises them cause there badly burnt and he did not know about the dragon balls till 4 years after DBGT and his parents name?Father-Firen(He gotfire power) Mother-frostela(she got the power of ice)so actually Firzen has the natural abillaty lol.

Home planet:Earth

Bio: This guy's parents were human with alittle powers.After praying to a god in a temple he persued the art of fire and ice whick increses the pathetic attacks he can send .He was quite successful as he won in a tornement in the far east of the world known only to pure human who supposely like firzen who took training in diferent art,after relising his power he changed his name to Firzen himself(his REAL name is John).Thou he know only three attacks still they are powerful.

apperance:green hair wearing yellow shirt and pants with a rode attach to it.

Weapon:sword of ice,made with special ice power deep in antartica.

Special attacks:
1.Overwhelming Disaster
Description:Fires a yellow ball in the sky which disapears after sending Fire and ice balls at opponent thus burning or freezing them.

2.Artic Vocano(Best attack)
Description:A fire explosion with ice circleling around it with Fire and ice balls raining down on opponents which lead to three words-No One Survives.

3.Super Cannon
One hand power of fire the other the power of ice and what you get?Super Cannon,it is a beam which is yellow

Well here it is, it is a character whom is not in a DB/DBZ/DBGT episode because i created it.
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Apperance:Short black hair,light blue eyes,blue tank top,baggy black pants or black leather pants,black gloves without fingers and with a blue dragon,leather jacket.
Home Planet: New Vegita
Bio: Born on new vegita her parents where killed because they had to much power.She flew to earth in her parents spaceship and remained on planet Earth and opened a repair shop.She has great power and even though the Saiyans killed her parents she still suports them.She tends to lower her power level when saiyans are close.She working on a fast ship that has artillraly so she can travel space without being blown up.
Wepon (if any):Blaster and two swords
Special Attack: Kamehameha Wave,Laser Disks,Pure Light(heals)
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[color=red]Hello!! Me and my sister are going to join this. We'll be using different colors because we're shareing an account. My sister's JoyKaiba account was disabled or something. I hope that's ok.

Mine :D :

Name: Roko

Race: Sayian/Human

Planet: New Vegeta

Parents: Yamcha/Riku (I'll exsplain)

Home Planet: Earth

Bio: Roko is from a parallel dimension. In this dimension, Goku had a daughter too, Riku. She was one year older then Goten. Yamcha was her closest friend when she was a baby. At the age of one, Riku witnessed Yamcha get killed by Android 17. It took the Z Fighters two years to beat the Andriods and they wished everyone that was killed by CELL. Another 18 years passed before Riku herself decided she couldn't live without Yamcha. It took her another year to find all of the Dragonballs. She brought Yamcha back and since he didn't age, he was only a couple years older the Riku. Yeah, Yeah, I won't go any further. Well anyhow, Roko grew up with a heart of gold and a fighting spirit. His parents taught him everything they knew, but that wasn't enough for Roko. He was kind of power hungray. He heard about New Vegeta, where his mother's people were from. He traveled to New Vegeta at the age of 18. He trains and lives there now. Oh yes, Roko can fly (duh) and he also knows Instant Transport.

Apperence: Roko looks a lot like his dad (around when Trunks' from the future shows up), but he has blue eyes and no scares. He wears his dad old orange and blue fighting outfit.

Weapon (if any): A sword similar to Trunks'

Special Attack: Kamehameha Wave, Wolf Fang Fist, and an Energy Sword.[/color]

[color=teal]Hi, I'm Maximillion's sister and here's my bio:

Name: Riku Son (I think that's Goku's last name)

Race: Sayian/Human

Planet: Earth

Parents: Goku/Chi-Chi

Home Planet: Earth

Bio: My brother explained most of this, but oh well. Riku is from the same parallel dimension as Roko, but in the past. She loves to fight even if her mother disappoves of it. She tries to rank up in stats with her father. She can go Super Sayian three, but she still to weak. She aims to be better. Oh yes, Riku can fly and she also knows Instant Transport.

Apperence: Riku looks alot like her mother when she was younger, but she has blue eyes. She usually wears a outfit that looks like her dad's, but it's shorts instead of pants.

Special Attack: Kamehameha Wave, Rapid Kamehameha, and an Energy Sword.[/color]
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