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Sign Up Battlestar Galactica (May contain swearing, fighting.. IMG heavy too)


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[b]Mankind has reached its Seventh Millenia of recorded history. Twelve worlds in a multi-star system are home to the Twelve Colonies of Man. According to the ancient writings, the Twelve Colonies were settled by those who journeyed from a mother world, Kobol. Of particular note: a thirteenth tribe of humans moved across the stars to settle another world: Earth. By the present Colonial day in the series, Earth was considered a myth and little was known about the Colonials' true origins, save for the writings in the Book of Kobol (the Colonials' "bible"). It is unknown how the Colonials came to know about Earth, since they did not appear to maintain communications with their distant brethren.

For the past one thousand years (yahrens), Man has fought the robotic Cylon Alliance. (According to Commander Adama, it began when the Colonies intervened in Cylon aggressions against the Hassarians in a neighboring star system.) The Colonies are united by a President (Adar) and governed by The Council of the Twelve, a ruling body comprised of one representative from each Colonial world. The state of war is ever-present.

The Colonies have deployed space-borne military defenses against the Cylons (and unseen hostiles, such as pirates). The strongest of these defenses are the Colonial battlestars. At the start of the series, the Commander Cain, the battlestar Pegasus and the Fifth Fleet are presumed destroyed two yahrens earlier at the Battle of Molocay. Council member Baltar has struck a peace agreement with the Cylons. He has convinced President Adar and the rest of the Council of the Twelve to accept the Cylons' word. Only Adama of the battlestar Galactica shows concern and muted resistance. The Colonial fleet is gathered as a peace envoy under a joint Cylon/Colonial truce.

Under the guise of peace, the Colonial military is ambushed and destroyed (with the Galactica able to survive by retreating) while the unprotected civilian populations are assaulted. With no hope of survival against overwhelming Cylon forces--and no true defensive capability remaining--a handful of surviving Colonials flee the Twelve Colonies in civilian starcraft. Under the command of Adama on the Galactica, they head into deep space, searching for the Thirteenth Tribe of Man who are "on a shining planet known as Earth."

The Cylons move into the Colonial worlds. While rounding up prisoners, they discover that surviving Colonials have fled to the stars. The Cylons' Imperious Leader orders Baltar to finish his mission of destroying the Colonials. He provides him with the necessary Cylon forces to do the job. It is up to the intrepid crew of the Galactica to lead the Colonial survivors to safety while encountering new friends and foes, tackling internal strife and starvation, and outmaneuvering Baltar and pursuing Cylon forces.

The Colonial's Ships:

The Battlestar:

The pride of the Colonials. This is Galactica, the last remaining ship in the Colonial fleet. If it is destroyed, then humanity is lost. It holds 75 Viper fighters.

The Starhound Class Viper:

Laser-Torpedo guns, and two missles on the bottom. It is the fastest fighter in the Galaxy. Though not exactly the best. It still whoops some ass.
The Cylons:

(^^Best picture I could find.) The Cylons were created by the humans. Unfortunately we could not control them. Thus, they decided it was high time they destroyed us. They can have that form. Or they can look just like a human.

Their Ships:

Cylon Base Star:

Bigger, and far more better than the Colonial Battlestar, it holds three times the fighters.

Cylon Raider:

The Cylon Empire's main fighter. It is very lethal. So watch yourself.

I think that covers the important parts.

Here's the deal. There are only going to be two characters from the shows brought to the RPG: Commander Adama, and Lt. Starbuck. Though if you want to make another character from the show, then by all means do so.

It will also be noted that this is sort of a mix of the Original Battlestar, and the new one being released by Sci-Fi, except.. Starbuck will be male still.. since I will be controlling him. And Commander Adama will be a NPC, unless someone can PM me a damn good character of Adama.



Side: (Colonial or Cylon. ABSOLUTELY NO NEUTRAL.)

Rank: (You will be assigned one based on your sign up by me.)

Cylon Type: (If you chose Cylon side.) Are you the obvious robotic kind, or are you the human looking kind?

Description: If you choose to use a character from the shows, feel free to use a picture, whether it be from the original, or new.

Personality: What is your character like? Is he a womanizer. Is she a slut? You make it.

Reminder, I will be taking the role of Lt. Starbuck. I will post my character at a later date. Now, I need sleep.
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