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[color=orangered]Well, I haven't seen all the series yet - I've only seen what's come out of DVD so far - but up to disc 4...

[b]Tsukasa - Mimiru[/b]
I don't really know if they have a "relationship" per se. I know that Mimiru comes to really care about Tsukasa and the plight he's in - but I don't really know if anything comes of it. She says [spoiler]she wants to protect him[/spoiler] but that could just be a big-sister type of thing. Who knows. People who watched the series when it aired! That's who! X_x

[b]Tsukasa - Subaru[/b]
I think something's going to happen fairly soon. It hasn't happened yet - but Subaru seems to care more and more about Tsukasa's situation. She wants to do whatever she can to resolve it, even [spoiler]after she disbands the Crimson Knights - and it's not her duty or obligation any more.[/spoiler] This could be because she cares about Tsukasa in a loving way - or she could still see it as her duty.

That's my take on it anyway ^_^;;[/color]
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