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  1. I had to wrestle my way into my old email account to get a fresh password. It looks like my last activity was 2005? I'll just flit around and blow out some cobwebs. :)
  2. [quote name='Geist]I feel like a newbie all over again, though. This place has changed so much. I'm not going to come back though, unless [b]Braidless Baka[/b'] still posts around here.[/quote] *appears* I haven't posted around here for donkey's years! This place sure has changed a lot O_o But, OT, I think the only time I posted something I was embarrassed of was the whole Otaku Idol thing. Your work got [i]proper[/i] critisism, something I'd never really met before. Even then, it wasn't a bad thing - I just consider my style to have changed a lot in the time inbetween ^_~;;
  3. Well, despite Kibas saying they'll do it, I fancied a go myself ^_~ [img][/img]
  4. Anime

    [font=Comic Sans MS]Gotta say I'm an "original" BGC fan. Kenichi Sonoda did the character designs for the original (not 2040) version, and I found his character designs a lot nicer to look at. However, 2040 [i]is[/i] a nice little gem, it's just not something I'd be willing to spend my money on. The characterisation's come a long way since BGC though. I'll give it that. Everyone's a lot more pronounced, and I prefer Nene with blonde hair as opposed to pink ^_~[/font] [font=Comic Sans MS]But, that having been said, the soundtrack's gone [i]way[/i] downhill since the original. Or maybe that's just me... Hurricane was a really weak remake in both language versions. Rent a copy of BGC and compare it... the original version is the mind blower - in both languages.[/font]
  5. Anime

    [b]1. Regardless of whether or not you download anime, do you believe that doing so is wrong?[/b] A lot of it depends on circumstance. For example, if an anime is unlicensed, not only is it legal, but beneficial to the companies promoting it in the West. They rely on fansubs to increase awareness of a show, giving them people who want to buy the dubbed version as soon as it becomes available. You scratch my back... kind of philosophy. [b]2. Do you think that you'd buy more DVDs if you didn't download any shows?[/b] Nope, I'd buy less. I tend to download one or two episodes of series before I go out to buy them - it's very rare I just go out and blow my money. (I've got such bad sense I regret it later ~_~) So, yeah, I'd buy less if I didn't download. [b]3. Do foreign (not Japanese) anime companies pay attention to the popularity of various fansubbed series?[/b] [B]A.)[/B] Yes - to see if it's worth picking it up to dub it. [B]B.)[/B] As I said in #1, fansubbing groups help the circulation of various series. And let's be honest - if [i]nobody's[/i] subbed it, they didn't think it was worth their time... why should it be worth mine? But here's another burning question ^_~ Is it okay to download [b]dubbed[/b] episodes if you intend to make a music video out of it? Say you heard there were [i]great[/i] fighting scenes in episode 6, so you download it to use the bits in your music video - having no intention to ever go and buy the DVDs. What do people think of those ethics?
  6. Sign Up

    [color=purple][u]Name[/u]: Kumina Artiguile [u]Age[/u]: 21 [u]Race[/u]: White Mage [u]Magic/Spells/Weapon[/u]: ([i]Not sure what's going on here, so I'll edit[/i] ^_^) [u]Picture[/u]: [img][/img] [u]Biography[/u]: From a very young age, Ku was aware of her magical abilities. In her home, a small village in the Lerion Kingdom, both her mother and father were noted healers, often called to other villages for their services. She has been educated trhoughout her lifetime, easily as capable with mathematics and literature as any noble to walk the land, but because of her heritage and her duties to her people, she has never ventured to the inner-most parts of the kingdom in search of wealth or status. Her job, and her duty to God, is the healing of the sick and the protection of those who cannot fend for themselves. However, even though a White Mage by birth and training, she is by no means defenceless. Leathal with a glaive, Kumina has protected her home more than once from pillagers and theives, and will let nothing stand in the way of her protecting her kinsfolk and her friends. She has often sworn that she would protect her kingdom again against such a force as the Nexus, should it even come again, a pledge that has been heard by many aloud, and revered by those around her. Her courage and skill, however are not all that sets her apart from those around her. If she believes in something, or someone, totally and absolutely, she will gladly forfeit her life for that belief. For that's what it means to be one of the many. Another person's life matters, hers however many not... At present, there has been no catacalismic calling, no sob story for her to lean on for sympathy. Just her, her glaive, and her beliefs. [u]Where From[/u]: Lerion Kingdom[/color]
  7. [color=purple]Well... Believe it or not, my username actually came from one of my more frequent nicknames. The "Baka" part came before much else. Even my friends who are anime-minded call me that (it being Japanese for "idiot" - go figure). I've also have various others, including Sammi (only one person on earth can get away with it.... and we ain't even related O-o), Spam, Samness, BeeBee, among various others... One of my friend's (more recently met - like in the past year or so) fathers, apparently, has a real problem remembering who I am. So he knows me as Baka O_o;; Oh yeah! I also [i]used to[/i] resemble one of my friends who is actually a triplet... and so he calls me the "Not-Twiblet" (Not-Triplet -- since I'm not the triplet... O_o)[/color]
  8. [color=orangered][b][u]General Awards[/b][/u] [b]Overall Member of the Year:[/b][size=1]Semjaza Azazel[/size] [b]Male Otaku of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Charles[/size] [b]Female Otaku of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Queen Asuka[/size] [b]Staff Member of the Year:[/b] [size=1]James[/size] [b]Funniest Member of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Dragon Warrior[/size] [b]Most Opinionated Otaku of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Poison Tongue[/size] [b]Most Likely to Be Here in Two Years:[/b] [size=1]Adam[/size] [b]Best Newbie:[/b] [size=1]Arcadia[/size] [b]Best Oldie:[/b] [size=1]Shy[/size] [b]Most Likely to Become a Staff Member:[/b] [size=1]AzureWolf[/size] [b]Most Improved Member of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Vicky[/size] [b]Favorite Banned Member:[/b] [size=1]Taylor Hewitt[/size] [b]Thread of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Kill Adam[/size] [b]Silliest Thread of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Charles can I be a mod for??[/size] [b][u]Random Awards[/b][/u] [b]Avatar Award (Best Avatars Overall):[/b] [size=1]Charles[/size] [b]Signature Award (Best Signatures Overall):[/b] [size=1]Sara[/size] [b]Best Location (Best Specific Location):[/b] [size=1]---[/size] [b]Best Otaku Couple:[/b] [size=1]Queen Asuka/Piromunkie[/size] [b]Best Looking Otaku:[/b] [size=1]Juuthena[/size] [b]Otaku Clique of the Year:[/b] [size=1]OtakuBoards Yaoi/Shounen-Ai Club[/size] [b]Best MyOtaku:[/b] [size=1]James[/size] [b][u]Otaku Writers[/b][/u] [b]Poet Laureate:[/b] [size=1]Mitch[/size] [b]Writer of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Solo Tremaine[/size] [b]Orginal Story of the Year:[/b] [size=1]OB: Enter the Net[/size] [b]Role-Player of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Arcadia[/size] [b]Brawler of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Harlequin[/size] [b]RPG of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Kill Adam[/size] [b][u]Social Otakus[/b][/u] [b]Otaku Social Member:[/b] [size=1]Japan_86[/size] [b]Entertainment Otaku:[/b] [size=1]Manic[/size] [b][u]Otaku Anime[/b][/u] [b]Otaku of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Shy[/size] [b].hack//SIGN Member of the Year:[/b] [size=1]AzureWolf[/size] [b]Dragonball Guru of the Year:[/b] [size=1]---[/size] [b]Digipeep of the Year:[/b] [size=1]---[/size] [b]Gundam Member of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Domon[/size] [b]Yu-Gi-Oh Member of the Year:[/b] [size=1]---[/size] [b]Least Disappointing Yu Yu Hakusho Member:[/b] [size=1]Yu Yu Hakusho[/size] [b][u]Otaku Gamers[/b][/u] [b]Otaku Gamer of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Semjaza Azazel[/size] [b]Nintendo ?Mario? Award:[/b] [size=1]Desbreko[/size] [b]Sony Award:[/b] [size=1]---[/size] [b]X-Box Award:[/b] [size=1]---[/size] [b]PC Gamer of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Cloricus[/size] [b][u]Otaku Artists[/b][/u] [b]Best Graphic Designer (Banners, wallpapers, etc.):[/b] [size=1]Syk3[/size] [b]Best "Traditional" Artist (Drawings, paintings, etc.):[/b] [size=1]maladjusted[/size] [b]Best Spriter:[/b] [size=1]Dragonballzman[/size] [b][u]Series Otaku[/b][/u] [b]Series Otaku Member of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Desbreko[/size] [b]Square/Enix Member of the Year:[/b] [size=1]Zidargh[/size] [b]Pok├ęPlaque (Pokemon):[/b] [size=1]---[/size] [b]The Triforce Award:[/b] [size=1]Desbreko[/size][/color]
  9. RPG

    [color=orangered]"Only one." Crawford raised an eyebrow at Nagi's unusual questioning of instructions. "Go on." "We're in Japan..." said Nagi slowly. "And they're in the Swiss Alps. Forgive me for saying so, but getting there's going to take time." "Then I suggest we start shortly," came Crawford's response, a business-like tone that the other three had learned to know and respect. In saying that, Crawford left the room, having left Nagi with the exact answer he had imagined he'd get. "[i]'How do we get there?'[/i]" said Schuldig in a mocking voice as he too, passed Nagi in following Crawford. "Such immature questions. You should know better Nagi." "You [i]live[/i] to annoy me... don't you?" "Better believe it kiddo." "Mouths that talk," murmured Farfarello, who had reached the door ahead of the German, "are heard." With that, the Irishman followed Crawford. "I think that means shut up and get moving." "I think you're right."[/color]
  10. RPG

    [color=orangered]Nagi watched the exchange between Crawford and Schuldig silently. He was itching to just get out and [i]do[/i] something. They'd been waiting for too long, and besides all else Farfarello was starting to get on the Japanese youth's nerves. Thinking of the Irishman made Nagi turn to see where he was. Knowing where Farfie was had always been one of Nagi's top priorities. And there he was, leaning against the wall, and pretending to take no heed of what was going on. But he was listening. Nagi could tell, and besides that there was rarely occasion when Farfie wasn't listening. Maybe he didn't [i]say[/i] all that much, but he listened plenty. "Well?" murmured Nagi after a few seconds. "What's going on?"[/color]
  11. Writing

    [color=orangered]You have a way with words Des. Although reading you in FFS could've told me that, but you really have a got a comedic way with words ^_~ Let me know if you write anymore of these ^____^;;[/color]
  12. RPG

    [color=orangered]After clipping Pippin around the head several times, it was Merry's turn to take to grumbling. Sam having gone in search of Frodo, the two cousins were left to their own devices. ""Where're we going?"", he mimicked in a mocking tone. "Honestly Pip, you've not got a clue have you?" "Well... I didn't know, did I?" Merry sighed, leaning against a convinient wall and looking out at the view. Rivendell, the land of the Elves, was certainly a beautiful place. Almost a haven. But they could not stay. Sauron's forces were growing, as Merry understood it, with every passing day. "Merry...?" murmured Pippin, leaning beside his cousin, his air now quiet. "What's wrong?" "Nothin'." "No, really..." Merry sighed before turning to look at Pip. "You do realise what we've gotten ourselves in for, don't you?" Pippin nodded. "Yes Merry, I do." "And you know that we might not come back?" Pippin shrugged. "We might not." "Doesn't that worry you?" Despite his seeming lack of common sense, Pippin never failed to amaze Merry. The simplicity with which he saw things was immature, even by hobbit standards. And it was enviable. Pippin paused at Merry question. "It does, kind of. But in another way, it doesn't." He turned now to look at Merry. "We're only two hobbits in a band of ten. We may be good for nothing. We may be more of a hinderance than a help. But the way I see it is we won't know if we don't go. How can we help, if we're not there? Even if it's to make the others laugh?" Merry frowned, shaking his head, but keeping his gaze on Pippin. He knew he was right. He was so right, it was sickening. And somehow, to hear Pip, of all people, say it... well that helped more than one might imagine. "I suppose you're right Pip..." murmured Merry at length, casting his gaze out again over Rivendell. "Not a lot we can do about it now though, is there?" "Nope, not a thing, Merry." "I thought so."[/color]
  13. Art

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dan [/i] [B][color=006699]And I just thought I should note that "Blasphemy" is the correct way to spell it. ^_^;;[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] [color=orangered]Ah, but the verb is to "Blaspheme" I believe ^_~ And I may not often say as much - but I really do like most of your works Baron. I'm not really a local to this forum. O_o;; But yeah, I'm liking the yellow, I think to add orange would spoil it a little. The second banner you posted was... uglier (for want of a better word) and that eye that I can make out scares me just a little. I like the pale quality.[/color]
  14. RPG

    [color=orangered]OOC: Well, I'm really not sure when I'm to poke my head in - but I'll run something alongside you guys - just to get Schwarz started off, okay? ^_~ ~~~~~~ Nagi was restless. For a long time now, Schwarz had been biding their time, doing next to nothing. And as calm he outwardly appeared, it was driving him absolutely insane. He looked up to Schuldig, who was leaning absently against the wall at the other side of the room. "Ah," he said suddenly, "[i]Nachricht[/i]..." At Nagi's questionning glance he repeated himself. "News." "Finally." Then, as though on cue, Bradley Crawford's footsteps could be heard approaching. As he entered, Nagi's words were almost in the tone of an attack. "Well?" "Well, what?" came the even reply. "Any news?" "You seem to be expecting some," Crawford murmured after a pause, watching the Japanese youth quietly. "Hoping, more like," grumbled Nagi quietly.[/color]
  15. RPG

    [color=orangered]"Hey!" excailmed Merry as the three-strong group of hobbits returned to their previous vantage spot. "Hey, what's going on?" peering, Merry's voice became hushed as he tried to listen in without the meeting noticing they were there. "What're y'doin'?" demanded Sam, coming to kneel beside Merry. "If they catch us listenin' in like this...!" "But they won't," grumbled Merry decisively. "Just, let me listen..." "But what if-!" "[i]Shhhhhhh[/i]!" There a pause. The meeting was silent. The hobbits were silent. Then, just as discussion started again, Pippin murmured, "What's going on, Merry...?" Merry glanced quickly at his clueless cousin. "You've not got a clue, have you Pip?"[/color]