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Art Shizoku's Banners


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Hi. I just started making banners and i'd like to know what you think of them. Any comments would help! Thanks!

One of Kenshin. I couldn't figure out how to place the words

This is on of FF 10. Pretty simple. I like it lol.
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those are really good! So you just started making them, huh? Well let me tell you, you will now be addicted. I really like the ones you have up there. The Kenshin one is very nice. The faded Tomoe is cool. I just don't like that font on there. It doesn't really "flow" with teh rest of the banner.

Your Tidus banner is great. Did you make that background yourself? I kinda don't like the bottom part. . . It just makes the suns rays just stop. It is rather abrubt. But it looks pretty good.

What program is that you are using? Looks to me like you have some type of Paintshop. Anyways, keep it up. It looks great!!
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Your right I am getting addicted lol. Thanks for the reply. I noticed the same thing about the Final Fantasy 10 banner. I just got lazy and couldnt figure out how to fade it. And also just couldn't find a font for that kenshin one. I went through almost all of them.

O, and im using Photoshop 7.
By the way, Here is are two Flcl banners.

Supposed to be like the ending but my own take on it.
Tribute to the Pillows. Ya I had an idea but it didn't come out the way I wanted. I might redo it.

Edit: Ya, I did make the background on the Tidus one.
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Wow...those are good.
The Kenshin one is great. I like how you faded Tomo (however you spell her name), but I don't really see a big problem with the font though. I would just add a new line for "How can I repay you." Of course, I have never made banners before or anything, so I don't know what to really say about the font though.
I like the second one too. Simple, but cool looking. I see orange colors. :excited:

The first FLCL one is nice, and in my opinion I like the darkened font. The waves for the music (I think) is a bit blurry though. I think it would be better a little blurry, just not that blurry.
And I like the second FLCL one too, it's cool. That Haruko picture fits well, though you blurred the "R" in rainbow and the "w" in rainbow a little bit much. It's cool though.

Those are good banners. Good job, want to see more in the future. :)
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