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Hi once again. I really love doing this as you can tell. This time I?m starting a Monster Rancher RPG. Here?s the storyline????????????

A gang of evil monster are forming together to try to reincarnate Moo. Some young adventurers get caught up in this whole ordeal. They had heard the legend about Moo from somewhere. They thought it was only a legend. They all find out differently. Can the monsters who have bonded with these young adventurers be enough to defeat the evil monsters? Can they stop the reincarnation of Moo?

Here is the character info I need:

Later Monster(s):

Here?s my character?s info:

Name: Aurora Blake

Age: 15

Description: Aurora has long blonde hair that she usually wears in a ponytail and blue eyes. She wears a white long sleeved button up shirt, a black vest, black pants, and boots. She also has a purple stone that points out Disc Stones. (Sort of like Holly?s green stone in the show)

Bio: Aurora was raised by her big sister after her parents disappeared. She was mad at her parents for a long time. One day, at the age of twelve, Aurora ran away from her village. She wondered the forest over a week before she could go on any longer. After she collapsed, a bunch of wild Tigers found her. They nursed her back to health and gave her a Disc Stone. Aurora unlocked the disc to reveal her first monster, a Gray Wolf, which she named Silverfang. That day forward Aurora vowed to-never-go back to her village until she found her parents.

Silverfang (A Gray Wolf)
Poison (A Special Pixie)
Prince (A Hare/Gali)

Later Monster(s):
Phoenix (A Phoenix)

Ok, I need people who get caught in the Moo ordeal as the ones against Moo and the ones who own the evil monsters. You?re only allowed four monsters. You can start out with all four monsters or you can start out with as many as you want and unlock the rest. You also can have less then four monsters if you want. So you know, the Phoenix Aurora unlocks is not the original, it?s a copy. It?s far off of being as strong as the original, ok. ^_^ Hope you enjoy this as much as I?m going to.
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[color=red]Oh I like Monster Rancher! ^_^

Name: Andrew Drake

Age: 16

Description: Andrew has short spiked black hair and green eyes. He wears a black short sleeved shirt, black nickers, black boots, and a black and red head band.

Bio: Andrew was only four when he first got his first monster, Joker. Joker slowly corrupted his mind over many years. Andrew ran away at the age of thirteen. Joker had convinced him to lead a quest to reincarnate Moo. Andrew listens to Joker and Joker listens to Andrew.

Joker (A Joker)
Diana (A Pixie/Dragon)

Later Monster(s):
Evil Hare (A Hare'Monol)
Death Dragon (A Dragon/Joker)

Yeah, I'm the first bad guy. I'm on the EVIL side. (laughs evily)[/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] ganute kearen
[b]Age:[/b] 15
[b]Description:[/b] black hair, blue eyes, gloves, white shirt, black pants, goggles
[b]Bio:[/b] ganute always liked to raise monsters. He grew up on a ranch and raised many monsters. He knows how to take care of many types so he's prepared to help monsters and knows how to read the anceints text. His first monster was a requiem joker that he calls req. He later won another monster in a tournament that was a gali. he likes his monsters but they keep calling him things like boss even though he tells them to stop.
[b]Monsters:[/b] requiem (special breed joker), gali
[b]Later Monsters:[/b]
angel (pixie/gali)
warrior (special breed henger)
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It's embarrassing to see some one beg for others to join. T man asked me to join to helpfully get the rpg going so i'll join.

Name: ray
Age: 15
Description: blond hair, green eyes, boots, green shirt, red head band, blue pants, gauntlets
Bio: Ray travels to help raise his zuum and lionel. He likes to make friends and help others but some times get on others nerves. He cares for his monsters as much as he does for others but loses track of things some times. He has meet gearen but some how he always loses track of him so while training his monsters he looks to see if he can find him
Monsters: zumm, lionel
Later Monsters: veno roller, jiji
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[color=navy]I know you still need help, so hear I go.

Name: Josh Knight

Age: 18

Description: Josh has shoulder length blond hair with black tips and dark blue eyes. He usually wears a a red t-shirt, black jacket, black pants, and black boots.

Bio: (I'll do this later)

Kitten (Pixie/Kato)
Tainted Kato (a special Kato)

Later Monster(s):
Draco Kato (Dragon/Kato)
Kato (Kato/Kato)[/color]
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