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Anime Anime characters' New Years resolutions


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[color=violet] Well, I know it's not even near the end of December yet, but still I need to know! What do you think some new years resolutions would be from some anime characters?
These are a few of mine.
[b]Kino Makoto[/b]-I won't chase after every guy who I think looks like my-no wait, can I make another one?
[b]Aino Minako[/b]-I won't lust after my cat
[b]Artemis[/b]-I won't lust after Minako
[b]Luna[/b]-I won't lust after astronaugts who resemble Haruka
[b]Diana[/b]-I'll stay out of Mommy and daddy's love life *shudders*
[b]Chiba Mamoru[/b]-I'll try not to die this year.

[b]Miaka[/b]-I'll try not to get sucked into another book, seemingly betray my closest friend for a guy in a book, get better grades and uh....Oh yeah, let's change this-I'll try to try new foods!
[b]Lina Inverse[/b]-I'll try not to be so greedy...with food. Hey, a sourceress needs to make a living!
[b]Gourry[/b]-I'll try to be more intelligent.[/color]
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[b]Katsuhito Masaki/Yosho[/b]-I will reveal to everyone that I look younger than my son-in-law.
[b]Kiyone[/b]-I will stop complaining about Mihoshi, and get a hobby.
[b]Washu[/b]-I will keep track of how many exact copies I made of Ryoko.
[b]Sasami[/b]-I will turn into Tsunami and kick butt the next time we get into a fight.
[b]Tenchi Masaki[/b]-I will stop being so indecisive, and ask both Ayeka and Ryoko to be my wives. Hey, my great-grandfather has two wives!
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Heero- "I won't kill anyone this year. I won't kill anyone this year." *repeats to self*
Legato-"Not controlling people!! You've got to be kidding me."
Wolfwood-"I will use my traveling confessional on everyone!!!"
Vash-"Eat tons of dougnuts every day!!"
(that's all i can think of right now!)
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Aki- I will not kiss my sister. Fight the power!*thrusts arm up into the air*
Aya- I'll try not to make out with Toya or my brother in public...um scracth that! I think i'll just try to umm not try to get my self killed! Yeah there ya go!
Yuhi- I'll try not to force myself on Aya....umm remember I said [i]try[/i]
Ms Q- I promise to fully commit myself to my Toya!*everyone stares at her restraining to barf*
Toya-I'll try to not to scare people....period.

[b]Fushigi Yugi[/b]
Yui-I will try not to be as gulible and easily tricked. Wiat I'll just try not to gain any weight. Wouldn't want my perfect figure to go to waste!ho ho ho ho!
Tamahome- I will try not to be obsessed with money. I will try not to be obsessed with money I will try-screw it it ain't gonna happen!
Tasuki-I'll try to learn to swim....*Tamahome throws him in a mildly-deep pond and Tasuki sinks to the bottom like a rock*
I will try not to be so loveable so all the men around me fall(hard) for me-but it's sooo hard not to be!
That's it for now. As you might have noticed I'm in a Yu Waste state of mind.....
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Guest MetalSonic700
These ones are jokes on battles from Anime Insider...

Excell: *cough* I will not mess with scooter-sama *cough* AND ILL HELP RULE THE WORLD!!!

Haruko: I will beat Excell MERCELESSLY ALL YEAR!

Tetsuo: I will not make friends with Hamsters all year.

Hamtaro: I will have fun!

Inuyasha: I will rip every flower boy I find into a milion tiny pieces

Kurama: I will bust up anyone who is in my way.... I think

Goku: Ill look out for kids with cards, yikes

Yugi: I will no longer duel Saiyins.... EVER
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[color=hotpink]Let's see...
[b][i]The InuYasha Cast[/i][/b]
[b]InuYasha[/b]-I'll try really reall hard not to make Kagome cry.
[b]Kouga[/b]-I'll finally make Kagome my woman
[b]Kagome[/b]-I'll try to pass all my exams and get into the high school of my choice while looking for the rest of the shards of the shikon no tama.
[b]Buyo[/b]-Nyan nyan (trans. I'll eat more tuna and less chicken livers)
[b]Kikyo[/b]If I ever die again, I'll make sure I'm put in an unmarked grave.
Yes, I'm morbid, sorry![/color]
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INUYASHA CAST(Put in there own words)

Inuyasha-I'll TRY to be nicer to Kagomae 'cause I have to.

Kagomae-Lay off the "sit" cammands.(even though I love them)

Miroku-Stop the womanizeing to impress Sango then next year, let's just say, have fun.;)

Sango-Try to hit Miroku more because I HEARD his resaloution.

Shippo-Stop evesdroping because I always get caught,...then hit.

I only wanted to do the main cast.
Demon Babe:) (Lil' sis)
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