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Writing What my life is really like


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I made this thing up a while ago and have yet to finish it. While it's on its fifth page, I haven't even gone past 3 hours (in the fic's time).
This thing was basiclly a spar-of-the-moment type. I was bored and wanted to write a story involving me and my friends in Tokyo, Japan. All of the names are either our nicknames (such as Nami, Iva, and Tani), while others are some that I got from the internet as meaningful Japanese names, such as Leiko and Surudoi. One part I got from FLCL (well, the 'life is pretty slow' thing) and I was going to submit this to a website as a Digimon fic, but I might change it. Ah well, here it is.
Note: The band thing has not come into effect yet. *sweatdrop*

[u]Shrimp Sushi[/u]
- - - - - -
Hey all! Nice title, eh? I like it too!
I created this as one of those spar-of-the-moment thingies. The characters in the story are all of my close friends (and me! Don?t forget me!). Two of them Otakus, one of them better with manga than anime (even though she?s married to Krim?), and another one who knows who Kuroneko-sama is.
I?ve created mini-bios of them all, just so you know the basic facts.

[size=1]Name: Nami
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Band: Oboe for concert and bells for marching
Anime/Manga Obsession: Hard-core Otaku
Attitude: Tough but fun. Mostly sarcastic.

Name: Iva
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Band: Bells for concert and drum major for marching
Anime/Manga Obsession: Middle-class Otaku
Attitude: Religious. Outgoing and fun.

Name: Surudoi
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Band: Flute for concert and piccolo for marching
Anime/Manga Obsession: None, although she knows who Kuro Neko-sama is.
Attitude: Smart. Has a nice and funny personality.

Name: Tani
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Band: French horn all the time
Anime/Manga Obsession: Hard-core Otaku
Attitude: A nut. Can make a joke out of anything.

Name: Leiko
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Band: Trumpet for concert and drums for marching
Anime/Manga Obsession: Otaku in training
Attitude: Extremely hyper. Enough said.[/size]

?Today?s lunch will be shrimp sushi, ramen, applesauce, carrot sticks and milk. Have a nice day.? Click!

Murmurs spread throughout the classroom, mostly idle chit-chat on things such as last night?s basketball game or some new guy that the preps all adored. A young teen sighed, tapping her pencil tip on the table she sat at with her friend.

[i]Shishiwasu Junior High, a public middle school in Tokyo, Japan. Most students would describe the place as uneventful, boring. It was a fact, though the faculty would never admit it. In a place like this, life is pretty slow.[/i]

?Thank God tomorrow?s Saturday,? said the young girl, slouching back into her chair. Her friend sitting next to her made an annoyed grumble.
?Sorry, gosh. Sheesh Iva, get a grip.?

Iva sighed. ?You know as well as I do that it?s not good to say the name of God in vain.?

?Uh-huh. Just?just give it a rest for once, okay??

Iva rolled her eyes, then hunched over her sketchbook.
?Wha?cha drawing??
?Picture of me in the Outcast Rebellion.?

?Hey, did you notice that it seems to be just me, you, and that Evean dude posting now? Oh, and Mori-Sora??
?Rann posts too, Nami.?
?Yeah, but it?s really just us four. Rann and Reena post sometimes, while Tani doesn?t post at all anymore. She says she?s busy.?

?Well yeah, and then there?s those two others?uh, the goblin dude and the half-elf girl.?
?Uh-huh. And then that mermaid person doesn?t post anymore.?
?How do you pronounce her name? I say Phadra.?
?I call her Phadrea in my head, although it?s spelled P-H-E-D-R-E-A.?
?Yeah guess so.?

The two broke out in laughter as they remembered Iva?s signature on the message boards.
?I am sorry for al of thee mispellingz in my poostz,? said Iva, rolling with laughter.
?And then, Random Friend who is spelling this part: She did that on purpose,? replied Nami, laughing like crazy.
?Then, Iva: I ded??
The two started howling with laughter, Nami softly banging her fist on the table. ?R-r F-f?sweatdrop??
?What?s so funny?? asked the girl sitting across from Nami.

?Oh?nothin?, Surudoi. Just an inside joke.?
?Ah-ha,? replied Surudoi. ?You two are weird.?
?Yeah,? said Nami.
?And we take pride in that,? finished off Iva.

Surudoi laughed. ?Hey Nam, can I look at your sketchbook??
Nami quickly snatched up the drawing pad from the table. ?No.?
?How come??
?Er?just don?t want you to. But on second thought??
Nami flipped through her sketch pad, hiding each and every mess-up picture from both Iva and Surudoi. ?Here, look at this.?
Nami handed the book to Surudoi.
?Hey, it?s Kuro Nako-sama!? she exclaimed, laughing. Nami grinned.
?Yeah, thought you?d like that picture.?

* * * * * *

The bell rang, echoing throughout the building of Shishiwasu, signifying the end of second period and the beginning of a three-minute passing period. Nami quickly snatched up her paper folder, her sketchbook, and her pencil and headed towards her locker.

?Hey Nami,? said her friend, Tani.
?Yo. See ya in a few minutes.?

Nami unhooked her lock, slid it back into position, then grabbed her small Spanish paperback. She swiftly latched her lock back into place. Teachers protrolling the halls (aka, wasting time), would inspect lockers and if your lock was unlocked, then they?d lock them backwards, so you?d have to flip them up and to the side to do your code. It was an annoying and useless waste of time for students, but something to do to irk kids for teachers.

Nami raced down the hallway to catch up to Tani, who was chatting to Leiko. Surudoi was right behind them, as was Iva. Nami slowed her run down to a jog, then to a walk-run and stopped next to Surudoi. Her friend smiled.

?Ready for another riveting day in the exciting world of the Spanish language??
Nami shrugged. ?Guess so. Nothin? else to do third period, is there??
?Guess not.?

They remembered the time when two of their friends, Yasashiku and Haya, had accidentally went to Spanish second period instead of third. It was during the first few days of school, so mistakes were quite common, although Surudoi and Nami, or even Iva and Leiko for that matter hadn?t made one at all. The same couldn?t be said for Tani, who once went to Nami?s fourth period Japanese (the equivalent of English) class instead of sixth period Science class, which was after fifth period lunch. The schedules each student received were confusing at times, for the period one had lunch wouldn?t be shown, and since it listed every quarter?s encore class, the concept of what-do-you-have-now, gym or graphic design, was another common mistake.

The five began to jog; fore they all felt the bell was going to ring. They made it to the Spanish room, which had been the chorus room last year, and dropped their materials on their assigned desks. As luck would have it, the five sat near each other.

They all sat in the front of the class, but the desks in the room were sideways to the chalkboards. Nami was on the left, with Iva behind her, while Surudoi was up and diagonal to the right of Nami, with Tani behind her and Leiko behind Tani.

So there was easy access to talking, although the teacher, Mrs. Caffera, wasn?t too happy about it. The five weren?t bad students; in fact, they were some of the few acing Spanish. They were just social people.

?[i]Buenos dias[/i],? Mrs. Caffera said, and (not all of) the class chorused back, ?[i]Buenos dias[/i].? She then looked at the people who hadn?t said a word.
?I think we know what that means by now,? she said. ?Zeros.?

There was an obvious groan from the people who hadn?t spoken who now wished they had.
?Today,? said Mrs. Caffera, ?We?ll be working on our Spanish flag packet. I hope you all remembered to bring them.
Nami took hers out, flipping through the pages of half finished questions, stopping at the page next to the last. Starting at the flag in the left hand corner and glancing up at the flags hanging from the ceiling, Nami took out her blue highlighter and began to color in the flag.
?Hey Nam,? said Iva, tapping her friend on the shoulder, ?You have a blue I can borrow??
?Highlighter or normal??
Iva grasped the blue marker, making sure Nami had released her grip, then uncapped the marker and began to outline the blue sections in the Dominican Republic?s flag.
A murmuring silence blanketed the classroom, with the casual capping of markers, the scratching of both normal and colored pencils jotting down quick notes or fixing a mistake. Sometimes people would talk, but not for long. The class was working in an absent-minded state of silence.
Nami finished the flag of Uruguay, capping her blue highlighter and placing it in the pencil grove on her desk. Flipping towards the questions in the packet, Surudoi turned around and talked to Tani. ?You have a red I can borrow??
?No,? replied Tani, ?Sorry. I?m borrowin? most of my stuff from Nami and Leiko.?
?How about a blue??
Tani looked up in sarcastic rage. ?What makes you think I?ll let you borrow my orange marker, you orange marker asker!?
The two burst out in laughter, which was silenced by a ?shut-up? glance from Mrs. Caffera.[/color]

Wha'cha think?
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